August 31, 2007


I have a simple solution that will negate any need for banning words at OpEd News.

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Open Letters to George W. Bush
Letters to the president from his ardent admirer Belacqua Jones

Dear George,

I was glancing over the Pentagon’s Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support when I noticed a slight tear in the steel chain of security you’ve draped across America’s shoulders to protect the Homeland from itself. The document envisions an “active layered defense.”

That is the problem: a layer is a layer because it is not an integrated whole. Every agency charged with the internal security of the Homeland has multiple other duties to perform. The Pentagon is busy losing a war; the Department of Homeland Security is busy losing New Orleans, and the FBI is busy trying to boot their computers. We have no agency able to devote one-hundred percent of its time to protecting the Homeland.

My recommendation is to create an uberagency whose sole responsibility is ensuring the total security of the Homeland. To show the public that this agency is serious, you would do well to call it the Secret State Police.

Some of your minions might have some qualms about including both “secret” and “police” in the same phrase because of the negative connotations this phrase evokes. Remind them that America’s historical memory extends back roughly twenty-four hours, so it will not be a problem. On the plus side, the designation includes “state” and “police” which evoke the image of the friendly state trooper changing a tire for a grandmotherly old lady.

The Secret State Police’s duties would extend beyond preventive prosecution. They would also shore up our perfection as a nation. America is the greatest country in the world, the land of freedom and opportunity. Anyone who would criticize the United States is obviously a mentally unbalanced malcontent badly in need of treatment, so our Secret State Police would be responsible for humanitarian therapy as well as enforcement.

America has reached a unique stage in her historical development. Because you possess the moral purity of the simpleton, you are the State, the living incarnation of our values. “With us or against us” is not a macho call to arms but a call to a morality that will not rest until it has rid the earth of evil. So let us begin with the purification of our own citizens so we may be in a position to purify the earth.

Your admirer,

Belacqua Jones

A NYT editorial worth a read . phoney handbags

Op-Ed Contributor
Terror's Purse Strings
Published: August 30, 2007

LUXURY fashion designers are busily putting final touches on the handbags they will present during the spring-summer 2008 women's wear shows, which begin next week in New York City's Bryant Park. To understand the importance of the handbag in fashion today
consider this: According to consumer surveys conducted by Coach, the average American woman was buying two new handbags a year in 2000; by 2004, it was more than four. And the average luxury bag retails for 10 to 12 times its production cost.

"There is a kind of an obsession with bags," the designer Miuccia Prada told me. "It's so easy to make money."

Counterfeiters agree. As soon as a handbag hits big, counterfeiters around the globe churn out fake versions by the thousands. And they have no trouble selling them. Shoppers descend on Canal Street in New York, Santee Alley in Los Angeles and flea markets and purse parties around the country to pick up knockoffs for one-tenth the legitimate bag's retail cost, then pass them off as real.

"Judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys shop here," a private investigator told me as we toured the counterfeit section of Santee Alley. "Affluent people from Newport Beach." According to a study by the British law firm Davenport Lyons, two-thirds of British consumers are "proud to tell their family and friends" that they bought fake luxury fashion items.

At least 11 percent of the world's clothing is fake, according to 2000 figures from the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group in Paris.

Fashion is easy to copy: counterfeiters buy the real items, take them apart, scan the pieces to make patterns and produce almost-perfect fakes.

Most people think that buying an imitation handbag or wallet is harmless, a victimless crime. But the counterfeiting rackets are run by crime syndicates that also deal in narcotics, weapons, child prostitution, human trafficking and terrorism. Ronald K. Noble, the secretary general of Interpol, told the House of Representatives Committee on International Relations that profits from the sale of counterfeit goods have gone to groups associated with Hezbollah, the Shiite terrorist group, paramilitary organizations in Northern Ireland and FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

Sales of counterfeit T-shirts may have helped finance the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, according to the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition. “Profits from counterfeiting are one of the three main sources of income supporting international terrorism,” said Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland.

Most fakes today are produced in China, a good many of them by children. Children are sometimes sold or sent off by their families to work in clandestine factories that produce counterfeit luxury goods. Many in the West consider this an urban myth. But I have seen it myself.

On a warm winter afternoon in Guangzhou, I accompanied Chinese police officers on a factory raid in a decrepit tenement. Inside, we found two dozen children, ages 8 to 13, gluing and sewing together fake luxury-brand handbags. The police confiscated everything, arrested the owner and sent the children out. Some punched their timecards, hoping to still get paid. (The average Chinese factory worker earns about $120 a month; the counterfeit factory worker earns half that or less.) As we made our way back to the police vans, the children threw bottles and cans at us. They were now jobless and, because the factory owner housed them, homeless. It was “Oliver Twist” in the 21st century.

What can we do to stop this? Much like the war on drugs, the effort to protect luxury brands must go after the source: the counterfeit manufacturers. The company that took me on the Chinese raid is one of the only luxury-goods makers that works directly with Chinese authorities to shut down factories, and it has one of the lowest rates of counterfeiting.

Luxury brands also need to teach consumers that the traffic in fake goods has many victims. But most companies refuse to speak publicly about counterfeiting — some won’t even authenticate questionable items for concerned customers — believing, like Victorians, that acknowledging despicable actions tarnishes their sterling reputations.

So it comes down to us. If we stop knowingly buying fakes, the supply chain will dry up and counterfeiters will go out of business. The crime syndicates will have far less money to finance their illicit activities and their terrorist plots. And the children? They can go home.

Dana Thomas, a correspondent for Newsweek, is the author of “Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster.”

