February 29, 2008

ALERT: EPA to Rid of Clean Air Standards for Factory Farms

To paraphrase, the EPA proposal says factory farms should no longer be required to report the discharge of hazardous air pollutants, because it's too hard for factory farms to comply with the laws and because the government isn't going to do anything to violators anyway. -Take Action! Zappa sez: Frightening. There's this one factory farm on the way to SF from LA, and you can start to smell it from over 30 miles away. By the time you are passing it (a few miles off from the Interstate) the stench is so bad you are uncontrollably gagging if you have a window cracked. It's hard to imagine they've been operating in compliance with ANYTHING, let alone Clean Air standards. If there is a way for them to get worse, I shudder to think.

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