February 25, 2006

Below is what I consider an EXCELLENT message
Divine Message of His Holiness Shri Datta Swami

There are two route causes for the entire chaos and terrorism in this world.

One is the thirst for earning money and the other is the religious fanatic. Due to money, people are quarreling. Where as due to religion, countries are quarreling.

Unless these two route causes are eradicated we cannot achieve world peace. The tree will not die byc utting leaves and branches. It dies only by cutting its roots. Thereis no use in earning the extra money.

Due to excess money, quarrels, mental worries and several other problems arise. Finally, it ends in loss only and not in any profit. You have to leave all this extra money here only and quit this world alone. Your issues may lose that money given by you. Such sinful extra money brings problems not only to you but also to your children. Neither yourself nor your children will be happy and peaceful.

This entire world is the property of God and take whatever is required from it. This is said in Gita, ("Yavanartha�."). In these days, buffet system is followed during feasts. In this system, large vessels contain various food items and people take food from these vessels according to their requirement. Similarly, God created this entire world and you can take the wealth from it according to your requirement. People are not following the same system when they are taking wealth from this world.

The peculiarity is that most rich people follow this buffet system in the feasts but do not follow the same when it comes to earning the money. `EsavasyaUpanishad' says that one should return back this extra money to the Lord. Otherwise, the Lord will give the troubles.

In buffet system, if one takes extra food in his plate by over ambition and ignorance for a moment, he returns back immediately before starting eating. Veda says that you must return back the extramoney for the God's work if taken by ignorance. In the buffet system if you eat the extra food, you will suffer from diseases.

Similarly, if you enjoy the extra money, God will punish you in several ways.

In this world, people belonging to any religion think that their religion only is the true religion.

They think that the God of their religion can alone give the salvation and the worship of that God should be according to their religion only. They also condemn other religions and invite people to convert people into their religion.

They do lot of work to establish their religion only in the entire world which shows their ambition. It is just like Alexander's ambition to make the entire world his kingdom. Alexander wanted to extend his kingdom. But, even he returned back after fighting with Porus(Purushotama) on seeing the loss of life in the battle.

But, the ambition of religious fanatics is not subsided on seeing any amount of loss of life. Religion is considered to be backed with spiritual knowledge and the religious people are expected to be free from ambition. We can excuse ambition of any ignorant person like Alexander.

The heart of a religious fanatic will not change by any amount of kindness or love expressed in the appeals. Such appeals can change only the heart and the change in the heart is always temporary. Change in the intelligence brought by knowledge based on logic is always real and permanent.

Intelligence (Buddhi) is considered to be the driver of this body, which is like a chariot running by the senses, which are like the horses. If the driver is convinced, the entire chariot along with the horses is in the correct path.

The terrorist will not change by love or kindness shown to him. He becomes the terrorist due to the wrong knowledge that enters his brain. He was convinced by that knowledge. That knowledge can be changed only by the right knowledge.

A diamond can only be cut by another diamond. Similarly, one type of knowledge can only be replaced by another type of knowledge. Then only, he will be convinced and changed forever.

So far, the trials made to change the terrorist were beating around the bush and therefore, they did not have much effect. Today, SRI GURUDATTA is giving the right knowledge to remove the religious conservatism.

posted by: His servant at the lotus feet of shri datta swami


February 22, 2006

Earth Changes Bulletin by Michael Mandeville
Update As Of February 22 2006

The Earth’s Wobble Has Resumed Motion
The Polar Motion Anomaly of 2005/2006 About six weeks after the beginning of the pause on about

~January 5, 2006,

the Earth resumed its wobble motion straight down the X Axis beginning about

~February 10, 2006. The wobble still has no net motion on the Y axis aside from very minor quivers such as are typically caused by atmospheric and tidal conditions. Because of the length of the “pause” during January 2006, which was probably created by a “lock” on the Sun at Earth’s perihelion moment (closest approach to the Sun during its annual orbit), it is likely that a major phase shift has occurred in both the 14 month wobble cycle and the primary 7 year cycle in the “Chandler Amplitude”, known here as the Primary Axis Cycle.

As well, it is likely that graphs of polar motion during the next 10 months will demonstrate that a relatively large shift has occurred in the average location of the Spin Axis.(ECB – February 22, 2006, MWM)

About six weeks after the beginning of the pause on about ~January 5, 2006, the Earth resumed its wobble motion straight down the X Axis beginning about ~February 10, 2006.

The wobble still has no net motion on the Y axis aside from very minor quivers such as are typically caused by atmospheric and tidal conditions.

The latest graphs from the IERS (International Earth Rotation Service), which is the only authoritative source of information on the motions of the poles (and earth’s crust) shows a reversal of the path which the Spin Axis took during November-December, when the current anomaly began. After a radical shift in the path for approximately two months, something paused the normal spiral motion of the Spin Axis during January and early February, 2006.

Normally at this time in the spiral motion of the wobble, the track of the moving Spin Axis would be moving to the right hand of the graphs of polar motion, (see the Wobble Tracker graph below). The track should be nearly at the lowest point it would reach this year (on the Wobble Tracker chart) and should begin to slowly spiral back up towards the top of the graph no later than about the beginning of May at the latest. For the latest Wobble Tracker graph of Polar Motion as of February 21, 2006, see


In the Wobble Tracker graph the small red “tip” is where the wobble “paused” during January. The small blue line headed south coming down from it is the motion of the wobble since ~February 10. The spiral black line is the track of the wobble during 2005 (until January 5, 2006)

This anomaly is still on-going though the wobble is obviously beginning to recover part of its old pattern. Quite obviously we can deduce that there is a relatively large, developing anomaly in the spiraling motion of the spin axis, including a major phase shift, a shortening of the length of the normal 7 year cycle, the tightening of the spiral motion into an exceptionally small spiral, and a major acceleration in the drift of the Spin Axis (secular drift of the poles, or so-called True Polar Wander).

Examination of other anomalous periods in the wobble (1932-38 and 1958-1964) clearly reveals that this record breaking anomaly portends major changes in tectonic activity during ensuing years, including a dramatic increase in volcanism during 2006/2007, continued increases in global warming effects, with a dramatic upsurge to commence during the summer of 2007 and carrying onward into 2008, as well as several periods during 2006/07 of greater than normal swarms of large earthquakes in the Northern Arc of the Pacific Rim of Fire, ranging from Central America through California to Alaska and down into Japan and the Philippines. None of these projections are based on intuitive arts, they are based completely on comparing historical profiles, such as are revealed in the 2006 revised edition of “The Prophecies”, which is Book Three of the “Return of the Phoenix”. See the background and previous reports on the pause in the wobble at the website michaelmandeville.com


For the latest IERS waveform plots of polar motion which show a flat line motion (no relative motion) rather than the spiral waveform of the Earth’s normal wobble, scroll down the following page to find the X and Y Plots..


For a graph which shows several years of normal polar motion with the current pause and how IERS computers project that the wobble will restore itself later this year as of February 9 data, see:


This predicted plot from IERS data (very speculative at this moment and any projections will likely remain so for at least another eight weeks) shows a radical shift in the average location of the pole which far exceeds any recorded during the past two centuries of scientific measurements.(How threatening this next item is to those who think they know, without looking, what is happening).

Have the Earth Changes begun? I believe the answer is yes, the long predicted/prophesied changes in the earth have begun. Actually, they began in 1999 with the start of the current seven year wobble cycle (which has apparently abruptly ended more than six months early). After more study this past week with the data files and methods of analyzing polar motion, I believe that the wobble flew into this current radical shift during the Indo-Trench Rupture on December 25, 2004.

We may be headed into a period now of chaotic wobble motions as the Earth seeks to regain a balanced “path’ for the wobbling of the Spin Axis. But “Normal” may never return, the changes in the earth may continue to escalate in frequencies and magnitudes periodically during the next 21 years, or so. During this escalation, the tropical zones will be progressively fractured and broken to a greater and greater degree (such as occurred in 2005 along the western coast of Sumatra) and global warming will rise dramatically and severely impact all climate and biome regimes. Already, the drought conditions which began to severely impact many zones from 1999 through 2004 are rapidly setting in again.

Solar MIN conditions are dominating the Sun more and more. After another brief surge up to about 30, the Sunspot Count now again is at 0. Flux is 76 and fairly flat line. About the 20th, there was a sharp brief pulse in the magnetic “A” index up to about 20.