My computer went kaput totally. So I've been working at other stuff for
over a week. I now have a "proper" computer at long last, btw.

Tonight I got the following message. But just a few words of

George Ure is a people's economist of incredible reputation. I TRUST
him. He is, perhaps, a seventh generation prophet. He had this idea
with another guy to do a supercomputer run of millions of sites around
the internet . and they would take out ALL references to the past, and
only use sentences written in the present tense or those written in the
future tense to determine linguistically a sort of futurist universal
prediction project/service.

He took this idea to the US Department of Defense and offered to do it
for them as a consultant. They turned him down, so what he did was do
it anyway, but sell the information to clients (wealthy investors) who
would want the information these computer runs turned up. The
predictions, while a bit hazy at times get really intereting .. things
about volcanoes (the big one hasn't happened yet), things about the
appearance of this woman Elvira for instance, show up in advance ... if
Elvira Arellano isn't the untainted, non-partisan woman who the
linguistics have making headlines about now
<http://www.ipsnews. net/news. asp?idnews= 39055>

But this below came out tonight .. and we'll all see if it comes to pass
... remember this is based on thousands of websites, millions of words
having been gone through, world wide ... (This is the guy who alerted me
to the ammo shortage ...)



Something Big & Nasty September 2? Heads Up From The

The web bots are picking up something big for Sunday or
Igor says; "Everybody guard your pies."

The whole report......

<http://www.urbansur week.htm

Urgent: Something Sunday?
Just in from the predictive linguistics team at <http://www.halfpast

"Igor here.

Clif has worked all day yesterday and all last night. And was back at it
at 4 this morning when I checked in. We have a large data bubble of
datas which are showing up for Sunday, 9-2.

Clif says that he will have part 1 posted by Saturday afternoon at the
latest since so much of the data says that Sunday and Monday will be
very nasty here in US.

He probably ain't wrong about this one. And I think that he is probably
right about the 19th too. But anyway part 1 by late Saturday.

Everybody guard your pies. Igor out. "

No, I have no idea what the bubble is that is showing up in the 'time
scanning' technology, but something 'out of the blue' Sunday/Monday
seems to be coming...

Lake Sharbot; must reads

I started making arrangements yesterday to go up there.

Governments urged to end native blockade

Print Edition 30/08/07 Page A7

Algonquin leaders are urging the federal and provincial governments to diffuse an escalating standoff in this rural Eastern Ontario community before violence erupts.Doreen Davis, Chief of the Shabot Obaadjiwan Algonquin community, said the group of aboriginal and area non-native demonstrators will continue to block a uranium mining prospecting company's access to land she says was never surrendered by the Algonquin people.

Another native protest gathers steam On-line 28/08/07 05:05 PM
Protesters block access to proposed uranium mine in eastern Ontario; call on provincial government to settle the dispute after judge orders them to leave

Non-natives support Algonquins' mining rallies BILL CURRY
Print Edition 14/07/07 Page A12
Prospectors hoping to make the case for a multimillion- dollar uranium mine north of Kingston are furious that their access to the site is being denied by Eastern Ontario Algonquins.



Negative GEARING

see also: Negative-Gearing-Property-How-it-works-who-is-it-suited-too.htm

I read about this yesterday and meant to post about it, but found maissonneuve is right on it.

Again, this is a story that is MORE than meets the eye.

by Jordan Himelfarb
August 31, 2007

The National, CTV News and the Star lead, while the Citizen goes inside with the slashing of 1,200 jobs at a General Motors truck plant in Oshawa, Ontario. In response to the precipitous fall in sales of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks, GM has cut production at the Oshawa plant from three shifts to two. Many of those losing their jobs live in the Whitby-Oshawa riding of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who responded somewhat defensively to news of the cuts. Though “it’s a concern because people are going to lose their jobs and I know a lot of those people,” Flaherty suggested,with the Canadian unemployment rate lower than it’s been in a generation, these newly unemployed autoworkers are sure to find work elsewhere. Canadian Autoworkers Union president Buzz Hargrove took the news with less serenity: “They shocked the living hell out of us, quite frankly.”

Analysts throughout the Big Seven blame the cuts on a stumbling American economy, and particularly the plummeting US real estate market. A detailed article in the Star isolates three primary causes of the layoffs: the US real estate crash, which has meant workers are less likely to buy pick-ups; the rising Canadian dollar, which has made Canadian exports more expensive abroad; and astronomical oil prices, which have rendered gas-guzzling trucks unaffordable for many. Liberal finance critic John McCallum posited the cutbacks as a foreboding development for the Canadian economy: “All the economists are telling me … the possibility of a recession is rising, and that’s why it’s ever more important that this government takes action and shows economic competence.” With analysts extrapolating from the trajectory of the global economy, the word “recession” is bandied about extensively in today’s sources, though no pundit is bold enough to make an outright prediction.

