March 25, 2007

Shamanism and Hallucinagens

I have been off in never, neverland for six months, due to my landlord throwing away everything I own ....

Now i am BACK (not with a vengeance, but with a softer attitude about how evolved people's consciousness really is.

I am also learning how to trust my Inner Teacher and my Inner Senses more.
At one point I promised to put together a piece on why the way to greater awareness does NOT come from Magick elixirs and "shrooms" and other dubious compounds -- either "primitive" or sophisticated. The nervous system just cannot handle them
(Don't kid yourself, Toots -- you cannot hang onto those perceptions you had AND you will have to use an alternative nervous system to get deeper in your heart and head of things.)

So this is a

Coming attraction.

Stay Tuned

Essay and bibliography to follow!!

Lilly takes on 3 companies in Gemzar patent fight
Fort Wayne News Sentinel - Fort Wayne,IN,USA

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Eli Lilly and Co. has fended off patent challenges from generic drug makers who want to copy star seller Zyprexa. ...See all stories on this topic

Well, Chaaaaaaaaaaaarming. Who has the right to sell POISON ... that is sold without any REAL research.