February 04, 2008

PURVIS Systems Receives Two Contract Awards from NAVSEA Naval Undersea Warfare Center Valued at a Combined $36.7 Million.

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PURVIS Leverages History and Expertise in the Defense Industry to Deliver Operational, Technical and Engineering Support Services to the Largest of the U.S. Navy's Five Systems Commands

MIDDLETOWN, R.I. -- PURVIS Systems Incorporated, an IT systems and service provider for the defense, public safety and emergency management industries, today announced that it has been awarded two contracts by the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division Newport.

The larger of the two contracts was issued for NUWC Code 25 Laboratory Operations & Maintenance Services, in which PURVIS will provide operational, technical and engineering services in support of the facilities, systems and laboratories assigned to the Fleet Installation and Facility Management Branch of the Undersea Combat Systems Department. These facilities include the TRIDENT Life Cycle Support Facility, the Combat Control Systems Laboratory and the Combat Systems Technology Laboratory. This contract between PURVIS and the NUWC is expected to be complete by August 27, 2012 and is valued at an estimated $35,000,000. PURVIS Systems will serve as the prime contractor for the project, with key supporting subcontractors including Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems, Advanced Solutions For Tomorrow, Inc. and Gryphon Technologies LLC.

Tasks assigned to PURVIS Systems under terms of the Code 25 contract include system- and subsystem-level preventive hardware maintenance, laboratory modification and upgrade support, planning, installation and removal of SSN, SSBN and SSGN equipment ships sets, media center operations, and technical support to the U.S. Navy submarine fleet, including diagnostic, troubleshooting and installation/removal procedural guidance.

The second contract calls for PURVIS Systems to provide program management and engineering services in support of NUWC's Ranges, Engineering and Analysis Department (Code 70). Project management services will include financial tracking, document management and meeting support. In addition, PURVIS will deliver engineering services such as software and algorithm development support, software test verification and validation, test planning and logistical test support for major research and development test and evaluation programs. This contract is expected to be complete by July 19, 2009, and is valued at an estimated $1,700,000. Once again, PURVIS Systems will serve as the prime contractor, with subcontracting services provided by Northrop Grumman and Sakonnet Technology Group.

The mission of the NAVSEA NUWC is to provide the technical foundation, which enables the conceptualization, research, development, fielding, modernization and maintenance of systems that ensure the U.S. Navy's undersea superiority. The contracts between the NUWC and PURVIS extend a successful relationship that began in 1973. PURVIS Systems supports the organization's research center with an industry team whose members are well known to NAVSEA, its Warfare Centers and the Navy scientific community. PURVIS' team complements and supplements the company's capabilities and experience, and increases the depth and breadth of the original contract.

"The two contracts we have been awarded by the NAVSEA NUWC Division Newport strongly support our position as the ideal IT service and systems provider for organizations seeking a technologically savvy, flexible and accessible partner," said Jack Heller, Vice President of Operations, PURVIS Systems, Inc. "For more than 34 years, PURVIS has maintained a relationship with NUWC; a significant partnership that would not be possible if not for our deep understanding of the technology operations and procedures of the U.S. Navy. We are very pleased to extend our work with the NUWC to ensure that its facilities and systems are well supported with the most efficient and effective technologies and services."

About PURVIS Systems

PURVIS Systems is an IT systems and service provider with proven expertise and user-validated performance in the public safety, emergency management and defense industries. For more than three decades, PURVIS Systems has been committed to delivering value-driven solutions for organizations seeking a customer-focused, flexible and accessible partner for their essential technology needs. Based in Middletown, RI, with offices nationwide, PURVIS Systems leverages its knowledge, experience and accountability to create enduring and highly-effective partnerships. PURVIS Systems clients include the New York City Fire Department, American Red Cross, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, the Surface Warfare Development Group and various other municipal and commercial emergency/public safety organizations.

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