Secret TexDOT Plan to Toll Existing Interstates
Internal report to Congress, obtained by 1200 WOAI news, urges Congress to 'repeal' laws prohibiting tolling Interstates

Verizon and Government Seek Dismissal of Data-Mining Secrecy and Free Speech Zones
The majority of the more than 50 anti-spying suits consolidated in Walker's courtroom are now on hold until the appeals court rules

Porter: Kill More Iraqis or Pay $9 per Gallon
In normal, more humane, less Bushzarro times, the lies of the neocon Jon Porter would be met with sardonic derision

Marine tells of order to execute Haditha women and children
A US Marine was ordered to execute a room full of Iraqi women and children during an alleged massacre in Haditha that left 24 people dead, a military court heard Thursday

Former Reagan aide: 'Brownshirt' Bush among top 'mass murderers of all time'
President Bush's apparent plans for a preemptive nuclear strike on Iran will only add to the civilian death toll as a result of US intervention that has placed the president "high on the list of mass murders of all time,"

Larry Craig Pervert Scandal Is Tip Of The Iceberg
Media ignores lurid history of snuff style sex scandals

Bloggers battered by viral storm
Google's Blogger site is being used by malicious hackers who are posting fake entries to some blogs

Blackwater Buys Brazilian Bombers
Blackwater already has a force of armed helicopters in Iraq, and apparently wants something a little faster, and more heavily armed, to fulfill its security contracts overseas

AP: Pentagon balks at using 'ray gun' for Iraq crowd control
Despite repeated requests from U.S. commanders in Iraq, the Pentagon has balked at deploying a non-lethal energy beam to control crowds because of fears the weapon could be seen as a torture device

Cop gets 90 days in jail for killing un-armed, mentally disabled man
A former state trooper was sentenced Thursday to 90 days in jail for shooting to death an unarmed, mentally disabled man he mistook for a fugitive

Point, Click ... Eavesdrop: How the FBI Wiretap Net Operates
The FBI has quietly built a sophisticated, point-and-click surveillance system that performs instant wiretaps on almost any communications device

Announcement Of 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal
International Lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, who is a Judge on the Kuala Lumpur International War Crimes Tribunal, will make a public call for an International Citizen's 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal

PCMAG Writer Suggests That Hospitals Should Start 'Chipping' Babies At Birth
Technology can be used to enhance our lives or it can be used to enslave us. On the surface Radio Frequency Identification Implants would be a good idea for tracking UPS packages and managing stock supplies in grocery stores

Teamsters try to block Mexican truckers
The first Mexican trucks will be coming across the border on Saturday.

Congressman: Stock Market Will Eventually Collapse
Ron Paul says martial law provisions in place to deal with economic discord

Police tear-gas farmers in clash over French GM crops
Growing tensions in France between opponents and supporters of genetically modified crops have led to violent confrontations

Useful Mutants, Bred With Radiation
Scientists have been quietly using radiation to scramble the genetic material in crops quietly around the globe for more than a half-century

DARPA Selects SRI International to Lead Development of PLATO
The SRI-led team will deliver a domain-independent electronic ‘student' that can be taught and can learn in human-like ways

Bush Warns Of Holocaust If Iran Goes Nuclear
Bush pointedly accused Iran's leadership of trying to destabilize Iraq, calling Tehran a destructive influence that puts American lives at risk

Bird Cage Liner Changed, Illegal Spying Stays
Gonzales' exit does little to undo the damage inflicted on the Constitution

Sarkozy in drive to give EU global role
Mr Sarkozy said nation states, which were still at the heart of the global order, were not well- suited to dealing with such challenges. Their capacity for action was constrained by financial interests, media influence, criminal networks and terrorists

Iraq weapons are a focus of criminal fraud investigations
Several federal agencies are investigating a widening network of criminal cases involving the purchase and delivery of billions of dollars of weapons, supplies and other matériel to Iraqi and American forces, according to American officials

Study: US preparing 'massive' military attack against Iran
The United States has the capacity for and may be prepared to launch without warning a massive assault on Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, as well as government buildings and infrastructure, using long-range bombers and missiles

BIS warns of Great Depression dangers from credit spree
The Bank for International Settlements, the world's most prestigious financial body says the global economy more vulnerable to another 1930s-style slump than than generally understood

Kevlar-lined school uniforms launched
A BRITISH company is offering to provide stab-proof school uniforms, lined with the same material used by soldiers, to parents worried about knife crime among youngsters.

Scientists' plea to use new hybrid embryos
Britain's leading scientists have made a final plea for the right to create the first animal-human embryos for medical research using eggs taken from dead cows

ASEAN Is on Track for EU-Style Bloc
Southeast Asia will have completed free trade agreements with all major countries in the region within the next five years, ahead of forming its own EU-style economic community in 2015, the bloc said Sunday

Drug Cartels Put Hit Squads In Laredo
Mexican drug lords locked in a bloody fight for control of a pipeline that runs from Mexico to Dallas and up through middle America have brazenly stationed hit squads and reconnaissance teams in Laredo

Eugenics Moves to the Twenty-First Century
From the elimination of undesirables from the human race; mass culling in the name of saving the earth; to altering the genetic code of humanity with advanced technology: Eugenics has moved into a new era

Chemicals in non-stick pans may retard babies' growth
Chemicals used in non-stick pans, fast-food containers, carpets, furniture and a host of other everyday household products are retarding babies' growth and brain development, two startling new studies suggest

Neocons One Step Closer to Attacking Iran
As should be expected, the neocons have shifted from one preposterous lie to another in order to prepare the way for eventually inflicting mass murder, mayhem, and misery on the people of Iran

US ambassador to UN: Middle East turmoil could cause world war
According to the US Ambassador to the United Nations, turmoil in the Middle East could lead to another world war

UK Gun Crimes Soar After Gun Ban
Gun crimes in England have almost doubled since 1997, when a ban on firearms began

Market Crash Forecast Suggests New 9/11
Mystery trader bets on huge downturn that could only be preceded by catastrophe

Attorney General Gonzales to resign
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has told President Bush he will resign, the New York Times reports Monday

CFR Seeks End of US Currency?
Capital flows have become globalization's Achilles' heel

Bilderberg Pushes Superstate
The leaders of Bilderberg have gathered the appropriate flunkies at the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello, to accomplish a North American Union.