Usually these pulses are connected within a day or two with fluctuations in the Sunspot Count, accordingly one can suspect that soon to come is another brief rise in the Sunspot Count, perhaps for a day or two, possibly as high as 30.

There were two Major magnetic disturbances on the Fluxgate Monitor about 18 to 36 hours ago as of this writing (UTC 1900 hours February 22, 2005). These disturbances were doubtless connected with the magnetic pulse in the A Index. Both were likely produced by a very brisk solar wind stream which has enveloped the Earth. NASA is reporting that it is quite choppy. Large auroras were produced yesterday by these “chops” and more are expected during the next two days. Although NASA reports on a 1% probability of any significant solar activity, this solar wind stream is predicted as likely to produce major geomagnetic disturbances through Feb 23.

Solar MIN could happen anytime this year, most likely it will not happen until after the next transit by Mercury of the other inner planets during March. Conditions on the Sun and thus in Earth’s weather could change rapidly at any time and major new peaks of activity are possible through March, especially after the beginning of March.

On February 25 Mercury Mars and then begins a quick success of alignments every several days with Saturn, Earth, and then finally on March 21 Mercury will be in very close alignment with Venus and Jupiter to choreograph what is likely to be a major affair of sunspots and storms on the Sun.

Expect Sunspot Counts to fall increase into a modest to strong blip about the end of the month for the Mercury Earth alignment, to be followed by a major peak on about March 14 for the Spring Equinox Three-Way between the two inner-most planets and the giant, near-star Jupiter.

When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look west. As the sky fades to black, you'll see Mercury pop out of the twilight.” Check it out if you live in the desert zones, it ought to be easy to spot this rarely seen but nearby planet. Naturally it is popping out now because it is rapidly approaching the Earth as it heads towards a straight line alignment on March 21. We are between syzygies but not for long. The next New Moon is February 28 and is virtually at Perigee. It will be very interesting to observe the influence on both tectonic activity (quakes and volcanism) and polar motion.

Here is the list of the remaining “Super Moon” Syzygies for 2006, meaning a New of Full Moon at Perigee or within 90 per cent.

JAN 29, 2006 02:15 PM NEW MOON
FEB 28, 2006 00:31 AM NEW MOON
MAR 29, 2006 10:16 AM NEW MOON
SEP 07, 2006 06:43 PM FULL MOON
OCT 07, 2006 03:13 AM FULL MOON

In accordance with my correlations of tectonic activity with the past motions of the pole, IF standard dynamics of the past now govern despite the current anomaly (and I cannot be certain that they are), one can predict the following for California and Japan for this coming New Moon Perigee: since major quake outbreaks for these areas do not usually occur when polar motion is moving UP the positive numbers of the X plot from the current location of the Spin Axis in this relatively high positive range, the New Moon Perigee will NOT be productive of any record breaking activity.

BUT, from historical quake statistics on a worldwide basis, several 6.0 plus quakes and one 7.0 plus would be within normal expectation during a New Moon Perigee Syzygy or close to it.

In accordance with Hotno’s remarks, the October Full Moon may be the deadliest during 2006, esp. through the Medit-Himalayan Belt.


The La Nina condition is weakening already. But a warm spot in the Pacific near the International dateline a little to the northwest of HAWAII is still acting to channel the Jet Stream and set the condition for marine air flowing onto North America. Dry cool air flows into the Pacific Southwest from the South. Wet but cold marine air flowing into the Pacific Northwest. These collide somewhere variously in the middle of the Great Plains states to produce the weather for the interior and eastern coasts.

What we are seeing is a classic global global warming weather pattern in the La Nina extreme. During the latter part of January La Nina developed dramatically into one of its deepest patterns of relatively cool water on the Equator. This generally dries up Pacific Marine Air and always makes for a dry year in the PSW. Within the global warming trend, this means that the drought pattern in the PSW has returned with a vengeance. The drought pattern of the past six years has returned and will destroy both the monsoon this year as well as help burn up more of the pine forests of the region. This pattern will continue to persist for the foreseeable future under the global warming trend. There will be occasional short-lived relief, as in late 2004 and early 2005, from El Nino wet air, but most of this wet air will probably end up far to the North and to the East, producing extremes of flooding and large numbers of tornadoes in other areas.

In other words, the new normal is there is no normal at all, just a deepening of chaotic extremes.

The solar storm and sunspot ionic impact on the Earth's weather should be negligible now through to about the ides of February to reach a peak by February 20 and again about the end of the first week of March. Expect Spring Equinox to be a very wet, very intense stormy period, by not as extreme as has been typical during the last several Springs. All weather will be more mild this year than the last several years but the weather

PATTERNS will continue to be non-normal because of the chaotic mixing effects which Global Warming Syndrome is inducing into the flow of air. All local regimes will continue to be perturbed and this perturbance will gradually get more and more surreal through this time of the rapidly accelerating Change In The Earth. No normality will be seen for at least the next four millennia. All biomes will relentlessly migrate and transmute. Catastrophic impact of the weather in some regions, such as the Carib Basin, will ebb and flow in severity in response to the modulation imposed by the 7 year cycle in the Wobble, (the Primary Axis Cycle. In general, the coast lines of the Gulf area, including Florida, are in process of being destroyed and this process will accelerate.

Over all seismic activity has remained relatively low in frequency and magnitude in a random pattern during the past seven days BUT, five shape-shifters struck in the Great Rift and activity in Latin America was higher than normal.Otherwise distribution appears random throughout the Earth. The USGS World Chart shows 166 quakes for the past seven days (up from135 last week) (for all quakes in U.S. and Imperial Possessions at 2.5 plus and for all other areas at 4.0 plus). Volcanism is simmering without relent and appears once again to have increased this past seven days.

In summary, world volcanism began a vigorous seasonal upsurge during early December the surge slowed down during January as the wobble ground to a halt, but during the first three weeks of February has picked up considerable steam, pun intended.

The SWVC counts are now 6 restless, 64 alert list, and 30 active eruptions. This adds another two new active volcanoes onto last week’s list and we could still see a major increase on top of that during the next 120 days. Overall activity during the past two weeks is at least 10% greater than during the first week in February. Activity now widely includes ash, steam, gas, lava, and occasional pyroclastic from almost all volcanoes on the active list. The current lava flow from Kilauea is considered by John Seach to be record-breaking, the greatest in the last 500 years. Etna is mute at the moment and Popo is tepid with only a dozen or two puffs per day for the last two days. Carib plate volcanism probably still leads the world activity. Kamchatka Peninsula is producing a lot more ash from its three most active and suddenly two volcanoes in Japan and one in Ecuador have began ash emissions. St. Helens is still cooking but is not responding so far this year to this “volcano season”.

In the normal flow of things, I believe that we now are seeing the upsurge in heat release which will build through 2007 to create the next El Nino and accelerate the Global Warming Trend to new records. World volcanism will continue to build to new records during 2006-7, and then begin to drop off the pace of increase in later 2007-8, depending up the dynamics of the Earth’s Wobble. The response in the atmosphere, oceans, and biomes will be felt in 2007-8 as a significant INCREASE in the current upward trend of chaotic record-breaking changes. This Earth Changes trend will of course increase Global Superstorms and major destructions of coastal areas. The lack of U.S. ability to respond appropriately to Katrina is likely only the beginning of institutional over-burden and breakdown. Katrina is a marker of change, it represents the beginning of a long term trend of progressive abandonment of coastal zones while spoiled little rich kids continue to play their smarvelous game of “Empire” on the deck of the Titanic. This phenomenon will become more worldwide is scope during the next dozen years in fits and starts in various periods.


- as previously reported nothing new this week

No change. All bears are more loaded than ever waiting to bag the fools. Conditions will continue to deteriorate through the year. The only surprise has been the remarkable durability of the Imperial Smoke and Mirrors Palace. They appear to have the mass media totally “bedazzled” by their puff and huff routines.

The numbers are cooked and the swings in all the prime variables are now obviously manipulated by hidden levers and trip wires in the hidden innards of the Cabal. It is now obviously so well choreographed I doubt any of the primary numbers used in the economy are real. They are ALL now manipulated values designed to confuse. So traditional economic reckoning from the entrails of statistical series no longer works very well.

Nonetheless the flood of doomsayers is becoming overwhelming and they are progressively spooking more and more of the world. The flood of analytic books and cycle arguments is apparently growing exponentially from month to month. A browse on the topic now truly makes one’s brain lobes twitchy from all the data overload.

