August 10, 2008

President To Appeared With Sen. Stevens In Alaska Despite Indictment

President To Appear With Sen. Stevens In Alaska Despite Indictment

Oh, the things you can do as a lame-duck president.

Despite Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) indictment last week on seven counts of false statements, President Bush is keeping their scheduled meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska today.

The two are set to meet at 4 PM AKDT (Alaska Daily Time, which is four hours behind EDT) at Eielson Air Force Base, Stevens' scheduler confirmed to TPMmuckraker.

The event with the president, who is stopping over in Alaska on his way to Beijing for the Olympics, is the second major appearance of the day for Stevens.

Earlier today the Stevens campaign held a rally in Anchorage after arriving at his campaign office behind a convoy of motorcycles. We'll have video and pictures coming shortly.

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