Chavez offers billions in Latin America
Laid-off Brazilian factory workers have their jobs back, Nicaraguan farmers are getting low-interest loans and Bolivian mayors can afford new health clinics, all thanks to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Bush's New Rules Allow The CIA To Violate Geneva Conventions
Top military lawyers have told senators that President Bush's new rules for CIA interrogations of suspected terrorists could allow abuses that violate the Geneva Conventions, according to Senate and military officials

Resistance Is Futile: Census Bureau Turns Americans Into Info Kiosks
The Founding Fathers instituted the census as a tool to safeguard the liberties of the Republic, but now it is being used to undermine the very nature of freedom itsel

Experts warn on arsenic timebomb

August 30, 2007 - 6:38AM
Naturally-occurring arsenic in drinking water poses a growing global health risk as large numbers of people unknowingly consume unsafe levels of the chemical element, researchers have warned.

The problem is bigger than scientists had thought and affects nearly 140 million people in more than 70 countries, according to new research presented at the annual Royal Geographical Society meeting in London.

Arsenic can cause lung disease and cancers, even long after people stop drinking contaminated water, said Peter Ravenscroft, a researcher at the University of Cambridge.

"What is new is the extent of arsenic pollution is much bigger than people realised," Ravenscroft said in a telephone interview.

"There is a very important connection between arsenic in water and arsenic in food, especially where people grow irrigated corps."

World Health Organisation guidelines set a safe limit of 10 parts per billion of arsenic in water supplies but tens of millions of people in the world drink unsafe water above that level, researchers said.

At present, Bangladesh is the worst-affected country. There, hundreds of thousands or people are likely to die from arsenic poisoning, the researchers said.

Arsenic has also been found in the water in developed countries and industrial activities such as mining can also lead to contamination.

Rising awareness has led to increased testing that has revealed more widespread arsenic in drinking water but other researchers said even more must be done to address the problem.

"Most countries have some water sources with dangerous levels of arsenic, but only now are we beginning to recognise the magnitude of the problem," Allan Smith, a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley and adviser to the WHO on arsenic, said in a statement.


August 29, 2007

Market Crash Forecast Suggests New 9/11

A mystery trader has risked losing around $1 billion dollars by placing 245,000 put options on the Dow Jones Eurostoxx 50 index, leading many analysts to speculate that a stock market crash preceded by a new 9/11 style catastrophe could take place within the next month.

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Courtesy the August Review

The Trilateral Commission: Usurping Sovereignty

The Trilateral Commission is approaching its 35th anniversary. Trilateral policy has been to create a "New International Economic Order" but the means to the end involved hijacking the Executive Branch of the U.S. government. Starting with James Earl Carter in 1976, every successive administration has been dominated by members of the Commission -- for 35 years, they have had their way with trade policy, creation of global treaties, monetary policy and the usurping or American Accordingly, the internal authority of the state supersedes that of all other bodies.', CAPTION, 'Sovereignty',BELOW,RIGHT, WIDTH, 300, FGCOLOR, '#CCCCFF', BGCOLOR, '#333399', TEXTCOLOR, '#000000', CAPCOLOR, '#FFFFFF', OFFSETX, 10, OFFSETY, 10);" onmouseout="return nd();">Sovereignty.

Toward a North American Union

The global elite, through the direct operations of President George Bush and his Administration, are creating a North American Union that will combine Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into a superstate called the North American Union. There is no legislation or Congressional oversight, much less public support, for this massive restructuring of the U.S. It's primary perpetrators are mostly members of the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973 to foster a "New International Economic Order."

MUST SEE VIDEO: Canadian political party rejects North American Union
MUST SEE VIDEO: AIM Editor Cliff Kincaid on Lou Dobbs/CNN
MUST SEE VIDEO: CNN Fight against North American Union
See Lou Dobbs on North American Union Orwellian Brave New World!
See Arizona State University teaching curriculum Building North America

How to understand Globalization
  1. Follow the money, follow the power
  2. Discern illusion from reality, especially with media outlets
  3. Listen to experts who offer a meaningful critique
  4. Study & verify sources and footnotes
  5. Apply liberal doses of common sense

What is Globalization? It is the collective effect of purposeful and amoral manipulation that seeks to centralize economic, political, technological and societal forces in order to accrue maximum profit and political power to global banks, global corporations and the elitists who run them.

"Free Trade" is the central mantra. Globalization is set against national Accordingly, the internal authority of the state supersedes that of all other bodies.', CAPTION, 'Sovereignty',BELOW,RIGHT, WIDTH, 300, FGCOLOR, '#CCCCFF', BGCOLOR, '#333399', TEXTCOLOR, '#000000', CAPCOLOR, '#FFFFFF', OFFSETX, 10, OFFSETY, 10);" onmouseout="return nd();">Sovereignty, closed borders, trade tarrifs and anything that would restrict its goals and methods used to achieve them.

Globalization promotes regional and global government, a one-world economic system of trade and a form of fascism where global corporations and their elite control the policies and directives of individual governments.

The original and primary perpetrators of modern-day globalization number only in the 100's, representative of which, but not exclusively, are members of The Trilateral Commission.

To understand the genesis of the Trilateral Commission, read the transcript of the 1979 radio show between Antony C. Sutton, Patrick M. Wood and George S. Franklin, Jr. -- Coordinator of the Trilateral Commission!

