August 15, 2008

Pelosi Admits Not Reading Articles of Impeachment; Rep. Kucinich Asks Americans for Help; This Week's Contest Dates

I confronted Nancy Pelosi with the full articles of Impeachment. The crimes were highlighted. I have the full details of the confrontation in my video.

It was extremely difficult to not only record the confrontation fully, but also to bring her the articles because security wasn't allowing any cameras or allowing anyone to bring anything to her other than her book. So I literally had to sneak all this by.

I maintained integrity by remaining polite and trying to get a response out of her without getting aggressive like other have been. I kept my confrontation on the point and not only did I confront her with this but I got two responses.

I got her to admit that she hasn't read the articles of impeachment and when I mentioned that all the crimes that Bush has done like eviscerating the Constitution she replied "that's terrible".

Unfortunately I was only able to get audio but I still have the footage in its original form on my camera intact. I hope this is the answer you folks were looking for and I did my best. She hasn't read the articles of impeachment and the crimes listed in the articles are "terrible" according to her.

Bob Fertik, President of said: "The Pelosi Video Contest remains open so we encourage everyone to keep trying to get a substantive answer from Pelosi to our question: Of the 36 detailed Articles of Impeachment introduced by Dennis Kucinich, do you consider any to be crimes? If yes, which? If no, why not - and what (if anything) would you consider an impeachable offense?"

Here are more opportunities next week to win in the Pelosi Video Contest:

  • 8/11/2008, 7 PM
    • American Jewish University Map
    • Gindi Auditorium 15600 Mulholland Dr.
    • Los Angeles, CA 90077
    • 310-659-3110

  • 8/12/2008, 7 PM
    • Dominican University Map
    • Angelico Hall
    • 50 Acacia Avenue
    • San Rafael, CA 94901
    • 415-927-0960

  • 8/13/2008, 7 PM
    • Event Details from Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
    • Oracle Corporation
    • 500 Oracle Pkwy. Map
    • Redwood City, CA 94065
    • 415-382-6022
    • Event Details: Nancy Pelosi will be the featured guest at the "Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives" from 6 pm to 9 pm this Wednesday evening, August 13th at the Oracle Corporation headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA. She will be introduced by the President of Oracle Corporation, Ms. Safra Catz. The Master of Ceremonies will be CBS 5 anchorwoman, Ms. Sydnie Kohara. Perhaps the readers of, and the will want to provide Ms. Catz and Ms. Kohara with a list of the 36 Articles of Impeachment introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich so that they can then ask Ms. Pelosi if she would consider any of the Articles of Impeachment to be crimes, and if yes, which ones, and if no, why not - and what (if anything) would she consider an impeachable offense? Below is a list of the contact telephone, fax, and emails for both Safra Catz and Sydnie Kohara. Let's get to work!

      To reach President of Oracle Corporation, Safra Catz, by telephone, please call the company's headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA at (650) 506-7000 and/or fax them at (650) 506-7200. Ms. Catz can also be reached by email at SAFRA.CATZ@ORACLE.COM

      To reach Master of Ceremonies, CBS 5 anchorwoman Sydnie Kohara, by telephone, please call the KPIX newsroom in San Francisco, CA at (415) 765-8610 and/or fax them at (415) 765-8916. Ms. Kohara can also be reached by email at

      Copies of the articles of impeachment are at:

  • 8/14/2008, 7 PM
    • Cowell Theater Map
    • Fort Mason Center, Pier 2
    • San Francisco, CA 94123
    • 415-643-3400x11

  • 8/20/2008, 5:30 PM
    • Tattered Cover Bookstore Map
    • 1628 16th Street
    • Denver, CO 80202
    • 303-436-1070

NANCY MUST put Impeachment must be put back ON THE TABLE
Submitted by politicalfan08 on Mon, 2008-08-11 18:42.

We CAN Do this!

Help by

*Sign the petition at*

Contact the media and help spread the word of IMPEACHMENT in any way you CAN!

ABC News : 212-456-7777

CBS News : 212-975-4321

CNN : 404-827-1500

Fox News Channel : (212) 301-3000

NBC : 212-664-4444

MSNBC : 212-664-4444

CNBC : (201) 585-2622

PBS : 703-739-5000

The Los Angeles Times: 800-528-4637 or 213-237-5000

The New York Times: 212-556-1234

USA Today: 800-872-0001 or 703-854-3400

The Wall Street Journal: 212-416-2000

The Washington Post : 202-334-6000

Associated Press 212-621-1500

Reuters: 646-223-4000

United Press International: 202.898.8000

Remember you can call these people anytime to let them know that

their failure to cover Impeachment is being noted....

