August 28, 2008

- A note and then, BACK TO THE NEWZ -

All I can say is this

- a town hall meeting

on impeachment

of George W. BuZh

will work out in Toronto

PROBABLY on the 6th of September

instead. This will allow more time to get orange armbands and other materials available. And all the petitions needed can be printed, as well as an online resource list for information on things like Code Pink, different antiwar groups and where to find the legal information.

Too many people want one !!

It will occur by popular demand.

Too many people have my telephone number and will wonder what is UP.

I am not the least bit worried, actually. It WILL happen, but for now, I've taken down the "ad".

If you want to give early, you can submit a cheque to:

Virginia Simson
War Crimes Conference Fund
133 Broadway, Apartment 2,
Toronto, ON M4P IV5.

You will be sent a receipt.

I am especially looking for cheques that say $325, the cost to subsidize a law student going to Andover, MA. We were looking for SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS, in particular, and that is the amount to subsidize the hotel rooms and the conference fees !! But smaller cheques are GREAT. Think how far spreading RULE OF LAW for our next generation can achieve when we have well trained legal students in Andover, MA, just briefly after this meeting. We shall find a way to get them there, eh ???

So now back to the newz!

++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ ++++

As the earthquake news is particularly important right now.

We must keep watching what's happening in BC.

The earthquakes are getting intense !! Keep watching the pacific northwest in both Canada and the US of A.

And there is plenty on international war crimes and the ICC, and what's going on in America.

BULLETIN ITEM: HEADS UP: Major Tectonic Movement Under Way

Another major quake strikes, this time a 6.2 Magnitude on the Atllantic Equator (North Ascension Island area). More Class 4+ quakes near the B.C. coast (Vancouver Island) accompanied by a 4.1 quake on the central Oregon Coast.

World average Class 6+ is now at least three times average if not more. World average 4+ is elevated, primarily as result of the seismic activity off B.C. The New Moon Syzygy approaches rapidly.

I did not expect this level of tectonic rifting and subduction during this time. I expected it to occur later - November-January.

Entire western coasts of the Americas from Anchorage to Tierra Del Fugo can expect elevated quake magitudes, perhaps throughout the next seven days.

The current activity off the west coast of Canada is likely the consequence of the elevated Great Rift shape-shifter quakes which occurred in the high Arctic zone during the previous 90 days.

++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ ++++

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