August 03, 2008

Great Canadian anti-uranium mining links


We are a community group that works to protect our human, environmental, and economic health from the risks associated with uranium. Our goal is to obtain a permanent moratorium on uranium exploration, mining, and processing in MRC du Pontiac and MRC des Collines de l'Outaouais. To meet this goal our group advocates, educates, and builds coalitions.

Nous sommes un groupe communautaire travaillant à la protection de la santé humaine, environnementale et économique des risques associés à l'uranium. Notre objectif principal est d'obtenir un moratoire à long terme sur l'exploration et l'exploitation d'uranium dans la MRC du Pontiac et dans la MRC des Collines de l'Outaouais. Afin d'y parvenir, notre groupe défend, éduque et bâtit des coalitions.

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Active Exploration Companies in West Quebec


Anonymous said...

We also are battling proposals in Virginia to mine what could be the largest uranium ore deposit in the eastern United States. Virgnia Uranium Ltd. (a Yukon-registered company) is the parent company of Virginia Uranium Inc., which would likely have to access the ore by open pit or hard rock mining instead of the more "benign" ISL method. They want to do this in a rural but populated area surrounded by private water wells, creeks that empty into rivers, and crops of local farmers. VUI is trying to get lawmakers in Virginia to approve an "independent" study which they have offered to help pay for, in an effort to lift the state's moratorium on uranium mining (it allows exploration). There are a couple good sites (, also check Virginia Conservation Network, Southern Environmental Law Center, Piedmont Environmental Council and there's a local group of Southside Concerned Citizens fighting it as well). Any recent examples to show this is NOT safe would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Alexis said...

We are fighting uranium mining in Colorado, USA - go to for more information