The most impelling information at the moment is the tremendous wave of price inflation which has begun to roll. Reports are now just beginning to circulate. You’ve seen it in gas, and the Cabal is not yet finished in that department. But just wait for what you will see in Safeway, Walmart, and the Malls, etc.

Expect minimally another 15% rise in gas prices this year on average, and that is a dyed in the wool holding onto my behind ultra conservative guess. There are good odds of $3.00/gal for 87 proof throughout much of the middle of this year, with a courtesy roll down in October and November so Bush can brag during the elections process how well the PublicRats are doing fixing the banana gunboat.

They’ll be fixing it, all right. Odds of elections and counts which we can respect are not very good.

The hard news is the 30% general price rise which is going to roll through practically everything for living during the next two years. Food especially. Not so much medicine, they have already gouged that into the stratosphere, I believe they will mainly just let that area cook. I could already see the numbers climbing on many items during my monthly family shop at Costco, where we bulk up in most food categories.

The next category is consumer items…WallChinaMart has to pay its gas bills too, so the Palace of low prices – always - is going to be climbing this year - always. From the point of view of China, the goods will be cheaper than ever…it is just that Americans are going to lose the subsidy on the value of their dollar. Nobody wants to pay the Imperial Tax anymore, having come to full realization that the American system is now run by putzes who mainly are pimping for the hidden hands of an Aristocracy of greed who only know how to profit from wars.

Just know the trend, the price of oil is being used to re-value the dollar. The rate of inflation now appears to be in the 20% range, OOPS, many are now saying 30%. It will only take another three years to destroy the “exuberance” in the real estate bubble through such heavy inflation, thus I think you can conclude that the bull money is all betting on this inflate.


– The main event in March (which many prognosticators and psychics are picking up on) is probably a context change forced by the sudden perception that Bush has “lost it” (most especially his control over congress). He has, as is his foolish want, once again tried to play his dominance game with the Republicans in congress over the “Dubai Port Managers” and Congress is not buying. He is now feeding the frenzy that sees Bush as seriously deluded and out of balance with his own party.

This is on top of the NSA wire tap scandal, about which Bush is demonstrably guilty of committing a crime, lying about it, and then covering up the lying. This is about the least significant of Bush’s crimes, in my humble opinion, but it is clear cut and Bush has pushed it in everyone’s face in the manner of a bully who says “whatcha gonna do about it you little sissie”.

With this, the Imperial Faction coalition, after severe savaging and progressive loss this past year, is now disintegrating before our eyes. The only fig leaf left to Republican office-holders as legitimate representatives and office-holders is the impeachment of the President. Sissie, it’s high time to boot him out of office. .


You know how people create “waves” in huge stadiums? We need to create a massive wave: IMPEACH BU$H. It’s already forming, we just need to add energy to it.

AS PREVIOUSLY OPINED:TOO MUCH HYPERVENTILATION ABOUT WAR IN MARCH 2006. Take a deep breath, relax, the big dramas will cook slowly in March and unfold later. There is much preparation to be done before the manipulators will feel the timing it right.

China and Iran are the main problems to Imperial Hegemony mainly because they can precipitate a massive shift away from use and thus the value of the dollar. This will weaken the control of the Cabal over the dollar and thus the world economy. As things stand, the world is flowing inevitably in this direction. The main speculation in the world today is that Iran’s ability to leverage this shift will destroyed by an Imperial assault on Iran’s industrial infrastructure. A massive bombing campaign, in short. I agree that this is a clear and present danger.

The consequences will be nothing less than the economic, military, and political destruction of both Israel and the U.S. during the next 20 years, perhaps portions of Europe as well.

Many people are hyperventilating about catastrophic military and political events coming during March of this year, or perhaps later, such as in June. I doubt any major actions during the next six months. The new government of Israel will be elected in March and it will take them several months to recover from the loss of Sharon and organize support for their next-wave strategy. Aside from this, it will take at least six months of maneuvering on the U.S. Security Council to build a rationale for a destructive assault on Iran. As well, I strongly suspect that the U.S. Military wants to finish building up a large local Iraqi military force to have the manpower to attempt to block a potential massive assault on the ground from a million really pissed off Iranians (which will almost certainly be one of the main Iranian counter-offensives).


It prevented the U.S,. Russia, France, Britain, India, Pakistan, Israel, China, and North Korea from using nuclear weapons. MAD works and will work very well with Iran. The Iranian people are as rational as those in the West and have a future which they wish to build because they think they can build it. What happens when the school ground bully comes around and stomps all over your sand castles? Tells you that you have to start all over and then only in the way which he allows, and by the way you had better coff up your lunch money to pay for his attack.

This is the emotional IQ Age level at which all of this is occurring. You can count on a million really hostile Indians, err, wrong century, ahh, that’s Iranians, swarming into Iraq, plus many more into Afghanistan.

In other words, any argument proposed seriously for war, attacks, military action, occupying foreign lands, bombing, and so forth in today’s world is purely the fantasy hallucinations of eight year olds.

The only danger I see for this year is in the late summer. The Imperial Faction may attempt to manipulate another ramp-up into fear, loathing, hysteria, violence, and patriotic fervor sometime in September…hmmm, what a timely month for manipulating the mass mind…to create such a hue and cry and tension that they are able to close down nearly any discussions in the mass media about election criticism, fraud, crooks, the past failures of the Bush Junta, etc. Onward Christian Soldiers, type of thing…They may actually begin bombing before the elections, but I suspect that they will wait until after the elections, unless they think they are loosing control. Then they will pull out all stops to demand that the mass mind ride tall in the saddle with the gipper. But this is doomed to failure, this will only accelerate the polarization against Bush. That is why the Bushiters must be sand-bagged at all levels in all ways conceivable. The impeachment focus is a good focus.

Virginia: I agree with the bulk of this assessment. Only I think a focus which is "anti" something is never a good one.

It is time to be Pro peace, Pro choice, Pro sanity and vision ...

It's easy for people who are still shopping at Costco and Walmart to think in terms of impeachment instead of in terms of justice building.

I gave up on this reform the system stuff when I became an unwitting victim of The System, which I was pushed out of for the rest of my days.

February 18, 2006

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declined to grant clemency Friday to a rapist-murderer scheduled to die Tuesday at San Quentin State Prison for murdering a Lodi girl in 1981. Michael Morales, 46, admitted that he murdered and raped Terri Winchell, 17, but said his own life was worth sparing because of his remorse and redemption on death row.

"There is no compelling evidence that the jury's punishment is not appropriate in this case," Schwarzenegger wrote. "All the reviewing courts have upheld the jury's punishment. Morales' claim that he is a changed man does not excuse the brutal murder and rape of Terri Winchell."

Schwarzenegger has now denied clemency to all five condemned inmates who have requested it since taking office two years ago. Winchell's mother, Barbara Christian, said she was relieved by the decision, which came as the defense team was holding a news conference in support of clemency at the gates of San Quentin. "We believed the governor would stand by the victim," said Christian. Lawyers for Morales told Schwarzenegger that he should be spared because he accepted responsibility and repeatedly expressed remorse for the murder. The judge who presided over Morales' trial also asked the governor to commute the sentence to life in prison because new evidence casts doubt on the testimony of a key witness.

The last time a California governor granted clemency was in 1967 when Gov. Ronald spared a mentally ill killer. Morales has two challenges pending at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which among other things is being asked to block the execution on claims that lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment. In his clemency petition, Morales said he was led astray by a "manipulative crime partner" who got him drunk and high on the drug PCP on the day of the murder. Morales' cousin Rick Ortega was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the murder.