Where did Globalization come from? The "New International Economic Order" was the coinage of the Trilateral Commission starting in 1973. This purpose was stated repeatedly in its papers, journals and conferences. In 1991, President George H.W. Bush, a member of the Trilateral Commission, began to openly talk about the New World Order, which expanded the concept to include governance as well as economic unity.

Initial speech was actually delivered on September 11, 1990

August 26, 2007


Today's Must Read

Helen Henderson in the Toronto Star on Ontario Politicians and the coming election

Put politicians on the hot seat

September 18 (that's a Tuesday), hopefully hundreds of interested citizens will be at Alumni Hall at the University of Toronto. As Helen Henderson says, "Be there."

This is the all-party debate on poverty and disability to help determine the Province's next Premier, cabinet and provincial parliamentarians.

What it will NOT do is determine how to end ACUTE poverty for those of us who suffer it daily since 1995 TODAY. This could have been achieved any time during the past 12 years, but the Parliament of Ontario has not seen fit to see this happen!

Instead, during that time, despite inflation and a diabolic payment benefit rate thrown in disabled people's faces back THEN, disabled people in Ontario have only seen a 5% raise in their incomes; hardly nice when you consider that the MPs voted themselves a 25% raise only recently.

And what HAS McGuinty and his crew done to alleviate mass distress, more stress-related illness and a yawning prosperity gap ..? He's come up with a PLAN .. a plan to do NOTHING except get voters to vote for them again, saying if elected they, those big-hearted LIBERALS will PROMISE to raise the Ontario Disabilty Support Payment and stop the downloading of services to the municipalities. Hey, Dalton! You're full of C-R-A-P. Because I am disabled doesn't mean I am STUPID! I watched in horror as Dalton appointed someone heartless towards the disabled to be Minister of Health.

I meant to write this is a less explicit way but what I want to really bang away about is that this fine article (and it is) is buried on page four of the Saturday Living Section of The Star. It ought, rightfully to placed on PAGE ONE, as supposedly this is THE election issue. McGuinty made sure that it IS the election issue -- because by now we've all seen how this issue affects everyone in Ontario to one degree or another.

My friend, my "adopted son" Dave, died in the streets of Toronto last winter. He had given up. He was excruciatingly disabled, but he never received one penny in disability payments; he never found a doctor who would help him get the benefits he deserved. And so, although he quit drinking, he resorted to the Marijuana Maintenance Program as his lifestyle "choice". There really was no choice about it; he did it merely to survive a hopeless existence.

In the past year, rather than help me and my son get settled for good, Ontario has paid out a minimum of $100,000 in hospital fees related to ongoing stressors in our lives.

I have been given no money to get a computer as an assistive device, nor the equipment I need to make being online a comfortable proposition. Name me one person who's mind is intact these days who "makes do" without computer access. I have waited six months to get a cane! because no one informed me that their had to be a DIAGNOSIS on the doctor's prescription until I broke down crying on the phone to my ODSP office. It took me one year to get orthotic shoes and it's still a hard trek to get to my subway station; my bus stops running at 7 pm on some days. Some days I cannot make to the subway and miss my doctor appointments.

But to live at all, I am told I must work or volunteer for eight hours a week! And how am I to do that ..?

This meeting should be attended, not just by the disabled, but by everyone who works on the "frontlines" with them, their families, their loved ones and just plain people who CARE!!

And The Star should move this "issue" to page one and write many many nasty major editorials about both political parties who have left this waft on and on and on ... how many more of my friends are going to die before steps are taken?


August 25, 2007

www.theinternationa lforecaster. com
Train Wreck of the Week
By Bob Chapman

August 25 2007
Lehman Bros. will shut its subprime-mortgage unit BNC Mortgage, a top 20 lender in 2006, originating more than $14 billion worth of home loans. It will keep offering mortgages through Aurora Loan Services, which focuses on ALT-A loans. 1,200 workers will be fired.
Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wachovia in a highly unusual move borrowed $2 billion directly from the Fed Wednesday. This is a profound sign of weakness normally but the banks said they have ample funds and made the move for the sake of the financial system.
Accredited Home Lenders will close substantially all of its retail lending businesses. Nationwide 480 will be fired. No new loan applications will be accepted, although the company will honor commitments. 1,600 workers will be fired leaving 1,000.
We will have more about this later, but bans are now able to use Level 3 gains since new FASB rules passed last September. This rule 157 allows banks to define fair value using “unobservable inputs,” whatever that may be. As an example, in “Wells Fargo Gorges” on mark to model make believe gains by Jonathon Weil the whole $2.4 billion that Wells Fargo supposedly earned in the second quarter was Level 3 gains from “unobservable inputs” or smoke and mirrors.
When Countrywide re-charted itself, so it is no longer held to the highest standard of reporting non-performing assets, it can now wait significantly longer. The idea was that Countrywide was giving itself a less demanding regulatory environment to report bankruptcies and foreclosures. That means that Countrywide may be in some problems we do not even know about.
The US Mortgage unit of HSBC Holdings said it will close an office in Indiana, a move that will affect about 600 workers, amid a severe downturn in US credit and housing markets. The US operation will be restricted by Europe’s biggest bank and to set aside $1.7 billion in loan losses in just the first quarter. Already the housing sector has seen 88,000 job cuts if you include the financial service sector.
The US government has paid a wanted international criminal about $60 million to fly supplies into Iraq in support of the President’s war for profit. Intelligence officials have considered arms merchant and international trafficker Viktor Bout one of the greatest threats to US interests, in the same league as Osama bin Laden. Interpol has issued a warrant for his arrest and the UN Security Council has restricted his travel. Bout has as well been supplying arms to the Taliban at the same time.
Bout worked as a subcontractor for Fluor & Kellogg, Brown & Root, and military flight records prove this. This has been known for more than three years and the business continued even after Bush signed an order banning Americans from doing business and his associates. Obviously that was for show. Criminals have a commonality of interest.
Bout was the inspiration for the 2005 film, “Lord of War,” starring Nicolas Cage as an international arms dealer who will sell to all sides of any conflict. Bout reportedly rented his planes to the movie’s producers for use in the film. Bout lives in Moscow and travels on false passports.
Nearly two-dozen gas station owners in California sued Shell Oil, Chevron & Saudi Refining claiming the companies conspired to fix prices for 23,000 franchise owners nationwide. The case seeks class-action status. They sued before and the US Supreme Court threw out the case. As pointed out in the previous suit, the plaintiffs say the chairman of the three oil companies met privately nearly every month starting in March 1996, for the purpose of forming and organizing a combination. This violates anti-trust laws. We hope they are successful.

