August 07, 2008

MORE on DOD emails - and the ties to Wecht jury tampering

Dod Emails Strengthen Bridge Between President and Illegal FBI Wecht Jury Tampering

TPM reports DoJ has expanded its document review to the White House. The information below showcases key DoD military analyst-related emails which link the President with files and emails coordinating unusual DoJ actions.

One file included an important file linked with the President. Another email shows how this was sent to the Department of Justice to support information warfare, and how the DoJ Staff scheduling was involved.

The DoJ Staff is connected with this file. The file assisted DoD personnel in scheduling. There is a problem. The DoJ would have us believe the Department of Defense, but "not" the US Attorney, can easily schedule using Department of Justice Staff. The US Attorney's office attempted to distract attention the DOJ Staff involvement with the Wecht Jury tampering, asking us to believe the FBI agents -- "not" the DOJ Staff -- were involved with scheduling Wecht Jury interviews. In reality, the FBI agents were doing something else.

This information below shows how an important file, linked with the President, was widely disseminated. However, when responding to Congressional questions about the Wecht prosecution, the DOJ IG and DOJ Staff ignored these emails, which were of interest to the House Judiciary Committee. They were examining selective prosecutions to understand the President's abuse of power.

The discussion below shows how to find new emails connected with the White House, DoJ-WH liaison, DoJ Staff, and DoD which likely have specific files and communications linking the President to information warfare involving the FBI, and the President's Wecht Jury tampering

The DoD emails reveal an inconsistency between what the DoJ staff schedulers were doing for the Department of Justice; and what the US Attorney would have us believe the FBI was doing.

This shows how to find this file, which file to ask for, how to trace this file within the DoJ-DoD-

White House information systems, and which information to review at those connected computers. This also discusses the source documents for these files; and discusses the timing problems for the President and US Attorney on the FBI's Wecht Jury tampering.

This shows why the DoD emails and their timing are relevant to the key court orders establishing original restrictions on the access to, use, and copying of the Wecht Jury names.

We've already shown the reasons why the US Attorney and FBI could not have derived the list: They would have had to know things in advance before taking needed action. The new information establishes a link between specific evidence and the timing of those original orders.

The timing of the emails is important. The email content should be consistent with the original district court orders. The emails still not reviewed show the government was not following the
court orders; but impermissibly transferring information the court expressly said counsel could not transfer, store, or retain for other purposes.

We know the government is lying about how the FBI agents got the names of the jurors. The question is when did the government in the emails understand it wax expressly retaining data and using it to do things the court did not intend.


The DoD email shows the DoD personnel involved in domestic information warfare through the military analyst program were part of a government information planning cell. The email shows there was a key file sent between the DoD, DoJ, and White House:
«contacts for wh outreach. doc»
This file is like Trojan horse. Other Department of Defense email exchanges show 5808-5809 that DoD personnel, with just a call, were able to rely on DoJ Staff to support scheduling for the DoD military analysts.

However, the US Attorneys office misled the public when it said it relied not on the US Attorneys office or DOJ staff, but the FBI to schedule visits with Wecht Jury members.

The US Attorneys office has downplayed the relationship with the DoJ Staff who regularly provide scheduling assistance, and cannot explain why an outside agency in DoD would know to work with the DOJ Staff for scheduling assistance. They know this evidence relates to a removal decision.

Inexplicably, the US Attorneys office would ask the public and Congress to believe the staff support was too limited within the US Attorney's office, but rather than discuss these requirements with their superiors, the US Attorney would go through their superiors -- at DOJ Staff, the ones they were supposedly bypassing -- to the FBI HQ, then down to the FBI agents to get permission to use the FBI agents for scheduling.

This defies reason, and complicates and does not streamline the scheduling function. It does not match what the DoD was doing when using DoJ Staff to schedule the military analysts. It should not be easier for non-DoD personnel to use DoJ Staff than the US Attorney.
The DoD email establishes a link between the President, the DoD and DoJ staff, and the subsequent scheduling decisions within DOJ related to information warfare.
The key information on the email isn't the content of the email or the words, but the attached file:
«contacts for wh outreach. doc»
This file is like a Trojan horse, attached to the DoD-DoJ emails, and traceable throughout the US government. The file is connected with the White House, the President, and the Presidents domestic military analyst program.

Once DoD personnel coordinated on this email, and sent the contents to the Department of Justice, this establishes the link between the President and the Department of Justice on the information warfare. This is new information. The DoD emails were once thought to be narrowly related to a DoD program and DoD military analysts.

The President's domestic information warfare program is linked to the DoJ staff scheduling. The US Attorney's office, attempting to hide this link to to the White House, attempted to pretend that it alone asked the FBI to schedule appointments with the Wecht Jury. Higher HQ Staff, including DOJ, DOJ-WH liaison, and the White House staff must have been involved with, among other things:

(a) Email and discussions related to the Wecht prosecutions;
(b) FBI tampering with the Wecht Jury members, and planning gather information from the Wecht Jury;
(c) Decisions to ignore the original court orders related to prospective juror names and home addresses
(d) US Attorney deception to the media and public on the results of the jury deliberations, reasons for using the FBI, and how the FBI obtained the names of the prospective jurors
(e) When the US prosecutor originally obtained and impermissibly retained copies of the prospective juror lists before the original court orders were modified
(f) Files shared between teh White House, DoD, and DoD on information warfare planning, the Presidential interest, and
(g) Executive orders to hide this activity.
The file attached to the email would have been sent into the DOJ-WH liaison office. The date of the email is important relative to the key court orders the District Court issued, which established original restrictions on who had access to the prospective Wecht Jury names.