February 13, 2006



This is not to do with the al-Jazeera memo, the reason you are on this mailing list, but there was such an overwhelming response to the documents Craig Murray leaked over xmas [partly via this list and your good efforts] that Craig asked us to pass this information and the attached document on.The following can be read in one post here:

where all the documents are posted with links to the originals on Craig's site:
the book is available to pre-order here:

Book Burning: Craig Murray to Defy Foreign Office Threats, and Publish "Murder in Samarkand"

Many of you will be aware that Craig Murray has been involved in torturous negotiations with the Foreign Office [FCO] in attempt to get is forthcoming book "Murder In Samarkand" cleared for publication.As the process has dragged on it has become clear to Craig that the FCO is less interested in protecting National Security, than it's own embarrassment, and their intention is either to remove all content that might be of any interest to readers, or suppress publication entirely.Earlier this week, Craig served notice on the FCO, that if they continued to drag their feet, and kept coming up with more obstacles, he would abandon attempts to negotiate the content of the book and reach agreement, and go ahead and publish without their agreement.In the following email, he made this intention clear:
Feb 07 2006 From Craig MurrayTo Richard Stagg
Dickie,There is now an extensive correspondence over many months on my efforts to clear my book with the FCO for publication. You have had many months to deliberate.
In the ensuing discussions, I have made, as requested, the following very extensive amendments.*
I have removed two accusations that Colin Powell was lying*
I have edited out those parts of my conversation with the US Ambassador which had the quality of confidence, were indiscreet, or differed from public US policy on Uzbekistan*
I have removed the detail of two SIS intelligence reports*
I have removed the reference to GCHQ telephone intercepts*
I have removed completely references to the role of Research Analysts in intelligence anaysis*
I have made plain that Duncan does not support my recollection that he said Research Analysts were in tears over pressure brought over claims of Iraqi WMD*
I have changed the attributions of several comments made by Uzbek LE staff*
I have given false names to several Uzbek LE staff*
I have removed several references to my contention that the Embassy did not function well before my arrival*
I have removed the reference to an early hiccough in Andrew Patrick's career*
I have changed statements made by Matthew Kydd and Linda Duffield (frankly, I believe my original account was more accurate)*
I have reduced the gruesome detail of the aircraft crash body identification, and particularly taken out physical detail personal to Richard Conroy*
I have removed or toned down a number of personal observations on FCO staff*
I have taken out the reference to Frank Berman being appointed over David AndersonI believe the above, which is not exhaustive, is proof of a genuine willingness on my part to compromise to reach agreement.
I am deeply disappointed that, throughout this process, I have felt no urge on the part of the FCO to actually conclude this matter.
Past correspondence sets out the timescale and the FCO's continued invention of new points to prevent the process concluding.
I therefore give you notice that, should I not receive a definitive response from you by Friday 10 February, I shall be going ahead with publication.
In that event I will not feel obliged to retain all the above amendments, some of which I believe detract from the truth of the book and which I offered in response to your various requests, in the belief that we were seeking agreement.
Craig Murray
At the same time as Craig posted this email on his website, the book was listed on Amazon as available for pre-order.
This generated the following response from the FCO, where they make clear their desire to censor what they do not agree with:[See attached PDF]==================================
See attached pdf
08 Feb 2006 From Richard StaggTo Craig Murray
Dear Craig,
Thank you for submitting the revised text of your book, and for the amendments that you have made.
However, there are some important areas where you have not met the concerns we have expressed to you.
We therefore firmly believe it would not be right for you to publish this book.
This is nothing to do with debate and criticism and everything to do with a betrayal of trust.
We do not approve in any way of its contents or condone the fact of its publication.
I should put on record that we consider your book to be inappropriate and misleading.
It is inappropriate because you were a Head of Mission in the Diplomatic Service, in whom therefore particular trust and confidence was placed.
In publishing this book you will be breaching that trust.
The book is misleading because it remains in places factually incorrect and your criticism of your former colleagues is frequently unfair and unwarranted.
Your comments in this regard are distasteful and risk bringing the Service into disrepute.
In particular, I must makeit clear that we do not recognise the image you present of the operation of the Embassy in Tashkent before your arrival.
The allegations you make about the effectiveness of our representation there are untrue.
We do not accept them.
The account of your meeting with Research Analysts also contains serious and false allegations. Their publication on your website in September has caused considerable operational damage. These are two examples of specific issues that we have afready put to you and where, together with our more general comments about your text, we have continuing concerns.
I hope that you will reconsider these specific points (even if you decide to proceed with publication), and remain happy to meet you to discuss this more fully.
I am also advised that there are a number of passages in your manuscript which could well ground actions for defamation.
In addition, I must make clear that if the book is published, we will actively consider a claim for breach of confidence or of Crown copyright, and nothing in this letter should be construed as a waiver of the Crowns rights in this regard.
Indeed, I reserve fully the Crowns rights in relation to any publication.
Finally, I must specifically remind you of your continuing obligations under the Official Secrets Act.
C R V Stagg
Director General Corporate Affairs
On the back of this reply, which threatens action against Craig by 4 separate methods, Defamation (libel), Breach of Confidence, Crown Copyright and the Official Secrets Act, he has had meetings with his publisher [Mainstream Books of Edinburgh] and they have confirmed their intention to stand up and be counted, and their committment to publishing.
Craig has replied to the FCO, throwing down the gauntlet, and challenging them to back up their allegations.
09 Feb 2006
From Craig MurrayTo Richard Stagg
Mr Richard Stagg
Director General Corporate Affairs
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Dear Dickie,
Thank you for your letter of 8 February about my forthcoming book, Murder in Samarkand.
Let me respond to the points which you have made.
Firstly, allow me to note that, over a period of many months, you have consulted exhaustively with all the FCO staff, past and present, named in the book.
Let me then relate that to the question of libel.
In your letter you state that you are “Also advised that there are a number of passages in your book which could well ground actions for defamation.”
Let me be quite plain.
I have no desire to libel or defame anybody.
So I urge you now to disclose to me those passages in the book which you have been advised may be defamatory, so that I may consider if I believe there is that danger, and remove or amend any accidental defamation.
I make this offer in all good faith, that we may avoid the publication of defamation.
If you choose not to take up this fair offer, and subsequently the FCO or its employees attempt to block publication through court actions for defamation, it will be evident that this is not an attempt to avoid defamation, but a ruse to block publication of the book as a whole through vexatious and unnecessary litigation.
I repeat I have the strongest desire not to defame anybody.
I know the terrible mental anguish that unjust defamation can cause.
You will recall that I was myself outrageously defamed and accused, quite groundlessly, of appalling things like being an alcoholic and offering visas in exchange for sex.
Of course, in my case it was the FCO which was defaming me.
The complete story of why and how this happened is in fact the substance of my book.
Which is why you are so keen to identify and reserve possible legal avenues for the government to block publication.
It is not falsehood which scares you, but truth.
It is plain from your letter that you object to the whole concept of my publishing this account. Nowhere in the months of negotiation between us to date did you propose any such fundamental objections as now surface in your letter.
Rather you asked for a series of specific amendments, the vast majority of which I made.
I am sadly reinforced in my view that this lengthy process was an effort on your part to stall publication, rather than a discussion in good faith.
On the specific points you raise, you claim that the publication on my website of material in September caused operational damage to Research Analysts.
There has been numerous and frequent correspondence and personal contact between us since September.
I am puzzled as to why you mention this now and have not done so before.
The material in question featured on my website for 24 hours and has not done so since.
You requested me to remove material from the book which you believed was misleading on the role of Research Analysts and could cause operational difficulty.
I immediately removed that passage from the text in its entirety.
The only point still at dispute, is that I have in the text that a member of Research Analysts told me that people in that Department were in tears over pressure put on them to go along with claims of Iraqi WMD.
You tell me that the officer, still in your employ, now denies telling me this.
I have noted in the book that I say he told me this, and he apparently says he did not tell me this.
People can draw their own conclusions.
I cannot see why this is such a huge problem for you, or would lead you to want to ban a book.
Similarly, I formed a strong impression that the British Embassy in Tashkent was pretty inactive before my arrival.
You say that is not your impression.
Well, fine.
That seems to me well within the range of views that should be able freely to be published in a democracy without political suppression.
I note your point on Crown Copyright.
Again, I am genuinely concerned to act in a legal fashin and I should be most grateful if you would explain to me how my book differs from Christopher Meyer’s in this regard.
You told me that you had personally played a major role within the FCO in supervising the preparation of the “Dirty Dossier” on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction.
I am afraid that one consequence is, that when you try to lecture me on truth, I am sorely tempted to laugh at you.
I have lost my livelihood through all this.
You have lost something infinitely more precious.
Finally, you threaten me with the Official Secrets Act.
I am confident I am not breaking it.
And if you really want to ask a jury of twelve honest citizens to send me to prison for campaigning against torture, good luck to you.
Yours Sincerely,
Craig J Murray
The establishment's attempts to silence Craig are a matter of record, I am posting these documents to put that record in some sort of context.
Craig has been up front from the word go that he has a personal incentive in publishing this book, he has said both in private and public that he 'needs the money' - he has a family to support.
This has been used by his detractors to condem his campaigning and the publication of this book as a cynical money making exercise and nothing more.
He has been accused of leaking confidential information for personal gain, and worse.
Usually by people who cannot fault the arguments, so take a swipe at the man making them.
Whilst I accept that the book is a commercial venture, I don't see any conflict between this and what Craig has been trying to tell us for the last couple of years.
The book is an intrinsic part of that.
I would point out that information Craig has leaked, or confidences he has broken have been very specific, and only in relation to the relationship between the UK and Uzbekistan goverments and the use of information obtained by torture.
Given the nature of Craig's career before his posting to Uzbekistan, it is clear that he has had access to privileged information for a number of years.
If his intention was simply to sell secrets for cash or kudos, then he has a lifetime's career in the Foreign Office to draw upon.
He has not done so.
It is clear that Craig has a story to tell, and many of us view it as a story that should be heard. The UK government seem intent on preventing this.
We would ask that anyone in a position to posts these documents, and does what they can to publicise the forthcoming book and the UK Government's attempts to suppress it.
Craig follows up here:
Dan [ringverse]-- www.blairwatch.co.ukps
We have a couple of interviews you might find of interest, one with Dahr Jarmail about reporting from Fallujah, [20 mins] and another with Hugh Miles, author and journalist about al-Jazeera [20 mins].
Both were recorded at the al-Jazeera Forum we attended in Doha a couple of weeks ago.
We also did an interview for Democracy Now on the subject of the al-jazeera memo.


