August 16, 2008

Open letter to JamesDD, GSB27

While waiting to schedule my Toronto townhall meeting, I've had some time to find out how to stop your spamming and internet STALKING.

I have called the CROWN PROSECUTOR in Ontario. A precinct will be taking my EVIDENCE of your IP number(s) and they will issue a WARRANT for your arrest as well as a restraining order against YOU.

Too bad I knew so little of CANADIAN law, OR I'd have posted a WARNING that indeed I am not tolerating your SPAM, your harrassment nor your surley remarks several weeks ago.

I will be posting FURTHER evidence of your stalking on this blog at a later date.

But just you wait, JamesDD/GSB27, I ain't taking anymore of your projected insanity around me anymore without pursuing damages to the full extent of THE LAW.

Virginia Simson

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