August 19, 2008

U.S. Marine to be Tried for War Crimes in US Civilian Court

The US military must abide by the UCMJ. That is military law. If one in the military commits a crime they are tried under the Code of Uniformed Military Justice. If they are not charged by the code, after an investigation takes place, then they are free to go about thier business. The same as you would be under US law. Do you believe the UCMJ is unjust? You would have very few followers if you do. Most of those in the military would tell you the same.

A former Marine sergeant this week becomes the first person accused of a military crime outside the U.S. to be tried in a civilian court. Jose Luis Nazario, Jr. is charged with killing unarmed detainees in Iraq. He denies it. (August 17)

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