Pole Shift!

Several famous psychics and prophets have predicted a cataclysmic pole shift in the near future

It’s a balmy July weekend. The cicadas are buzzing in the trees as you flip hamburgers on the grill for a Saturday afternoon cookout. The kids are splashing and laughing in the pool, trying to keep cool in the 92-degree heat. Suddenly the air is still. The cicadas fall silent. A moment later the ground beneath you starts to rumble and shake. The kids stop their playing as they notice the water in the pool getting choppy. The intensity of the quake increases and you are knocked off your feet. The kids scramble out of the pool, screaming as water sloshes in waves onto the surrounding deck. A fierce wind races over you as you lie on your back on the shaking ground. You try to hold on to something... anything, feeling as if you’re going to fly off the face of the earth itself. The sky and clouds are boiling above the violently swaying trees. Birds are being tossed around chaotically as they struggle to fly.

Shadows darken and lengthen, and you watch the sun speeding across the sky tothe horizon. The shaking stops in an instant and there’s an eerie silence, broken only by the sobs of the frightened children. The day has turned to twilight. In a matter of seconds the sun has shifted from its high noon position to just a few degrees above the horizon in the southwest. A bitter, cold wind blows in... and it begins to snow.

A shifting of the Earth’s poles has been predicted to occur within the next few years by a number of psychics, including the renowned Edgar Cayce. This certainly is not a scientific prediction, but some scientists believe that it is at least possible that this could happen at some future date, and perhaps has happened many times in our planet’s past. Whether or not we could survive a physical shifting of the Earth’s poles is open to debate; it could be much more cataclysmic than described above.

“There will be upheavals in the Arctic and Antarctic that will cause the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and pole shift.” There are two ways of considering what is meant by a pole shift:

A geological or axial shift in which the Earth’s crust literally slips around its molten core – like a loose peel on an orange – altering the positions of land masses with respect to the planet’s rotation on its axis. This could happen by a few degrees or by many degrees. Antarctica could wind up at the equator and Miami could be the new North Pole. The effects on our civilization could be devastating.

A shift of the magnetic poles only.

As it is, the Earth’s magnetic north (the north that compasses point to) is not exactly the same as the true North Pole. This magnetic pole is not fixed and can move. In fact, scientists are fairly certain that it has shifted by as much as 180 degrees several times in the past. This change may be sudden or it may be gradual, taking place over hundreds or even thousands of years. The effects on life on the planet would probably be minimal, affecting perhaps the migratory or homing instincts of some animals.

Unfortunately (if you put stock in such things), Cayce was referring to a shift of the first type. He wrote: “There will be upheavals in the Arctic and Antarctic that will cause the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and pole shift.” And when asked what great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the earth in the year 2000 to 2001 A.D, he replied, “When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins.” Interestingly, there has been much in the news lately about the drastic receding of Antarctica’s glaciers and ice shelves.

Psychic Ruth Montgomery also foresaw a pole shift. In her book Strangers Among Us, The Shift, she wrote about what certain spirit guides had told her: “If the Guides are correct, the survivors of the axial shift... will number in the millions, rather than the billions. The shift will have its warnings. The weather will become increasingly violent. Eruptions of ancient volcanoes, earth tremors of major proportions, and tidal waves of monumental scope. Some will recognize this as the time to remove themselves from the seacoasts. Some will remain, disbelieving that a shift will occur, and some will refuse to leave their homes.”

“As the core of the Earth attempts to align magnetically with the giant comet, there is a pole shift with continental rip, mountain building, and sinking and rising land.” Even extraterrestrials are warning us about an immanent pole shift, the people at ZetaTalk would have us believe.

The Zetas, whoever they are, say that a polar shift will occur as part of the millennial transformation. First, they say, a comet’s tail will sweep the Earth, actually stopping the planet’s rotation for a few days, resulting in violent lightning, wind, and fire storms. “Then, as the core of the Earth attempts to align magnetically with the giant comet, there is a pole shift with continental rip, mountain building, and sinking and rising land; how gigantic tidal waves and climbing water assault the coasts, though water movement began when rotation stopped, and an ocean vortex can form; how plate shifts can result in a sinking Atlantic floor, affecting the surrounding shorelines, and new land near Antarctica.”

Eileen Lakes, who says she was sent to Earth as a messenger for the Elohim, says that the pole shift was to occur in July, 1999. The Utopia Network quotes Lakes from her book The Future Pass: “While, on the distant left side of the earth, the very big, red and brown Jupiter is located and its magnetism joins that of the sun, the Pole Shift happens at 7:00 a.m. on the morning of Wednesday, July 7, 1999, at the World Greenwich Mean Time.

Because of the very strong magnetism with the rotation of the axis of the N Pole of the Jupiter group and the sun, the rotation of the axis of the N Pole of the earth repulses to their strong magnetism. The Arctic area on the earth, turns by 90 degrees very suddenly to its right side. And the Arctic Point (N Pole) jumps and changes into the South Pole point (S Pole) momentarily.”

So what about it? Is a pole shift really possible? According to A Pole Shift is the Least of Our Worries, an axial shift is possible, but “only if another planetary body – such as a ‘rogue planet’ or similar cosmic anomaly – passed in close proximity to the Earth, providing enough torque for such an event to occur.”

More likely is a magnetic shift of the poles, although there is no scientific expectation that it will happen anytime soon. But it has happened more than 180 times before, as detected in the paleomagnetic record of rocks on the ocean floor and in some lava flows.

These magnetic reversals take place every 100,000 to 25 million years, according to Scientific American, and may take as long as 5,000 years to do so. So don’t let all of this millennium madness ruin your plans for your New Year’s celebration... or your Fourth of July holiday.

"Baba Nam Kevalam"

This sooooo Cool. Look at this!
Turn your speakers up!
Video of cool touchscreen demo Here's a remarkable video of a touchscreen demo with a user interface that's instantly responsive and intuitive.

Link (thanks, Robotube!)


The Compact: group vows not to buy anything new
but food, underwear, and medicine in 2006

The SF Chronicle has an article about a group of people who have made a promise not to buy any new stuff. About 50 teachers, engineers, executives and other professionals in the Bay Area have made a vow to not buy anything new in 2006 -- except food, health and safety items and underwear.

"We're people for whom recycling is no longer enough," said one of the members of the fledgling movement, John Perry, who works in marketing at a high-tech company. "We're trying to get off the first-market consumerism grid, because consumer culture is destroying the world."

They call themselves the Compact. They have a blog, a Yahoo group and monthly meetings to reaffirm their commitment to the rule, which is to never buy anything new."

"We had a little crisis when Matt and Sarah had to replace their shower curtain liner and we said no," said Perry, who lives in Bernal Heights. "But we put the word out and someone found one for them. It's like the Amish -- we help each other out. We raise a barn every week."