The Department of Justice Inspector General and the now-Chief of Staff to the Attorney General were part of incomplete email reviews. It's an open question whether the DOJ IG engaged in malfeasance. Inexplicably, despite the DOJ IG and Congressional liaison office being independent, both the DOJ IG and DOJ Staff did not review the same Wecht-related emails connected with the DOJ-White House liaison office.

There is one possible explanation: The President signed a secret executive order suppressing all investigations into any information related to these emails. Perhaps he is concerned the DOJ IG inquiry would stumble upon something else. This secret executive order, if it exists, might explain why there has not been a timely, coherent explanation on why the DoJ Staff and IG failed to completely review all White House and DoJ Staff emails for Wecht-related prosecution decisions.

The District Court issued a set of instructions which established the ground rules on how the Wecht Jury names would be handled. These orders established rules that were in place before and just after this DoD email, with the White House file, was sent in early-late Autumn 2006. Until there were new orders, US Attorney DoJ Staff would have had to comply with these orders. However, the US Attorney's office issued inconsistent statements to explain what the FBI agents were doing, how they obtained the list of jurors.

Regardless what did or didn't change with subsequent district orders, the emails and attached files sent -- just before after the original district orders -- should have complied with those restrictions. The key will be to look for emails sent containing any language or content which violates the district orders which placed specific restrictions on how the names of the prospective Wecht jurors' names were to be handled.

You will want to look for computers, work products, and other electronic information connected to these DoJ-DoD personnel that include files of prospective jurors.

The District Court said in the initial orders that there could be no copying of the names; and that the list of prospective jurors had to be signed for and were only available to counsel. The court expressly stated the prospective juror lists were property of the court. These restrictions, regardless whether they were or were not changed later, should match what the DOJ Staff were doing and sending through the emails when this DoD-DoJ-connected email and White House file was sent.

As you examine the email accounts connected with the DoD email and other computers containing this White House military analyst outreach file, your job will be to examine those computers, work stations, and other databases which contain the Wecht-related prospective juror lists, but are contained in emails before changes to these initial orders.

It appears the DoD email -- showing the DoJ connection and the ease with with DoD was able to use the DoJ schedulers -- means the US Attorney's office was lying about the use of the FBI agents for scheduling. Conversely, this means if the US Attorneys office in re Wecht did have a manning problem, the first step should have been the same DoJ scheduling people at the DOJ level which the DoD personnel, outside DoJ, were using.

It defies reason for the DoD to coordinate with DOJ Staff to schedule; but for the US Attorney to use the FBI agents. This would require the US Attorney to go through the DoJ Staff -- that they were supposedly ignoring -- to clear with FBI HQ the use of FBI agents in a different division of DOJ, outside both the US Attorneys office and EOUSA.

Either way, the information related to the Wecht prosecution, connected with the White House -- which the now AG Chief of Staff and DOJ IG have implicitly admitted they did not completely review -- should exist within the DOJ Staff area, and is likely indirectly connected with the White House outreach file, and the DOD-connected personnel. A detailed discussion shows why the White House-DoJ liaison office is most likely computer the White House outreach and the Wecht related information was read, generated, modified, updated, and possibly removed. The answers to these file transfers exist within JCON and the

The DoD email with this White House file of military analysts, is connected to the DOJ Staff, White House-DOJ liaison, and the DOJ Staff schedulers who organized the military analysts. All the DoJ computers linked with this White House file, and were not searched with either the DOJ IG or the internal DOJ review, must be examined.

This is what the investigators need to accomplish:

1. Find Connections With this Email

Examine the IP numbers, email accounts, and the identifying information for all DoJ-DoD computers, files, records, and scheduling actions linked with this email.

2. Identify Computers With this .doc File [ contacts for wh outreach. doc ]

Identify all White House, RNC, DoJ, and DoD computers, email accounts, and files which include this key file.

3. Look for Wecht-Related Communications

Use that list -- of computers containing or accessing, update the the White House file -- to then compare that information with:
(a) the computers the DOJ IG ignored during their review of Goodling; and

(b) the computers DOJ Staff did not review when they incompletely searched for the Wecht files.
Some Key Dates:
A. Email With Trojan Horses

The date the emails were sent ( July-Sept 2006);

B. Restrictions Ignored, Confirmed By DoJ Emails

The date the District Court issued the orders establishing clear restrictions on the prospective juror lists; and

C. Personnel Assignment

The dates that personnel were assigned to the EOUSA and DoJ-WH liaison 14 of 146.
The timeline on 14 of 146 of the DOJ IG report will assist you in examining the key dates of the personnel assigned. Compare those dates with the dates the disttrict court issued its orders. You will se that the district court imposed certain restraints on the names, home addresses, and other identifying information. Those orders should have been fully met until they were changed. Those later changes are, for now, outside the planning window.

The key databases to review are these listed: JCON and the Enterprise Vault.

Within all the searches within DoD, DoJ, White House, and GOP accounts, look for the following initials: MBB, well known to the WH-DoJ liaisons.

Also, look in the SIPR Net, as disclosed and discussed within the DoD emails at 7390 Personnel supporting the domestic information warfare were using SIPR Net to exchange planning information. It is not clear to what extent DoJ-connected personnel, counsel, and contractors were using a similar classified system to exchange information related to Wecht and selective prosecution planning.

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