CBC Nova Scotia
A brief history of agents provocateurs
Toronto Star, Canada - 20 hours ago
The notion of agents provocateurs perhaps gained most of its notoriety in connection with controversial tactics used by the US Federal Bureau of ...
QPP admit to ‘agents' but not ' provocateurs' Globe and Mail
Quebec police admit using provocateurs Toronto Star
Yoni Goldstein: The QPP's undercover blunder National Post - Winnipeg Free Press
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Canadian Union Demands Inquiry into SPP Police Provocateurs
Pacific Free Press, Canada - 7 hours ago
by CL Cook One of Canada's largest labour unions, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) yesterday demanded a public inquiry be launched into an ...
More on police provocateurs The Dominion
VIDEO: Canadian Police Caught Attempting To Stage Riots Center for Research on Globalization
Cameraman worries about democracy Nanaimo Daily News
Waterloo Record - Times Colonist
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Sûreté du Québec provocateurs: Time for a public inquiry
Canada NewsWire (press release), Canada - 24 Aug 2007
24 /CNW Telbec/ - The Sûreté du Québec finally admitted yesterday that three violent provocateurs filmed, photographed and "arrested" during protests in ...
Investigate role of police at summit Toronto Star
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Provocateurs Confirmed as Police Officers
AOL News Newsbloggers, VA - 24 Aug 2007
But with pressure mounting, the Quebec police finally admitted that the three provocateurs were in fact, undercover police. Authorities initially denied ...

The youtube video

on Montebello agents provocateurs now has (at 12:30 am, Sunday 26 August)


and an astonishing 1219 comments

On the use of agents provocateurs at Montebello

This came off a youtube comment

Leave your comment at Québec police department
Faite un commentaire à la Sûreté du Québec
suretequebec(dot)gouv(dot)qc(dot)ca/accueil/aide/courriel(do t)html

Pour les résidents du Québec, écrivez à vos députés!

Aaron Russo died yesterday. Rest In Peace.

He produced The Rose, Trading Places and the movie he considered his most important accomplishment:

America: Freedom to Fascism

starring Ron Paul.

watch it for free at freedomToFascism. com
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"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in
the major media." Wm Colby, Dir CIA

More tools to use for use on exposing the North American Union

and to show how the SPP is just another protection invention to get the "deal closed"

and those below from

source: this page:

The NASCO-MNDOT PDF files: 12345678910111213141516

Dowload the entire archive here: 79.1 MB!

Read about: The North American Forum on Integration (NAFI)

President George W. Bush stands with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, left, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper upon their arrival for dinner Monday, Aug. 20, 2007, during the North American Leaders' Summit. WND was among the first news organizations to obtain and publish the agenda and the list of attendees for a secret North American Forum ( meeting held at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta, Canada, from September 12-14, 2006. The meeting was closed to the press and the documents obtained by WND were marked "Internal Document, Not for Public Release."

4 days of Coverage on the Alex Jones Show:

Sunday 8-19-07: Sunday.mp3

SPP Preview
Monday 8-20-07:

SPP Part1 Jerry Corsi / Connie Fogel Canada

Tuesday 8-21-07: Tuesday.mp3 SPP Part2 Jerry Corsi / Connie Fogel Canada
Wednesday 8-22-07: Wednesday.mp3 continues

View Cars coming over the "International Bridge" from Mexico to Laredo, TX live via webcam or the US side via webcam1h

(Gee, look at this and see if you can tell me which side is heading to America & which side is heading into Mexico?)

the bad guys: Of course the NASCO ( They deny it when you call it the Nafta Superhighway in their own docs: ) There are no plans to build a new NAFTA Superhighway - it exists today as I-35.

How many of you know about the Lavish parties the people at MNDOT were so privledged to attend on your dime in celebration of joining NASCO, (err I mean selling our country out)

The plan is to sell the "toll rights" to a European Consortium too, how nice we won't get any tax dollars....
They refuse to actually call it a "Toll Road" as well since there is no "toll Box" they use sort of a credit card system modeled after the MNPAss system here in Minnesota were the Guinea pigs for this experiment, er uh Dialogue, almost got my term wrong there... (We have it here in Toronto as well, the no toll road toll road ... where it took months to have the government quit collecting tolls for a Spanish consortium that bought it after taxpayer money built it!!)

What exactly is a "Land Port" anyhow?