February 11, 2006

Just a Moment from my Heart to your Heart

A greeting in the Cook Islands from the local people "Kia Orana" meaning 'may you live on", is most appropriate as I researched "coconut" at the request from an ebuddy in Canada. Virginia had requested some information on coconut with a particular view into the spiritual aspect. For those readers not familiar with the medicinal properties I have included them in this post as well. Thanks to the Internet and a travel website, I found a photo of a coconut tree in the Cook Islands - (I added the two figures of the dancers, to create the graphic.) The Cook Islands are about half way between Hawaii and New Zealand. Their language is Maori with all business conducted in English. It is estimated that the people of the Cook Islands arrived there in about 800AD from Polynesia. The Cook Islands are part of the Commonwealth of Nations (previously the British Commonwealth) and will be presenting a team of athletes at the Commonwealth Games being held in Melbourne, Australia in March 2006. The Commonwealth games baton stayed for 7 days in the Cook Islands in early January on it's travel through all competing nations.

Throughout the Tropical regions Coconut trees grow abundantly and easily. It takes about 20 years for a coconut palm to reach full nut bearing maturity. They provide shade, food, clothing and for many years the material for shelter from rain, wind and storms. The scientific name is Cocos Nucifera - Cocos meaning "monkey" and nucifera meaning "nut bearing". The cocos derives from the three indentations on the hairy nut giving the appearance of a monkey-like face. In India, these same three indentations take on a spiritual meaning as they are likened to the eyes of the Shiva. In religious ceremonies the coconut is the symbol of selfless service. Coconut is considered a Divine plant in Vedic tradition. More than any other plant coconut speaks to us with the vibration of living in the moment, being prepared to take risks. It strips away our defences, boosting vitality and gaining protection in all areas of life. It shows the way in understanding how unique we are, allowing us to be steadfast and persevering through all the storms as well as enjoying the glories of sunny days and starry nights.
I share with you these thoughts to assist the vibrational energy of the essence

Coconut - To Boost Vitality

We come to you with information of your own Uniqueness.
We bring a message of Divine Love, allowing for the solution through our vibration,
to bring balance within all energy systems.
Our vibration manifests within your conscious and sub-conscious mind,
thoughts of selflessness in obtaining the protection from negativity
which is your birthright.
Through your physical body we reach for a solution to those issues which remain unresolved.
We strip away all defences held against the control you place upon yourself,
stopping growth.
Through the genetic decoding of your DNA we remove those obstacles which caused
doubt and fear to create a feeling of unworthiness within you.
We bring you the spark of life which was always yours from the beginning.
It has been the seed, dormant within you
waiting for the recognition of self love,
gifted between soul and the physical pathway you now travel.
It is time to understand that you have passed the test of endurance,
through perseverance of always walking forward.
You have a stability of knowledge gained through experiential wisdom of soul.
Use this knowledge now
as you emerge with a strong commitment
to the Blueprint you designed before incarnation.
It is time to become The Master, bringing to fulfilment Life's Plan.
Kia Orana - "may You Live On"
(c) Gaele Arnott 2006

from My heart to Your heart in love
Gaele Arnott, Brisbane Australia on the 12th February, 2006



Coconut oil is an edible oil that has been consumed in tropical places for thousands of years. Studies done on native diets high in coconut consumption show that these populations are generally in good health, and don't suffer as much from many of the modern diseases of western nations.

The soothing and antimicrobial properties of coconut oil justify its widespread use in medicinal preparations.

Coconut oil

The oil is also used on a day to day basis in many household products such as soaps, cosmetics and shampoos. This is because the fatty acids in coconut oil make good creams and detergents. Coconut oil contains fatty acids which are antimicrobial and a compound called sucrose cocoate, which is moisturising. The oil is used in skin soothing treatments to ease inflammation such as eczema and psoriasis. Sucrose cocoate is also added to some pharmaceutical preparations because it can help the body to absorb certain drugs.
Coconut water
Coconut water, a popular drink from the mature fruits, is nutritious and contains sugars, vitamin E, amino acids and minerals. It is also an antioxidant.


Coconuts are not harmful to the health, but regular consumption of large amounts of coconut oil may not be advisable because it contains saturated fat, which is associated with heart disease. Coconut soap may cause irritation to the skin of people sensitive to it.
This information is provided for general interest only. It is not intended as guidance for medicinal use.


Coconut - traditional medicine

Multipurpose plants in the true sense, coconut palms have been used to treat an extraordinary range of health problems. The seeds, roots and even flowers have been prepared into pastes, infusions and creams for Ayurvedic and other traditional South Asian medicines.

Coconut remedies

White meat and water from the cavity are used for heart conditions, dysentery, fever, pain, digestive and bladder problems, to quench thirst and as an aphrodisiac. To treat diarrhoea, meat from young fruits is mixed with other ingredients and rubbed onto the stomach. Oil prepared from boiling coconut milk is thought of as antiseptic and soothing and so is smoothed onto the skin to treat burns, ringworm and itching. These two properties are also valued in Western medicine. It has been applied to the scalp in the belief that it might encourage hair growth and prevent grey hair.

Other parts of the palm

Other parts of the palm are also used in traditional South Asian medicine. Juice tapped from flowers stalks is given to cure fever and promote urination. Fresh juice mixed and heated together with rice flour is applied to gangrenous ulcers and skin boils, while fermented juice is taken as a laxative. The roots have been used for a host of ailments, including as an infusion for sore throat gargles. Coconut palm hearts are nourishing and are regarded as good for the digestion. To regulate menstruation, a paste made from grinding the hearts with molasses is eaten every day for several successive days. The fresh juices from the hearts are used against fevers. Coconuts also feature in traditional medicines in other parts of the world. In Indo-China, the seeds are used as a treatment for skin and nasal ulcers


one of its elements is lauric acid, a known anti bacterial and anti-fungal component. When mixed with monoglyceride becomes monolaurine, similar to fats in a mother's milk, which has the same nutriceutical effects. Once inside the body, the MCFA goes directly to the liver, from the liver comes out, and creates the energy needed by the body unlike the other oils that has long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) that circulate around the body, which then produces cholesterol. These LCFA are not good for the body because the body does not have enzymes to break it down, thus making it one of the main causes of heart ailments.


Main constituents

Khopra (desiccated coconut) contains about 60 to 70% coconut oil. Coconut oil is composed, as might be inferred by its high melting point of over 32 °C, mostly of triglycerides of saturated fatty acids. Lauric (dodecanoic acid; 40 to 55%) and myristic acid (tetradecanoic acid; 15 to 20%) dominate, but several other fatty acids are found at concentrations of 5 to 10%: The two short-chain acids caprylic (octanoic) and capric (decanoic) acid (which are responsible for the smell of overaged coconut oil), the long-chain palmitic acid (hexadecanoic acid) and oleic acid, which is the only unsaturated fatty acid found at significant amounts. Consequently, the iodine index is very low (typically, below 10). See also sesame on the topic of plant oils.

The typical coconut flavour is caused by several -lactones of aliphatic hydroxy-carboxylic acids, ranging in chain length from 8 to 14; 5-decanolide (5-pentyloxan-2-one) is the most important single compound. Synthetic coconut flavourings often contain a homologous γ-lactone, 4-nonanolide (pentyloxolan-2-one), which is not found in coconuts.Toasting coconuts leads to pyrolysis of maltose and glucose, whereby new fragrant compounds are formed: maltol (2-hydroxy-3-methyl-γ-pyrone) and cyclotene (cyclopentenolone, 2-hydroxy-3-methyl-2-cyclopenten-1-one), respectively. Furthermore, a great number of alkylpyrazines were identified (pyrazine, methyl pyrazin, dimethyl pyrazines, vinyl pyrazin, isopropyl pyrazin).


Other related articles:

Today's graphic was created with Corel's Paint Shop Pro IX

Join me to: Light a Candle for Peace

I ask that you join me each day at the dinner hour (evening meal) in lighting a candle together, so that we as One People may dream together for Peace On Earth.
Together we can create a reality free of greed and manipulation,
where all people in all lands may have the freedom to move freely without fear.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Evolution is a leap in consciousness

The Circle of Life is charged with coincidences of the moment. To follow your heart in recognizing the power of chance, invites the energy of the subconscious mind to create a new reality."Simply the Present Moment"

(c) Gaele Arnott

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sounds Near Middle 'C' Rock Stars To Death

By Lori Stiles, University Communications
Feb 10, 2006,

Scientists have made the astonishing discovery that sound might drivesuper
novae explosions. Their computer simulations say that dying stars pulse
at audible frequencies -- for instance, at about the F-note above middle C--
for a split second before they blow up.

