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The possibilities are endless for your group. IMPEACH the GENOCIDAL MANIACS NOW !!!

Town Hall Crowd Calls for Bush Impeachment

by Harry Esteve

At a lively town hall meeting Sunday, billed as a discussion about “peace and accountability,” emotions directed at U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer ranged from calm to screaming mad. Nearly all of it was about one subject:

Impeachment of President Bush.

Angered by what they view as an immoral war and a corrupt administration, the crowd hammered on the theme of a congressional trial of Bush and wondered whether the controlling Democrats have the spine for it.0924 06

“People spilled blood to create this country and get this Constitution,” said Lenore Norrgard, of Northeast Portland. “Impeachment should be at the top of the agenda.”

She, like just about everyone else who used the word, got a thunderous applause from about 250 people who attended the meeting, held at the Hollywood Theater. At least half in the audience wore red T-shirts emblazoned in white with the single word “IMPEACH.”

A handful of speakers were hostile, calling Blumenauer a “coward” for not outright calling for Bush’s impeachment. Some said Bush should be tried for treason. And one, to some applause, said the president should be executed. Most were civil, if blunt.

“Courage is what we expect of our elected officials,” said John Bradach Sr., of Northeast Portland, whose nephew was killed in Iraq. “It’s clear the Democrats in Congress do not have the courage” to cut off federal money that pays for the war in Iraq.

Although impeachment is only a distant possibility — Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has said it’s off the table — it’s clear that the debate over Iraq has shifted toward a discussion of how to hold Bush and, to a lesser degree, Vice President Dick Cheney, to account. In a written preamble to his town hall meetings, Blumenauer said “impeachment should be among the options.”

Before the meeting started, Blumenauer signed an oversized document called the “Oregon Declaration of Peace,” in which he pledged: “I will vote ‘no’ on any appropriations bill that will continue U.S. military operations in Iraq.”

Blumenauer cut off comments after about an hour and a half because he had to attend a memorial service of a friend. People in the audience began calling at him to respond to their questions about impeachment.

Bonnie Tinker, of Northeast Portland, one of the last to speak, urged everyone in the audience who favored impeachment to stand. Only a few remained seated. Then people began chanting, “Stand up, Earl!” He remained seated.

“I appreciate the focus, the passion, the determination and the courtesy shown today,” he said. “I’m going to spend some time chewing on what you had to say.”

He said he would post his response later this week on his Web site, an answer that clearly disappointed many in the audience.