Our goal is to distinguish ourselves from other corridors by taking leadership to deploy far-reaching, aggressive action & solutions along the entire NASCO Corridor, focusing on broader corridor issues, to include cross-border trade facilitation requirements and issues of national and international importance. We strive to be the lead on solving the industry adoption hurdles to new processes, procedures, technologies and systems.

WND reported, Hunter successfully offered an amendment to H.R.3074, the Transportation Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2008, prohibiting the use of federal funds to participate in SPP-related working group meetings in the future. Judicial Watch Releases Pentagon Records from “North American Forum” Meetings

Congress Tells Bush: Back off! SPP Signatories to the letter

Office of the Press Secretary May 9, 2007 President Bush is looking for Dictatorial like powers in the event of another national Emergency!? NATIONAL SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/NSPD 51 & HOMELAND SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/HSPD-20

"Catastrophic Emergency" means any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions; (6) The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government. In order to advise and assist the President in that function, the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (APHS/CT) is hereby designated as the National Continuity Coordinator. The National Continuity Coordinator, in coordination with the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA), without exercising directive authority, shall coordinate the development and implementation of continuity policy for executive departments and agencies. The Continuity Policy Coordination Committee (CPCC), chaired by a Senior Director from the Homeland Security Council staff, designated by the National Continuity Coordinator, shall be the main day-to-day forum for such policy coordination.The Secretary of Homeland Security shall serve as the President's lead agent for coordinating overall continuity operations and activities of executive departments and agencies, and in such role shall perform the responsibilities set forth for the Secretary in sections 10 and 16 of this directive. 10) The Secretary of Homeland Security shall coordinate the integration of Federal continuity plans and operations with State, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and private sector owners and operators of critical infrastructure, as appropriate, in order to provide for the delivery of essential services during an emergency.

Laredo: Breaking Ground of the NAFTA Superhighway: The first part of the NAFTA Supercorridor is known as the Trans-Texas Corridor. This video contains an interview with a Texas DOT official at one of the TTC presentation.

NAU: Fact or Fiction (on YouTube) NAU- Part 1 (3:06) NAU- Part 2 (4:09) NAU- Part 3 (5:41) NAU- Part 4 (5:17)

For more detailed information about the NAU, see this presentation: The North American Union & NAFTA SuperCorridor (21:56)

Both of these presentation will soon be available on DVDs for use in local meetings. Check at:

Henry Lamb

NASCO, Lockheed Martin, and “Total Domain Awareness”: Hell on earth

Despite persistent claims to the contrary and nearly limitless nauseating marketing and public relations platitudes, evidence of the steady progression of North American economic integration is available to anyone with a little knowledge of state open records laws, persistence, and a desire for a future bereft of oppression. Further, NASCO’s cooperation with the Security and Prosperity Partnership is admitted and boasted of in their promotional materials supplied to their members. The reach of this tracking is continent-wide.

A recent request under the Minnesota Data Practices Act yielded a treasure trove of damning information. Foremost among these documents was a Letter of Intent between North America’s Supercorridor Coalition, Inc. and Savi Networks, LLC, a wholly own subsidiary of Lockheed Martin. Along with the Letter of Intent were hundreds of pages of documents detailing how NASCO plans to implement the infrastucture of the NAFTA Superhighway.

This document details Lockheed Martin's plan to utilize NASCO to track, control, and tax “all modes of transportation.” NASCO has insisted again and again that it does not promote a “NAFTA Superhighway.” Upon review of these documents, it’s clear that NASCO and Lockheed Martin have a “better” idea: attach a tracking device to all modes of transportation and, as a “long-term objective,” “design, fund, implement, operate and maintain a self-sustaining business that facilitates surface transportation.” Maybe NASCO wasn’t lying when it said it doesn’t support a new “NAFTA Superhighway.” Why would anyone want to improve any infrastructure when Lockheed Martin and NASCO can simply attach a tracking device to all modes of transportation and have “revenue sharing” with the government? This sounds like a pretty profitable endeavor for a self-described “non-profit organization.” The interplay of Lockheed Martin (a for profit company), NASCO (a “non-profit” organization), and various governmental entities in this whole scheme is disturbing to say the least. However, they are not surprising to those who pay close attention. One wonders how the revenue made off of the populace is to be parceled out between these various interests. Oh wait, NASCO and Lockheed Martin are going to work that out in their “definitive agreement.” It’s about time Lockheed Martin got a cut out of my trip to the grocery store.

The “centerpiece” of this plan is the concept of Total Domain Awareness. What is “Total Domain Awareness?” It is an Orwellian nightmare involving: the ability to “[a]utomatically gather, correlate, and interpret fragments of multi-source (Radar, AIS, & GPS tracks, Open Source, Intelligence, Watch list & Law Enforcement Report, CCTV, Bioterrorism sensors) data together into one collaborative portal-based environment [sic].” This sounds even worse than a huge superhighway, no wonder why NASCO never mentions any of these details on its website.

All of this information is going to be fed into one central location that NASCO has shamelessly named the "Center of Excellence." At least Orwell's tyrants had the dignity to be creative with the names of their various maniacal bureaucracies. So, who or what will administer the “Center of Excellence?” Well, what better place to house this Orwellian nightmare than: “Lockheed Martin’s militarized GTN (Global Transportation Network) Command and Control System?” The Total Domain Awareness system has already “been installed and is operating and is operating in Washington, DC & Lockheed Martin’s Center for Innovation (The “Lighthouse”) in Chesapeake, VA [sic].”

We will all be much safer with Lockheed Martin tracking our movements from Washington, DC.