Researchers in the 1960s began using computer models to test ideas about
what, exactly, causes stars to explode. But mathematical simulations
have so far failed to satisfactorily explain the inner workings of nature's
most spectacular blasts.

Neutrinos -- subatomic particles widely thought to power supernovae
explosions -- don't seem to be energetic enough to do the job, especially
for more massive stars. More sophisticated models that include
convective motion work a bit better, but not well enough.

Adam Burrows of The University of Arizona and colleagues at UA's
Steward Observatory, Hebrew University, and Germany's Max Planck Institute
(Potsdam) have developed computer models that simulate the full second or
more of star death, from the dynamics of core collapse through supernova
explosion. Their two-dimensional computer models allow for the fact that
supernovae outbursts are not spherical, symmetrical events.

A supernova is a massive star that has burned for 10 million to 20 million years
and developed a hot, dense 'white dwarf' star about the size
of Earth at its core. When the white dwarf reaches a critical mass
(about 15 times the mass of the sun), it collapses and creates a spherical shock
wave, all within less than half a second before the star would explode as a
supernova.However, in all the best recent simulations, the shock wave stalls. So
theorists have focused their work on what might revive the shock wave into
becoming a supernova explosion.

According to Burrow's new results, part of the problem is that other
computer models don't run long enough. His team's detailed models
involve a million steps, or about five times as many as typical models that
calculate only the first few hundred milliseconds of supernovae events.

Burrows team's simulations also characterize the natural motion of a
supernova core, something that other detailed models do not."Our
simulations show that the inner core starts to execute pulsations,"
Burrows said. "And they allow us to follow the development to
explosion for a longer time than other models do. They show that
after about500 milliseconds, the inner core begins to vibrate wildly.
And after 600,700 or 800 milliseconds, this oscillation becomes so
vigorous that it sendsout sound waves.

In these computer runs, it's these sound waves that actually cause the
star to explode, not the neutrinos."He added, "We were quite sure when
we started seeing this phenomenon that wewere seeing sound waves,
but it was so unexpected that we kept rechecking and retesting our results."

The team has used their models to make billions of calculations on computer
clusters in the UA astronomy department, at Berkeley's supercomputer
center and elsewhere, checking their analysis for the past year. They are
publishing the research in the Astrophysical Journal. Their research
is funded by the National Science Foundation, the Department of
Energy, and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics.

The team got a clear picture of what likely happens by making
movies from their simulations.

Burrows has posted the movies on his Website at


Collapsing material falls lopsidedly onto the inner core and soon
excites oscillations at specific frequencies in the simulations.
Within hundreds of milliseconds, the inner core vibrations become
so intense thatthey actually generate sound waves. Typical sound
frequencies are about 200to 400 hertz, in the audible range
bracketing middle C.

"Sound also generates pressure, which pushes the exciting streams of
infalling matter to the opposite side of the core, further driving the core
oscillations in a runaway process," Burrows said. "The sound waves
reinforce the shock wave (created by the collapsed star) until it finally explodes

Burrows said that others who study supernova explosions in computer
experiments will be skeptical of his team's results -- and should be.

"This is such a break from 40 years of traditional thinking that one
should be cautious trumpeting it," he said. "Nevertheless, this is
provocative and interesting. It would open up many new possibilities
and perhaps solve a long-standing problem of what triggers
supernovae explosions

Message From Our Mayan Elders

by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media

In addition to what we knew regarding coming events i.e. Yellowstone super-volcano, United States attack on Iran and Syria, escalation between Pakistan and India leading to a possible single strike nuclear exchange, we heard something more on “watch for water”.

Before I write something “I thought I heard”, I will listen to last night’s interview over the weekend and then report. But what “I think I heard” was Carlos tell us “watch for a rising continent in the Atlantic. But before you go crazy with this one, let me go over the interview more carefully. For those of you who are already ECTV members, please do the same (I believe it is in the last 20 minutes) and send me your comments of what you heard.

Below is a message sent to me originating from Carlos Barrios.
This came two days before last night’s interview.

(as translated to me from Carlos)

A lot has been said about this time, about the prophecies given by ancient wise visionary men. Some of the prophecies have been kept on secret books, some have been transmitted in a verbal way, others have risen in a series of books, documentaries, articles in magazines, newspapers and especially on the Internet. Some are extremely alarming, others have no basis and many are based on the Prophecies of the Great Traditions. All of them point out the prophetical times, as the Wise Chi Mam Maya, Don Pascual liked to call them.

All this information has wakened the interest of millions of people, but it has also created a lot of confusion and fear, since the date of December 21 of 2012 has been used as the date of the end of the World. However, this date points out the beginning of a new cycle, which is marked in the tradition of the Mayan Elders as a time of harmony and spiritual growing, this cycle is called the FIFTH SUN and each of the previous ones lasted 5,200 years.

The first cycle was of a feminine energy and fire was the element that ruled it.
The second cycle was of a masculine energy and earth was the element that ruled it.
The third cycle was of a feminine energy and air was the element that ruled it.
The fourth cycle was of a masculine energy and water was the element that ruled it.
The fifth cycle is of harmony between the masculine and feminine energy and the element that will rule it will be ether.

Each of these cycles last 5,200 years and they have been affected by the polarity of the masculine or feminine energy and of course they have also been affected by the elements. Today we are at the door of the end of the fourth cycle, which ends on December 20th of 2012, six years from now. During these six years we will be witnesses to the confrontation of the Negative and Positive forces, the eternal fight amongst polarity, the fight between the Eternal Fire and the Eternal Ice, as the Great Masters have named it, rough and magical times, prophetic times, as the Master, Don Pascual, would have said.

We do not have to close our eyes to be able to see who is dominating at this time, unlike of the Beings of Light, on the other side there is no doubt of who the boss is and no one argues about the grades of power, they work with an effectiveness, so effective that some of them even manage to appear as Warriors of Light.

The opposite happens with the Warriors of Light, because unfortunately most of them are spellbound with their Ego, convinced that they are the best and the carriers of the Truth, but they are only interested on their fight for power, fame and their excessive fondness for economical wealth.

Someone has to raise the Torch of Light and create consciousness; these leaders have to come back to their path. They have to find their path once again and assume the responsibility that was given to them at the time they received their grade of guide and the magical power that accompanies them, this is the calling of the Ancient Mayan Elders, of which the doors to build up our destiny are open… The Wise Elders are tired of waiting, they have sent this message previously and today, knowing the delicacy of this year, the violence, insanity, the tiredness of our Mother Earth, that regardless of the advise she has sent us (hurricanes, floods, droughts, The Tsunami, etc.) we are still impassive, destroying 10,000 acres of forest each day, letting 100,000 people, most of them children, die of starvation, and to us, this is just another news which does not affect us directly. A year ago the Tsunami stunned us, fear and panic grew, today this is just a vague memory. However, we have to be blind not to see we have to give a stop to this destruction, today we are alarmed with the cruel winter, with the torrential rains that are coming out of season, we also witnessed a tropical storm that was almost to become a hurricane, this without even speaking of the earthquakes in all the continents.

This was already predicted by the Prophets and visionary Mayans, as well as the attack to Iraq (with a precise date, two years before it happened), and the Terrorist Attacks (the one of the Twin Towers, the ones of France and Spain, and the ones to come).
The Mayan Elders are expecting that in the laps of the next two years there will be a great explosion of magma in the Yellowstone Park, this explosion would have the effect equivalent to the destruction that several atomic bombs would cause, giving as a result a great matter of contamination and pollution.

We are also expecting the imminent attack to Syria and the possibility of an attack to Iran, as well as the trying of overthrowing and putting a stop to the Socialist Democratic Movements that are rising in Latin America, specially the one of President Chavez in Venezuela. The last predictions, we can still put a stop to, but we have to use our powerful weapons, the inner magic in each of us, our fire ceremonies, meditations and any other techniques. It is URGENT to stop the madness of war.

The transcendence of the ending of this fourth cycle lies in the fact that we are once again in the doors of building up our destiny, the history of the actual humanity (the fourth).

The other humanities did not succeed with the purpose of taking our Mother Earth to the age of gold, the age of nobility, love, equality, peace, conscience, the Kingdom of Great Spirituality, in which every being has its space and value and where we can all grow in a simple word HARMONY, which is the premise of the Mayan World.