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It takes all small towns and larger cities to get this done. By taking a page out of Samuel Alito’s playbook, by not going for impeachment all at once, we have a better chance to put it back on the table, starting one community/City at a time o Anyone who thinks the Bush enabling paid off by the corporations (errr “contributions) Dims will impeach Bush is dreaming. o “I appreciate the focus, the passion, the determination and the courtesy shown today,” he said. “I’m going to spend some time chewing on what you had to say.” Sounds like his mind is already made up. Note* Before voting to put Christians, Muslims or Jews, find out what their views on Israel/Palestine are. o “I appreciate the focus, the passion, the determination and the courtesy shown today,” he said. “I’m going to spend some time chewing on what you had to say.” ha! I get letters like that all the time from my representatives (Ric “the Cheeseburger Bill” Keller, R, and Mel “RNC Chairman” Martinez, R). “Thank you so much for your interest, blah, blah, blah…please go away now, lady…” Frosty bunny o All the local Reps in San Jose districts are the same. None are responding to an OpEd in the Mercury News last week blasting all three over lack of impeachment support. He documented that the responses all seem to be canned and coordinated from all. Anti - impeachment is really organized. o well blumenauer at least knows exactly what his job is, if he takes being a representative of the people in country that is governed by the people seriously - and if he doesnt there is impeachment by other means, as lincoln prudently noted. o As described, this meeting is a microcosm of America’s anger at Bush and Congress about where America is headed. Every single member of the House and Senate needs to attend meetings where citizens express their outrage about the war in Iraq and all other American concerns. When Congress is in Washington, it’s too easy for them to believe and act as if they’re insulated from those who sent them there — so they need to be bludgeoned time and time again while they’re home. Citizens should make it clear that if their representatives don’t protect America, they won’t be back. I like the skywriting graphic for this report on the Common Dreams home page. Maybe the skies over all of America need to have “IMPEACH BUSH” written for everyone to see, over and over again. o I’m told that Nancy Pelosi, herself, called Janice Hahn from the Los Angeles City Council and demanded that she NOT co-author an impeachment resolution that Bill Rosendahl had committed to be submitting. Also, Eric Garcetti, who at the CDC convention told several of us directly that he would co-author impeachment, suddenly evaporated the next day after (we hear) a call from CA Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez. This from people who actually consider themselves potential mayoral candidates. What a joke! Those who REFUSE to take a stand now should ALWAYS have to ANSWER for this–if the democracy they treat so lightly even survives…which is looking less and less likely. ### o Impeach them, then haul them into the dock at the Hague and try them for war crimes. o LOL Frosty Bunny I get them as well, the latest from Bill Nelson D FL, blah blah thank you for your concerns BUT blah blah…we aren’t going to do a damn thing to stop Bush or his war..blah…blah please feel free to contact me again with any concerns you have… It’s a joke and our entire system has become a joke.. o Anyone who doubts Bush, Cheney, and all their gang of criminals should be staring at the walls of a cell for the rest of their days should check out the videos at this site: (link to come soon - August 2008) o Speaking of this. An article on CNN appears saying “Democratic Canidates now courting evangelicals” And it just goes to show that they have no backbone. Not only are they not courting their base, the progressive democrats, they’re trying to court the other end of the political spectrum. I’m certainly not voting democrat in 2008, and you shouldn’t either. This country is going right in the shitter, and we need it to be on record that Conservative neo-con policies caused the downfall. o Kristina, ah another Floridian! Yeah, I’m sure I’ll get that from Nelson when I send my letter complaining about his moveon vote. (Like he has anything to worry about, he’s not up for re-election until 2012!) o For the past few days, peace activists in my home town have created opportunities for the “man on the street, (or woman)” to be heard. They have held signs that include IMPEACH BUSH/CHENEY and honk of you agree. Let me tell you that the din that goes on there! This country, yes, a community at a time, is getting the news first-hand from activists that they are not getting from the corporate media that impeachment is called for. This movement is spreading by those who have tired of talking to each other and have the courage and faith in the people to go to busy intersections of their towns at peak traffic times. A couple of hours will do it! o Oh, and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the local, state, and federal official are handed out and printed on some signs. o FrostyBunny, I didn’t even bother about the moveon vote with Nelson. Writing to him is a waste