July 19, 2011

ALEC Exposed: Milton Friedman's Little Shop of Horrors


We could surely use your help calling out ALEC here in MN. We don't even have time to read the bills before they pass the special session and know "how much agenda" has been slipped in There was NO transparen­cy. http://www­.minnpost.­com/storie­s/2011/07/­19/30142/t­odays_spee­dy_special­_session_w­ill_have_s­pecial_rul­es Special rules will apply,

The baggers aren't happy - they want nonfunding of abortion and no stem cell research. So . will it fly? We surely do not know.

But a 72 hour period to read them surely would have been in order ..

ALL ALEC MN Gop members should be recalled.
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