This troubling plan is laid bare in a series of email exchanges detailing the courting and recruitment of a few Minnesota Bureaucrats by a few persistent NASCO lobbyists. Under the provisions of the Minnesota Data Practices Act, the state was required to release all of its information relating to Minnesota’s membership in NASCO. Just beneath the surface of all on these documents is the undisputable hand of military industrial complex giant Lockheed Martin. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was not kidding when he said in 1961: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.”
Truly, a major defense contractor tracking our every move here in our own country is undoubtedly a threat to our liberties. If President Eisenhower were alive today, he might say: “See, I told you so.”

This is yet another menacing aspect of the toll road lobby, one they really don’t want you to know about at all.

I'll use this vid for sure along with the ones you sent.

Laredo: Breaking Ground of the NAFTA Superhighway

With the Canada Summit just concluded, and the media, including FOX News, laughing about the "conspiracy nuts" who think a North American Union is in the works, it is important to know the answers when questions are raised. Here are two video presentation that will supply many of the answers you need.

NAU: Fact or Fiction (on YouTube) NAU- Part 1 (3:06) NAU- Part 2 (4:09) NAU- Part 3 (5:41) NAU- Part 4 (5:17)

For more detailed information about the NAU, see this presentation:

The North American Union & NAFTA SuperCorridor (21:56)

I got the Jerome Corsi C-San interview on that NSPD 51 but they conveniently showed it at 3:00 am

more stuff on it: Lou Dobbs


Some somewhat dated SPP material that needs publication ...

Kim Campbell on North American Union

Former PC PM Kim Campbell was on the PBS News Hour last night revealing the dirty truth about Trilateralism, the SPP and the coming North American Union aka NAFTA2.

She was joined in her paean to the joy of Trilateralism and the new continentalism by former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda. Both of them criticized the 'secrecy' of the meetings between the Three Amigos and their Corporate Counterparts.

KIM CAMPBELL:We have the world's longest undefended border, and there is a concern to create a security perimeter that will create confidence on both sides of the border that those movements can pass relatively quickly, that there's trust in the documentation, trust in the broader security system. And we've had to deal with that.

It's something that predates 9/11, but the 9/11 brought it into very, very high profile. And I think we have to recognize we have in Canada, you know, the nationalists who are concerned that any kind of collaboration, any kind of harmonization of standards is the thin edge of the wedge of Canada losing its identity. And I'm amused to see that there are people in the United States who think that, you know, what they call "socialist Canada" is somehow going to come down and corrupt them.

But the fact of the matter is, our three countries are the world's largest trading region, the largest energy market. We really have an extraordinary future together, if we can find ways of dealing with the impediments for the movements of the things that we want to move and ways of ensuring that the public is confident that their security and that their standards of well-being are assured.

And I think one of the ways of doing that is to take this process -- this is the third summit in this security and prosperity partnership process -- is maybe to take it a little bit even more public and get the debate more open, because I think President Bush has been a bit quiet about it, even Prime Minister Harper. I don't know how President Calderon is dealing with this in Mexico. He's got a new government.

But these are important issues. And if we don't get them right, we really will lose the competitive battle, but also lose a lot of opportunities for prosperity and for security.

Building a trilateral relationship

RAY SUAREZ: Well, Professor, you heard the prime minister talking about the roles security has played in the trilateral relationship since 9/11. Is this a concern that is equally shared on both sides of these borders? Or is this a question of two close allies responding to what's seen as an American need, an American agenda, American wishes to toughen up both borders, north and south?

JORGE CASTANEDA: Well, Ray, I wouldn't want to speak for the Canadians, obviously. I think in Mexico we've been very forthcoming and very cooperative with the United States since 9/11 on security issues. Some of the things the Americans have asked for, we have done with great difficulty. Others we have suggested and they have accepted. And so I think we've come a long way.

But I agree completely with Prime Minister Campbell, Ray, that this could be a lost opportunity, this summit in Montebello, unless the three leaders really decide that they have nothing to be ashamed of in saying that they want to work towards a North American economic union, towards a North American security perimeter, towards a North American energy market.

If each one of the three leaders because of their domestic weaknesses get so scared of saying anything, of doing anything, of even moving an inch off just boiler-plate rhetoric, then this will be a huge lost opportunity. President Calderon has a lot to say about immigration, has a lot to say about drug enforcement, a lot to say about security.

President Bush has to understand that he has to combat his extreme right-wing in the United States which opposes any type of greater cooperation with Canada and with Mexico, because if he doesn't, they will eventually get to him and the Congress the way they got to him on immigration.

And Prime Minister Harper, I think, also perhaps should be a bit more forthcoming with a more trilateral vision of the relationship, instead of continuing to insist, as many Canadian prime ministers have in the past, that Canada has a better deal dealing bilaterally with the U.S. instead of trilateralizing the relationship, so to speak.

So I hope they really use this summit to move forward instead of standing still and being terrified of what their respective oppositions in the three countries would do to the three leaders if they were more forthright and clear about what they want.
Of course its hard to have open discussions when the agenda for Trilateralism and the New Contientalism is being pushed by the Corporate Elite.


"The problem with this process is that there has been no public consultation, and no parliamentary debate in any of our three countries," says Meera Karunananthan, a spokeswoman for the Council of Canadians, one of many activist organizations planning to attend the protests in Montebello.

You can't have authentic Trilateralism without Tripartitism, that is a balance between the interests of government, business and the missing partner in all this; labour and civil society.


Will Canadian Labour Accept Free Trade?

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