* reply
* Email this page


Submitted by yankhadenuf on Tue, 2008-08-12 01:56.

*List of all media contacts for the
Awaken the Media campaign


1. CBS Evening News
phone: 212-975-3247
2. Associated Press
phone: 202-776-9400 (DC) or 212-621-1500 (National News)
3. C-Span Washington Journal


1. ABC News
phone: 212-456-4040
2. PBS NewsHour
phone: 703-739-5000
3. The Baltimore Sun, Public Editor Paul Moore
phone: 410-332-6364


1. ABC Nightline
2. NBC News
phone: 212-664-4971
fax: 212-664-4426
3. Wall Street Journal
phone: 212-416-2000
fax: 212-416-2658

1. CBS, 60 Minutes
phone: 212-975-3247
2. Newsweek
email: attn: National Affairs Editor
phone: 212-445-4000
fax: 212-445-5068
3. Chicago Tribune; Don Wycliff, Public Editor
phone: 800-874-2863
fax: 312-222-2550
You may also contact the reporters directly: and But if so, do it in addition to contacting the Public Editor.


1. Washington Post Ombudsman, Michael Getler
phone: 202-334-7582
fax: 202-334-5269
2. USA Today Managing Editor of News, Carol Stevens
email:, Attn: Carol Stevens
phone: 800-872-0001 or 703-854-3400
fax: 703-854-2165
3. Toledo Blade Ombudsman, Jack Lessenberry
phone: 419-724-6200


1. National Public Radio, Ombudsman Jeff Dvorkin
phone: 202-513-2000
fax: 202-513-3329
2. Philadelphia Inquirer, Deputy Managing Editor for News Carl Lavin
phone: 215-854-4562
National News Editor Ned Warwick
3. ABC World News Tonight
phone: 212-456-4040 fax: 212-456-2795


1. Knight Ridder, Washington Bureau Chief John Walcott
2. Boston Globe, Ombudsman Christine Chinlund
phone: 617-929-3020 (or 3022, to leave a message)
3. Houston Chronicle, Reader Representative James T. Campbell
phone: 713-220-6303

1. CNN, Washington Bureau Chief Frank Sesno
phone: 202-898-7900
fax: 202-898-7923
webmail: (CNN's story idea form)
2. U.S. News & World Report, Editor Brian Duffy
phone: 202-955-2000 fax: 202-955-2049
email: [state at top: `Not for publication']
[select the tab `Letters to particular staff member(s)']
3. LA Times, Readers' Representative
phone: 877-554-4000
fax: 213-237-3535


1. ABC News, Washington Bureau
general email:
Nightline email:
phone: 202-222-7777 (Washington Bureau)
202-222-7000 (Nightline)
Fax: 202-222-7680 (Nightline)
2. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Washington Bureau Chief Jon M. Sawyer
phone: 202-298-6880
3. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade (jointly), National Bureau Chief Ann McFeatters
phone 1-202-662-7071


1. Miami Herald, National News Desk
phone: 305-376-3721
2. Cleveland Plain Dealer, Managing Editor Tom O'Hara
phone 216-999-4737
National Editor Daryl Kannberg
phone: 216-999-4865
Washington Bureau, email:
3. Denver Post, National Editor Mark Harden
phone: 303-820-1670


1. C-Span [substituted around noon EST with...]
1. The Lynchburg News & Advance
Contact EITHER Editor Robert C. Wimer
phone: 434-385-5400
fax: 434-385-5538
OR Managing Editor Joe Stinnett
phone: 434-385-5520
fax: 434-385-5538
2. Cox News Service, Washington Bureau Chief Andy Alexander
phone: 202-887-8334
Carl Rauscher, Washington Bureau News Editor
phone: 202-887-8307
3. Arizona Daily Star, Managing Editor Teri Hayt
phone: 520-573-4226
Reader Advocate Debbie Kornmiller
phone: 520-434-4080

1. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Contact EITHER Washington Bureau Chief Craig Gilbert. email: phone: 202-662-7290
OR Senior National Editor Carl Schwartz. email: phone: 414-224-2877
2. Media General, Senior Washington correspondent John Hall. email: phone: 202-662-7664
3. Detroit Free Press, National News Editor Nancy Laughlin email:
OR Reader Representative John X. Miller. email: phone: 313-222-2441


1. Cincinnati Enquirer. Washington Correspondent Carl Weiser email: phone: 202-906-8134 fax: 202-906-8200
2. Louisville Courier-Journal. Washington Correspondent James Carroll email: phone: 202-906-8141 fax: 202-906-8200
3. Nashville Tennessean. Washington Correspondent Larry Bivins email: phone: 202-906-8105 fax: 202-906-8200
You may wish also to contact the Gannett News Service Washington Bureau Senior Editor Phil Pruitt (email: main phone number: 202-906-8100 fax: 202-906-8200) .