of three minutes out of my day. What part of Florida are you in? Panama City here, home of the Bush loving, freedom hating crowd LOL… o after all this genocidle madman has done, and has still not been impeached, you might as well take impeachment off the table permanently, and strike it from your constitution. what a pharse, and embarrasment to the american political system. no accountability, no democracy= DICTATORSHIP! o Like I was saying: “. . . This movement is spreading by those who have tired of talking to each other …” o This is only one small example of the overwhelming sentiment all over this country (except the halls of congress — our representatives) Many people (even those in the know) aren’t even aware that there have been three separate articles of impeachment against Cheney since late April of this year, when Rep Dennis Kucinich (D- Ohio) introduced them. And to date, only 22 of his colleagues have signed on. The importance of this particular meeting (from the above article) is that they got their Representative to come and listen. In SanFrancisco, home of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, we offered a fourth helicopter seat from where the photos of last weeks Beach Impeach Project #3 were taken. She declined and did not allow anyone from her office to go in her place. *note to Mrs. Pelosi: that is NOT representation!* For more info about the Beach Impeach Projects, and some great photos from each, please visit Impeachment is NOT a waste of time, as so many like to say! Without it… as a quote from Gore Vidal “how eager are you to become slaves?” o IMPEACH! o Hopefully there will be many other Town Hall meetings with similar results that assault both Democratic and Republican Congresspersons - - to the degree that they will override Speaker Pelosi’s “Off the Table” attitude regarding impeachment. My only suggestion would be that they start off with the impeachment of Dick Cheney first, then within 48 hours start proceedings on the “Shrub.” Enough of Traitors and of Treason! George C. Brown No further editing necessary. o F THEY’RE IN VOTE THEM OUT. RETURE CONGRESS TO THE PEOPLE. AND DO THAT EVERY ELECTION UNTIL YOU GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT. IT’S TIME THE AMERICAN VOTERS THREW A TANTRUM. HOW ABOUT: FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS, NOBODY GETS MORE THAN ONE TERM. ALTERNATE TERMS FOR THE GOOD GUYS. AND LET’S GET ON WITH THE WORLD-WIDE BOYCOTT OF EXXON. WHY EXXON? WE DON’T REMEMBER DAVID AND HIS SLING SHOT BECAUSE HE KNOCKED DOWN THE second-BIGGEST PHILISTINE, DO WE? ALSO, TIRED OF THE KILLING?—-STOP SHOPPING. TAKE A NIGHT CLASS INSTEAD. GROW FOOD. MAKE SOMETHING FROM ALL THAT SHHT YOU ALREADY HAVE…HAVE FUN. o The PRINTED headline in the Oregonian did not read as above “Town Hall Crowd Calls for Bush Impeachment but rather, in much more dismissive terms “Impeachment fans goad lawmaker” 1190600759119260.xml&coll=7 In other words, they are merely fans, and they are doing it to annoy. I don’t know if that was exactly the same article or a different report of the same event, but it was a typical cheap shot from the Oregonian. o MPEACH or else, mr representative… or then call for special elections to recall your congressmen. Petition the government for redress of grievances (1st Ammendment) o Wow, Words Like Treason Are Now Being Used…… “Pax Americana”Paper, The World Takeover By The United States, was written in 1997 after the Taliban,”Students”, had decided that they would use Bridas Oil Company of Argentina to build the “Oil Pipeline” through Afghanistan. If there is any question that 9/11 involved more than 19 hijakers, those questions should be directed to the visual evidence and eyewitness testimony that was never allowed into testimony at hearings of the 9/11 Commission (An Act of Obstruction of Justice): WTC #7 was obviously a demolition job, the hole in the Pentagon was not made by a Boeing 757, the eight miles of debris from flight #93 does not coincide with the hole in the ground theory, the FBI stating that only 2 cell phone calls originated from flight #93 adds further questions…….. How can you get an independent investigation when Neo-Conservatives and allied Conservatives are in control of the FBI and have collaborated in the total cover up…. Are American Citizens Guilty of Treason ? Have the U.S.Congresses failed to “Preserve and Protect the U.S. Constitution”? Alan Greenspan said, “We are in Iraq because of the oil!” and he was castrated by the same corporate media that had supported his economic views for decades. Over 1 million people are dead or injured in Afghanistan and Iraq and neither country was ever a threat to U.S. Security. Iran is not a threat to our security. This has all been a propoganda game played out by thieves and murderers in grey suits who use Christianity as a shield to cover up their “Evil Actions”. Impeachment is a kind word for Cheney/Bush. o The Democrates are going to keep the Bush train wreck alive because they think its good for 08! They could care less about the death and distruction. I would love to understand why no one has stood-up to Bush, Rep or Dem or even other leaders. America is gone, we are rotting from within. The battle field in Iraq is not were are enemies are. We elected our enemies. o One solution