August 13, 2008

POCLAD's Democracy Insurgency Campaign

Giant corporations govern, even though they are mentioned nowhere in our Constitution or Bill of Rights. So when corporations govern, democracy is nowhere to be found. There is something else: when people live in a culture defined by corporate values, common sense evaporates. We stop trusting our own eyes, ears, and feelings. Our minds become colonized. Help us contest the authority of corporations to govern!

POCLAD works with people experienced in stopping corporate harms who want to rethink organizing strategies, exercise democratic authority at the local level, and strip fundamental powers-such as free speech and due process-from corporations.

NEW: Democracy Insurgency Campaign

Real change, led by We the People, is needed in our nation and world. A bottom-up democracy insurgency calling and working for genuine self-governance has begun.

The Declaration of Independence in 1776 was the first major collective statement in the colonies outlining oppression and asserting self-determination.

The Populists followed the same course 116 years later in their Omaha Platform of 1892.

One hundred and sixteen (116) years later is 2008.

Time for change again?

POCLAD is calling for individuals to come together beginning this year and in their own communities to JOIN OUR NEW CAMPAIGN TO LAUNCH A DEMOCRATIC INSURGENCY THAT PUTS CORPORATIONS ONCE AGAIN SUBORDINATE TO "We the People."

  1. Study and reflect on the political, legal and institutional oppressions of today,
  2. Learn about democracy campaigns and cooperative programs from democracy/anti-corporate organizations, and
  3. More consciously discuss what people are willing to do to work for real change over the long haul - beginning where they are.

POCLAD has prepared resources to assist those who want to embark on this quest.

Democracy Insurgency Packet


Print out each section from the links above, or to order a Democracy Insurgency packet, contact POCLAD at or call 508-398-1145. Cost of the packet is $5.

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