1. Scripps Howard News Service, Managing Editor Karen Timmons. email: phone: 202-408-2721 fax: 202-408-5950
2. Wall Street Journal, Washington Bureau Chief Gerald Seib. email: fax: 202-862-9266
3. Newark Star Ledger/Newhouse News Service, Robert Cohen. email:


1. Arizona Republic, Washington Correspondent Billy House. email: phone: 202-906-8136 fax: 202-906-8200
2. Austin American-Statesman, Washington Correspondent Chuck Lindell. email: phone: 202-887-8327 fax: 202-331-1055
3. Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, Washington Correspondent Dale Eisman. email: phone: 703-913-9872 fax: 703-913-9873


1. Las Vegas Review-Journal, Washington Correspondent Tony Batt. email: phone: 202-783-1760 fax: 202-783-1955
2. Tampa Tribune, Washington Correspondent Keith Epstein. email: phone: 202-662-7660 fax: 202-662-7675
3. Albuquerque Journal, Washington Correspondent Michael Coleman. email: phone: 202-662-7488 fax: 602-662-7489
It appears that none of the newpapers has yet printed a news story on DSM. The Tampa Tribune had an editorial on June 17th that was full of questions that the editors believe require answers from the Bush administration. Much of their assessment of the wording and possible interpretation of DSM is highly debatable , but at least they are trying to address the issue in Tampa.


1. Providence Journal, Washington Bureau Chief John Mulligan. email: phone: 202-661-8423
2. Richmond Times-Dispatch. Contact EITHER Louise Seals, Managing Editor. email: phone: 804-649-6301
OR Peter Hardin, Washington Correspondent. email: phone: 202-662-7669 fax: 202-662-7675
3. Dayton Daily News. Contact EITHER: Managing Editor Steve Sidlo. email: phone: 937-225-2224
OR Washington Correspondent Jessica Wehrman. email: phone: 202-887-8328 fax: 202-331-1055


1. Detroit News. Contact EITHER Don Nauss, Deputy Managing Editor for News. email:
OR Alison Bethel, Washington Bureau Chief. email: phone 202-662-7370 fax: 202-662-7385
2. San Antonio Express News. Contact EITHER Asst. Managing Editor for News Robert Kaiser. email: phone: 210- 250-3114
OR Washington Bureau Chief Gary Martin. email: phone: 202-943-9237 fax: 202-333-1184
3. Reno Gazette-Journal. Contact EITHER Executive Editor Tonia Cunning. email: phone: 775-788-6357
OR Washington Correspondent Doug Abrahms. email: phone: 202-906-8124 fax: 202-906-8200

1. Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star, Managing Editor Steve Thomas. email:
2. Indianapolis Star. EITHER Managing Editor Pam Fine. email: phone: 317-444-6168 fax: 317-444-6565
OR Washington Correspondent Maureen Groppe. email: phone: 202-906-8118 fax: 202-906-8220
3. Lansing State Journal, Managing Editor Stephanie Angel. email: phone: 517-377-1017




1. Lewiston Sun-Journal, Executive Editor Rex Rhoades
phone: 207-784-5411, ext. 2104/2286
2. Portland Press Herald, Managing Editor Eric Conrad
phone: 207-791-6317
3. (Augusta) Kennebec Journal and
(Waterville) The Morning Sentinel, Executive Editor David B. Offer
phone: 207-621-5630

(Above tried and true media contacts from source link: )

Admitted to Not Reading the Articles of Impeachment

Submitted by steveth on Sat, 2008-08-09 21:02.

Admitted to Not Reading the Articles of Impeachment, if this is true and she did not read the articles for Impeachment that Mr. Kucinich authored and presented to Congress, she is guilty of Obstructing Justice, therefor be charged and tried for these crimes. We hired her to represent "We the People of the United States of America" where she is not doing her job and at the same time committing criminal offenses against the Constitution and Federal Laws. If promoting her book is more important than investigating the charges brought forth by Mr. Kucinich, she should be removed from office Right Now.

I would like to see Civil Law Suits brought against this Administration for every death and disability that this illegal war in Iraq has caused. This would re-distribute all of the profits from the people that have gained from this illegal war. This must include all of the companies who have and still are stealing from the 'the tax payers' that are filling their back pockets with this "Blood Money". We the People should now turn up the heat and force the criminals to pay for their unearned windfalls.

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