would be for all concerned USAers to wear a black armband to work on Thor’s Day (Thor God of War) until the troops come home and maybe the people in Power (Those who declared the war ) are brought to justice. The monks are risking their lives every day in Rangoon. What are USaters risking ? Why are they asking their reps to be more courageous than them?? (The principle of RESPONSIBITY of the higher ups in war crimes was affirmed at Nuremberg by mostly American (US and Canada) lawyers and both our Govs agreeed.But now the USA is not part of a World Court it helped create. What is that called?? .The world watches to see when the USAstaers will march in the streets or wear a black armband to work.) Words are cheap ,commitment like grace is costly. (D. Bornhoffer writing in a Nazi prison 1943> o Rep. Blumenauer swore an oath of office- “to uphold and defend The Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The oath was not to defend the President, or to defend America, it was to defend The Constitution. Failing to do so is treason. At this point, there is no doubt that the Constitution has been dismantled by Bushco and the bribed/blackmailed/useful-idiots in Congress. Every town needs to call a town hall meeting like this one, then each Congresscritter must be confronted with his oath (on video, uploaded to youtube :) If s/he fails to act, this can be used against them in court. Likewise, the complicit media needs to feel the heat. Let them know (not just the big networks, but your local ‘public’ radio station as well) that if they do not allow these voices to be heard, then they are complicit in the crimes of this corrupt government. The board members and ranking officers should be faced with losing all of their personal assets. Lying to the people, enabling a fascist takeover is no small crime, and they must pay for their complicity. ps- aren’t there any patriotic cops that understand The Constitution? We need these heroic individuals to attend the town hall meetings to arrest the treasonous critters failing to uphold their oaths. o Get Cheney first - then the dumb guy. o Bush, Cheney, Rice and all of their Administrations should be (1) Impeached, effective, immediately and removed from their positions without any benefits or entitlements from the offices. (2) Charged with purgery for lieing to the US citizens and Congress. (3) Charged with attempted murder for all of the US Military Personnel, US Civilians, our Allies, and innocent Iraqi and Afghanistani people injured during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. (4) Charged with First Degree Murder for all of the US Military Personnel, US Civilian, our Allies and innocent Afghanistan and Iraqi people killed. (5) Charged with the deliberate destruction and forced removal of the Afghanistani and Iraqi peoples homelands. (6) Enlisting known felonies and various other convicted personnel to serve in Afghanistan and Iraq along with our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, and receive all of the same military benefits. (7) Remove each Supreme Court Justice who voted that the first election of Bush and Cheney was legal. That is not their job. We should have had another national election. (8) Charge Rumsfeld with Attempted Murder, First Degree Murder, Purgery, Depraved Indifference to the suffering of people who had loved ones injured or killed or missing or tortured. (9) Charge Bush, Cheney, Rice and the Supreme Court Justices with Depraved Indifference to the suffering of people who had loved ones injured or killed or missing or tortured. (10) All of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and the Supreme Court Justices assets frozen, passport removed, considered a Flight Risk until an organized, detailed investigation is done. This investigation should be made-up of three people from each state and our protectorates and they cannot be or have served in politics locally (town or city), county, state or nationally. It must be a cross-representation of all economic, educational and jobs/careers/professions, including housewives, widows, widowers, retirees. One of the three must be a veteran. One of the three must be a parent or child of 12 years or above (Children 12 years of age or above are smarter than we usually give them credit for. Their minds are not as cluttered with a lot of things. They feel loss and pain too.); a spouse or sibling of a person who has served or is serving now in Afghanistan and/or Iraq. 3/4 of the members must have relatives serving in Iraq. Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld should be held in a federal prison before and during the investigation and not a “resort” or their homes or Camp David. If found guilty, they will go to a federal prison for the minimum term that any military personnel would have to serve according to the charges and law or be executed according to the charges and law. Then this should be made into a law so the future people serving in political offices will know that they will be held accountable for their words, actions, and deeds. It is time to make all politicians to take notice that we are not allwoing them to live in luxury off of our hard-earned paychecks and/or retirement and Social Security checks anymore, then lie to us and do as they please. This is a Country “of the people, by the people, for the people. Not of, for or by the lieing, wealthy and powerful politicains. You will be only as powerful as we allow you to be. It is time to start removing all politicians from office who do not have the self-respect, dignity and preserverence to stand-up and fight for what is right for all of the people and/or respect and love our Country. Also, it is time to change the lobbying laws so we will have the appropriate people put in positions who have the necessary knowledge, experience, decision making abilities and skills. Then there will not be anymore “Katrina Type” lack of action people in-charge. No more gift giving, including meals, private jets, sex and drug parties, etc. No more perks. It is time that we take our Country back. Do you want our Country back or not? o Also, confiscate all their funds to apply to the payment of the cost of the war(s) before any citizens’ tax money is used to pay for it… o Well from Portland to shining Portland…. Maine - Oregon! Identical response! Allen to Blumenauer! Black Tuesday! Today there is a similar march to the 2nd district Rep in Maine’s, Mike Michaud. I am NOT going to “waste MY beautiiful mind” ( to quote Barbara Bush) and a gift of a 90o day in late Sept. Maine, scrounging for $ to put diesel fuel in tank, up .25c per gal. from 2 weeks ago to drive to the city to hear the same thing from him. “There is more important business for Congress than Impeaching the President. After choking up my last $130 for 50 gal of oil ( who knew it would be 90o a week later..unheard of in coastal Maine,) even though I have already applied for HEAP, I have to limp through without money for food, until Oct 3rd when I get my next meager SS income, $45. 00 of it prespent on a post dated check to bleed & start the furnace. NOW Sens. SNowe & Collins are urging Bush to turn over Fed funds to LIHEAP by the end of Sept. TOO LATE FOR ME! Wonder if they woukd persoinally send me a check for groceries?? The bottom line….. Bushco is cooking the books on cost of living increase, excluding food, fuel and one other item (?) from the calculation of the cost of living index. SInce food, fuel, utilities,are the ONLY items I can afford to buy from month to month, this makes fora really dreary lifestyle! Worse than that they are taking (Stealing) 78 BILLION dollars, from the yearly collected social security, to spend on the military industrial complex, private contacters etc. and replacing them with IOU’s! ( source senior editor of Fortune MAgazine.) Kids! You; the steel brained 30 somethings who earn your living defending the Bosses RULES; THAT”S YOUR retirement! You will have to go on defending the RULES until you drop! At least I get something! YOU will get nothing, nada! And don’t let the man fool you into a private account, 30-40% will be taken by the bank handling the account! Bush is now going to trot around wasting fuel all over the place to pitch his privitization of SS scam, in a futile effort to protect his “legacy?” I guess one reason I am not going to the rally today is that I don’t trust myself not to start screaming and throwing things, and get tasered or thrown in jail; it is a full moon today! o Impeachment Town Hall April 24 From: Cynthia Papermaster Sent on: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 3:58 PM David, We've got the big Grand Lake Theater in Oakland for the 24th. The guy who owns the theatre, Allan Michaud, is a big impeachment fan and his marquee always has a radical message-- like "Impeach Pelosi." He's charging $300 instead of the regular price of $1000! Next I'll work on your flight, invite the other guests, including Lee, Pete Stark, and Lynn Woolsey, & Zoe Lofgren, get groups to endorse,and bring my team together to set the event up and do the promotion. I'll also send you a very brief report on the b lee meeting. Sorry we don't have pictures or video. It would be fantastic-- for you as well as us-- if you could stay for the BEACH IMPEACH, hopefully happening on the 26th, with the Cindy Sheehan appearance and all. It's an experience of a lifetime to participate in these actions. Maybe you could leave right afterwards for your VA event? Also, might you want to bring your wife & baby? I have frequent flyer miles. CP O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O CALIFORNIA IRAQ TOWN HALLS In a nation opposed to the occupation of Iraq, the opposition party is preparing to shell out another $102 billion of our grandchildren's money to continue it. Our nation has come so far in seven years that the president and vice president openly admit to authorizing torture in blatant violation of the Eighth Amendment, longstanding US laws and treaties, and new legislation signed into law by the same president. Yet our representatives in Congress refuse to hold impeachment hearings. The wealthiest nation on earth cannot provide health care to its citizens. Where are our priorities? All over the country, citizens are holding public town hall meetings to discuss this question. You can find one near you or get involved in planning one at: Here are three coming up in California: *** VENTURA / OJAI ON APRIL 22 The Ojai Peace Coalition has partnered with Citizens for Impeachment, Integrity Now, VC Stop the War, and others to present "Are Peace and Impeachment Possible? Strategies