August 07, 2008

Here's what to do for 08-08-08

This is a video about 8-8-8

8-8-08 Meditation for Activating YOUR Zero Point
Phoenix Rising Star

8-8-08 Meditation for Activating YOUR Zero Point

This is the written guideline for the meditation. You can also download the actual meditation as led by Phoenix Rising Star, available in MP3, from The Spirit of Maat ( in August and from Your HeartWalk Center in Sedona in July. (

Background: This meditation came about as a result of my intention to learn how to access Zero Point Energy* without tools. The Angels and Ascended Masters that guided this meditation were a team of twelve, led by Melchizedek.

(*Zero Point Energy is defined as the electromagnetic field, once known as the void between cells, now known as the space of creation, that helps explain intention. It is estimated that there is enough zero point energy contained in one cubic meter of space to boil all the oceans of the world.)

This energy needs to be shared.

This meditation is for the highest good and healing for all.

It will help you

*feel better fast

*feel emotionally balanced and centered

*help you retrieve lost or forgotten parts of self

*manifest your heart's desires

*send healing to those whom you have permission

*send healing to the earth, other planets, stars, and the universe.

It is a meditation that works.

And it's free.

And if we all do this meditation within a 24 hour period, it will create a planetary shift faster and better than any of us thought possible! At least that's what my angels and guides tell me.

They've picked August 8, 2008 as the Meditation Day. At 8AM, your time, wherever you are. So in that 24 hour period, everyone who wants to be a part of this will have, and can see instantaneous results, the angels and guides say.

How many people does it take to change the world? What if we have the number it takes? What if we can all access Zero Point Energy for the highest good and healing for all? What will the world look like if it changes for the highest good and healing for all?

Drunvalo Melchizedek says it only takes 3 beings to create change. If so, I know we'll have 3 beings taking part in this.

Gregg Braden says it takes less than 8,000 to change the world. (The square root of 1 percent of the world's population). So let's see if we can't get 8,000 people to all try this meditation on August 8, 2008 at 8AM and see what happens!

Please feel free to send it on to anyone who might feel guided to join in.

Anyone who wants to learn how to access Zero Point Energy without tools.

Anyone interested in healing themselves, and sharing healing with others and the planet. Because you can!

Don't you want to be a part of that shift? If so, I invite you to join with me at 8AM on August 8, 2008 to see if we can truly make a difference in this world.

If you feel guided to write things down ahead of time, feel free to do so. Or if you are a person who makes mental lists, that works too.

Prior to doing the meditation, you'll want to 1) state your intention for healing, 2) receive permission from the people/beings you wish to send healing to, 3) receive permission from Mother Earth, or any inter-planetary places you wish to send healing to, and 4) create a list of people, events, and/or circumstances you'd like to manifest for your heart's desires.

Please be aware that there may be terms used you are not familiar with (such as chakras, causal body, merkaba, etc.). Just assume your higher self knows what these are and will only allow what is for your highest and best to take place. Action will follow intention.

Also, if this meditation feels overwhelming at any time, just do what you can do. It is not necessary to complete the meditation every time. Do what you can and sit in sacred silence the rest of the time.

The Meditation:

Begin by balancing your chakras, using whatever way you are used to. If you aren't used to this, just have the intention that all of your chakras are balanced, aligned, and spinning in the right way.

Turn your awareness to your heart space and concentrate on feeling the emotions of love, joy and gratitude. If it helps to remember a person or circumstance in which you felt those feelings, do so. Allow the feelings to build and build inside your heart…..

Let's begin with the physical body. Invite all the cells in your physical body to begin feeling love, joy, and gratitude. Really feel this. Feel the fullness expand in your body as you allow yourself to experience these feelings.

When you're ready, invite all the spaces between your cells to feel love, joy, and gratitude. Really feeling it. Feeling yourself expand even further.

Do the same thing for your emotional body. Invite love, joy, and gratitude into the cells of your emotional body and really feel it. Feel the fullness expand as you allow yourself to experience the feelings. Invite these feelings into the spaces between cells in your emotional body.

Continue inviting your cells and the space between your cells in your mental body to feel love, joy, and gratitude. Really feel it. Move to your spiritual body and do the same thing. And your causal body. And your merkaba and light bodies……feeling love, joy, and gratitude and expanding into those feelings…….

Know that in this state, you are connected to your Divine Self. Send love, joy, and gratitude to your Divine Self. Stay in that space for as long as you wish….

Keeping those feelings of love, joy, and gratitude, prepare yourself for sending this to those from whom you have received permission. Ask your Divine Self to send it to their Divine Selves. See these emotions filtering from the Divine Self directly to each in whatever way is for his/her highest good.

When you feel it's time to move on, ask that this love, joy, and gratitude continue to filter through each person as long as he/she needs it.

Next, ask your Divine Self to send love, joy, and gratitude to Mother Earth. Ask that your Divine Self connect with hers. Allow love, joy, and gratitude to filter through the Divine Selves to Mother Earth in whatever way is for her highest good and healing. Just send it, don't be attached to the outcome. See this continuing as long as is necessary……

Ask your Divine Self to send love, joy and gratitude to other planets, stars or universes. Ask that your Divine Self connect with theirs. Allow love, joy, and gratitude to filter through their Divine Selves in whatever way is for their highest good and healing. See this continuing as along as necessary……

Last, using your list of your heart's desires, ask your Divine Self to send love, joy, and gratitude to each and every element on your list. Just send it, without being attached to the outcome. Your Divine Self knows exactly what is needed for your highest good and healing….so just allow it to be sent. Know that you are now in divine timing and divine order for everyone's highest good and healing……and that's all you need to know for this moment.

Continue in this state of love, joy, and gratitude until it feels complete for now. Know that you can always come back to this place. Know that you can always access this energy any time you want to. And to expedite the process, you can touch your thumb and index finger together, making it faster and easier from now on, to be in and send love, joy, and gratitude…..


I remain your devoted servant,

Phoenix Rising Star

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Unconditional Love and Light Trine and Torben

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