This marvelous opportunity is linked to Mother Earth, who as a living entity, has once again the chance of acceding to the Fifth Sky, this means to vibrate on a more subtle energy ruled by the element ETHER. This opportunity was wasted by the three previous humanities and it took Mother Earth millions of years to redo the proper conditions again.

The actual humanity, like the previous, has reached an extraordinary technological development, but it has forgotten the spiritual balance and the responsible relationship with Nature, which we are destroying and polluting more and more each time.

This was predicted by the visionary and wise Mayan Aj’Kijab (shamans), every event that is occurring, the plagues, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, thaws, weather changes, wars, uncontrollable viruses, the contamination and damage we are causing Nature, our own Mother, however, we remain passive as spectators, not doing or saying anything, we are accomplices who rather follow the routine that is imposed to us, the fake illusions that make us believe that we are people of success, of that success that is only the vision of a consumer materialist society and we sell our life in order to have this distractions and not confront reality, since we do not have the courage to go into our inner selves and get to know and accept us, the most important thing is to keep an image and the sterile competence of an uncontrollable urge to run, that rush to get nowhere…

We have the responsibility and possibility to change the destiny, we have our weapons, and what is most important WE ARE MORE… And we are not talking violence; our weapons are meditation, sacred ceremonies, the thought of millions of people, the amazing power of mind, creating the harmony of love, respect and spreading conscience. We can create conscience in others, we can speak, write and demonstrate that it is necessary to stop the destruction, the contamination, that we have to stop being accomplices and that our voice should be heard, that we should write to the media, to the people that run the governments, for we should remember that they are public servants and not owners of the countries, and if they receive millions of letters and e-mails, they will have to give us their attention, but lets just remember that violence is not the answer, do not look for the answer on the intellect and the strength, the answer is in the power of your heart…

We think we own the earth… Will you own it 200 years form now? Elders say the earth owns us, as a mother that nurtures us. Let's be consequent to her, lets not let the shadows fall again on her…


Solar Rain

by Mitch Battros

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It all started with a simple equation…

Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

and led to ‘Solar Rain’

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Thursday February 9th – Carlos Barrios, high priest Mayan Elder. Carlos will disclose what has been brought forth from the Mayan counsel of pending events to unfold. This may begin very soon and is related to Yellowstone super-volcano, “water”, invasion of Iran and Syria, and now possible attacks on Venezuela or attempted assassination of Hugo Chavez.

Tuesday February 14th – Roxana Muise – Contributing editor for ECTV since 2000. Author “A-YEAR-AT-A-GLANCE”: The 45 Degree Graphic Ephemeris 1900 - 2000, 1986 The 4th SIGN, A New Image. Past President of ISAR http://www.isarastrology.com (International Society for Astrological Research) Website: http://www.entheos1.com/

Thursday February 16th – Larry Combs, Lead Forecaster for the NASA/NOAA Space Weather Center. Latest report of Cycle 23 and new information on GRB’s (gamma ray burst) and GCR’s (galactic cosmic rays). http://www.sec.noaa.gov/SWN/index.html


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February 10, 2006

I couldn't get online with recent posts. Supposedly an engineering problem, so I am way behind. But I am posting this now before I get back to work, cuz there are lots of posts piling up. Virginia

Trip Into Hell

Bill Walker

Maybe trip into hell isn't the right words. But to the people that lived there, and so on it might be close. I am speaking of Katrina. One that has never seen what is left after a battle of war, might like to see this war zone. I think it would be about the same. Now I don't think it is wise to take your next R and R trip there. You might not like paying 131 dollars a night for a room in a motel. More on motels in a bit.

Leah and I met many people of many different reasons for being there. Each had a story. There was people that lived there at one time. Those had a home of some class, now most are what one could call homeless. Each has a story to tell. Each for the most part had insurance, now the insurance people don't know them.

They also was people who was tax payers. Now some wonder if they are known by the government at times. Now I will try best I can to tell what I seen I seen buildings, some standing with windows and doors blown out. Some with more damage, maybe you could tell those was buildings say two or three stories. Some buildings just could say there was a building a few months ago. Now it is a pile of rubble.

Now this also was the case for houses. There was houses with tar paper roofs now. Some whole roof was covered from end to end. While some just a few feet. Then you would see houses with no roof at all. That is nothing to really put tar paper on. Oh the wall might still be there, but the real roof was total gone with the wind.

Then you would see houses with a side blown out, many like that There would be houses that even had been moved. I seen one that the house moved enough, one wall was right against a tree. The house looked like it was kind of broken in the middle. That is the roof wasn't in to great a shape.

Lots of houses had the look of a box torn open to get what was inside, then you would stomp on it after getting the goodies out. I seen many a pile of what once was inside of a house near the streets. There was also many a pile of what was once a fine home.

Now people let me tell you something. From the pictures one may see of these homes, one might say a lot of these homes didn't amount to much. Don't you believe it. These homes for the most part ran in the range of 200,000 dollars and up. One home that looked like the city dump, ran in the range of one million dollars. There isn't a wall left standing, just one big pile of rubble, with many little piles of rubble here and there.

When wind can take out a large well built bridge, you have been in a storm. When wind can take out old long standing government buildings, that is a storm. Now the insurance people claims is, it was all water that did the damage. I would like to add my two bits here. I seen a row of columns standing, all leaning the same way. Water?

Well maybe, but these were big fellows. I would believe more like a wind storm, maybe did have help of water. A bridge made a pile of rubble. I believe a bridge is a way to cross water. There fore the bridge would be made to stand water, and the flow and force of water. Now I have pictures of said bridge. The thing that is damaged best I can see was the deck or rood way of bridge. What would cause that? WIND!!!!

Now I found another thing that debunks the water, or flood idea.

Leah home was nearer to the water. About a mile more inland is a golf course.

First off Leah does not play golf, never had such a thing as a golf ball. I found what looked like brand new golf balls on her land. I think a couple things here. These golf balls may have never met up with a golf club, or was hit one time and lost in the rough. Now I did find about 4, or 5 balls. Would water have carried them to her little corner of the world? Maybe but I would think more like what is said a wind storm can do.

Any fool knows, these storms comes with two things. That is wind, and water. The wind picks up large amounts of water, building up stronger as it moves. It dumps the water like you can't believe, both before and after the eye passed by. You are going to get hit by large amounts of water before, and after. So say your home with stood the first dumping of water, the wind ripped the place apart. How what is left gets the dumping of water from the back side. So you will have rubble that is wetted down.

Now we seen motels that had a couple of feet of water in the first floor. The walls and such was left standing. Some damage here or there to allow water in. Rain water, not a flood from the sea. Now I know the cost of a motel room in normal times does cost a bit more there. You know how that goes. Any where people likes to go for a special get away, cost is always more. But now we have the excuse of rooms are really hard to find. So the cost may go up more. This one place, the power is off to run the elevaters. but we charge 110 dollars a night for a bed. Also we do not have other things we would have if things was up to par. Another motel charges 131 dollars. The inside looks like a war zone. Don't drink the water or take a bath. seems like the water has a funny brown look to it. In normal time we have a breakfast for you. Not now, but the price is said to be the same as if we did.

Every thing is not a bummer. Let me tell you one thing or two.

I found many good people. I in fumbling around got stuck by a rusty nail. I went to a certain place to get the needed shot. I waited my turn at the first aid tent. One lady helped me fill out the paper. I had forgot my glasses. I use any excuse to talk to a pretty lady you know. She told me much. Each person there was in the medical field some where. She was from Canada. Nice people wouldn't you say?

Each had came for the most part to help out in time of need. God Bless them. There was many people like this, they were in some field of work back home some where. They are really needed here in this sad time in history.

I seen many church groups from all over, there with help, working with one another. I seen no church group beating the drums of church thinking, but to help those in time of need. Now that is Christian. Sure the vans might be marked with Last Baptist Church of North Carolina or something like that, but they were there to help. I seen many signs, of different churches, from different towns and states. Just good people, all with heart.

I also seen and did talk to men that had come to work from different places. Lots of them worked for a city else where. The city sent them to do the same work here with pay and so on just like they were working at home. Yes people does have heart.

We also seen something real strange. I never in my life seen armed guards out side of an insurance office. Leah found her insurance man. That is the one that took her money. He now has two standing out side the door. Armed guards that is.


Inspired Buffalo