for Saving our Constitution, Economy, and Environment." WHEN: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 5:30pm WHERE: Ojai Retreat, 160 Besant Road, Ojai, Calif. WHO: David Swanson, co-founder of and a leading Constitutional Advocate from Washington, D.C.; and Phil Cohen, local member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. The Ventura County Board of Supervisors and Ventura and Ojai City Council Members will be invited to attend. WHAT: Reception begins at 5:30pm with food and drinks, followed by lecture promptly at 7:00pm, and a town-hall open mike beginning at 8:00pm. A $10. contribution is suggested for the entire event , but no one will be turned away. SPONSORS: The event is being organized by Ventura County Citizens for Impeachment and the Ojai Peace Coalition. Endorsements have been received from Veterans for Peace; Ventura County Stop the War; The Peace Coalition of Greater Ventura; Integrity Now, Ojai; the Center for Conscious Change and others. CONTACT: Roslyn Sherman 805-218-1199, or John Azevedo 805-640-3650 *** SAN LUIS OBISPO ON APRIL 23 A town hall meeting on "Funding the Iraq War, Impeachment, Healthcare?" WHEN: Wednesday, April 23, 7:00 p.m. WHERE: Ludwick Center, 864 Santa Rosa, SLO, Calif., (corner of Santa Rosa & Mill) WHO: Guest speaker nationally recognized journalist and peace & justice activist, David Swanson WHAT: Let your voice be heard, leave with a plan and a group to work with. suggested donation $10 /$5 students & seniors SPONSORS: Sponsored by Information Press, Earth Day Alliance, CodePink SLO,Progressive Democrats of San Luis Obispo County and CONTACT: For information call (805) 544-5135. *** OAKLAND ON APRIL 24 CodePink and present a Town Hall With David Swanson in Oakland on "Are Peace and Impeachment Possible?" WHEN: Thursday, April 24, 7-9 p.m. WHERE: Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Avenue, Oakland, Calif. WHO: Special Guest: Prominent Peace & Impeachment Activist David Swanson, & Speakers: Daniel Ellsberg, famed whistle-blower who helped end the Vietnam War; Elizabeth De La Vega, former Assistant U.S. Attorney, author "United States v. George W. Bush"; Norman Solomon, filmmaker,"War Made Easy"; Medea Benjamin, co-founder CodePink; Debra Sweet, World Can't Wait; Cindy Sheehan, Peace heroine; Phil Burk, Impeachment Procedure Expert; Shirley Golub, Candidate for Pelosi’s seat, June Primary; Max Anderson, Berkeley City Council. WHAT: Speakers will present promising strategies for ending the war, preventing a new one, & saving our constitution and economy. We ask Bay Area Congress members to refuse Bush's demand for another $102 billion for war & to file their own resolutions for immediate impeachment hearings. Heroes of Peace & Impeachment honored, film, music, CodePink skit, door prizes! Shahid Buttar, poet & hip-hop MC will perform. Reserve tickets: Grand Lake 510-452-3556. $10 at door; $8 advance (Black Oak Books, Pendragon Books) Sliding scale:unemployed, students, retirees. Wheelchair accessible. SPONSORS: Endorsers: Progressive Democrats of America, CodePink, Veterans for Peace, Gold Star Families for Peace,, Hip Hop Caucus, The Nation, TrueMajority, Global Exchange, Silicon Valley Impeachment Coalition, East Bay Impeach Bush-Cheney, District 9 Impeachment Coalition, California Impeachment Coalition, Brad Newsham Beach Impeach, Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, World Can't Wait. CONTACT: O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O SANTA ROSA CITY COUNSEL PROCLAMATION o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Cotati CA May Call for Bush-Cheney Impeachment Submitted by Chip on Wed, 2008-07-09 05:54. * Activism * Impeachment o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Cotati may call for Bush's impeachment Cotati May Call for Bush-Cheney Impeachment By PAUL PAYNE THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Cotati’s politically liberal City Council on Wednesday is expected to pass a resolution calling for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Cotati would be the third Sonoma County city to approve such a measure, following Sebastopol two years ago and Santa Rosa in December. Petaluma and Rohnert Park have rejected similar initiatives. The impeachment resolution, which is largely symbolic, would be entered into the Congressional Record and sent to the House Judiciary Committee, according to a Web site run by the Progressive Democrats of Sonoma County. Ninety cities have passed impeachment resolutions, according to the site. Cotati council members agreed 4-1 in June to place the item on the agenda for consideration. Councilwoman Patty Minnis was the dissenting voice, saying Congressional leaders have already ruled out the possibility of impeachment before Bush leaves office in five months. o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Here are some of the highlights from the Detroit Impeachment Town Hall Discussion from May 29, 2007. The event took place at the Central United Methodist Church. The panel included JoAnn Watson, Bill Goodman, Jack Lessenbery, Maureen Taylor, Ann Wright, and Ray McGovern. For more info please visit


Faces Against Torture

Watch retired U.S. military officers speak out against torture:

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