February 19, 2008

More links on the Satellite shoot down, HAARP & Hydrazine

Many snippets deserve a great essay, but I'm not the one to do it.

These are things I ran across JUST on HAARP, Hydrazine and the coming satellite shootdown in about a one hour search.

A couple of years ago, I did read a book on HAARP, and made myself digest the information. It was a tough slog - but at least at the end, Gerry Smith (a plant?) suggested that people start writing long and furious to their Senators and Congress people demanding answers and went a step further and suggested people write to the media. Perhaps if they had done those things, this present situation - as ignored as it is - would not be taking place.

God save us all. More to follow on the next post on biochemical warfare, Chemtrails and the HIGHLY dangerous US military. I've done some reasearch, albeit limited, on chemtrails and biowarfare. Anyone with good information - REAL information is welcome to post comment or email me. I think people should KNOW the truth.

I find myself rather upset this evening - I know that the US Army had control of enviromental damage projects related to "full spectrum dominance" but can't find ANY information in the public domain related to all this for 2008. What does one do about hydrazine - I mean what does one really do if it affects.

Meanwhile, the turkeys in the BuZh administration are over in Turkey handing out nuke weapons and keeping the drugs, the booze, the whores, the child sex slave rings all up and running.


US Satellite could plummet to Earth
Topic: Science 8:43 pm EST, Jan 27, 2008

Officials speaking on condition of anonymity said the satellite had lost power and propulsion, and could contain hazardous materials.

The White House said it was monitoring the situation.

A spokesman said "numerous" satellites had come out of orbit and fallen back to Earth harmlessly over the years.

"We are looking at potential options to mitigate any possible damage this satellite may cause," said Gordon Johndroe, who speaks for the US National Security Council.

Questioned by The Associated Press, he would not be drawn on whether the US would try to destroy the satellite, perhaps with a missile.

An unnamed official quoted by AP said the US government was keeping lawmakers and other countries abreast of the situation.

Fuel hazard

The satellite contains the rocket fuel hydrazine, a government official told AP on condition of anonymity.

A colourless liquid with an ammonia-like odour, the fuel is a toxic chemical and can cause harm to anyone who comes in contact with it.

John Pike, director of the defence research group GlobalSecurity.org, said an uncontrolled re-entry could risk exposure of US secrets.

Spy satellites typically are disposed of through a controlled re-entry into the ocean so that no one else can access the spacecraft, he was quoted by AP as saying.

The military expert believes that shooting the satellite down would create debris that would then re-enter the atmosphere and burn up or hit the ground.

In his estimate, the satellite weighs about 20,000 pounds (9,072kg) and is the size of a small bus.

It is possible, he adds, that this one died as long as a year ago and is just now getting ready to re-enter the atmosphere.

Another expert, Jeffrey Richelson of the National Security Archive, said the satellite is probably a photo reconnaissance satellite.

Into the ocean

AP notes that the largest uncontrolled re-entry by a US space agency (Nasa) craft was Skylab.

The 78-tonne abandoned space station fell from orbit in 1979.

Its debris dropped harmlessly into the Indian Ocean and across a remote section of western Australia, the US news agency says.

In 2002, officials believe debris from a 7,000-pound (3,175-kg) science satellite hit the Earth's atmosphere.

It rained down over the Gulf, a few thousand miles from where they first predicted it would crash.


1. Covers2.PDF
...Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) Alaska facility. Continue to further...costs, achieve a 90 percent reduction in hydrazine leakage, and five times increase in...hardware costs, a 90 percent reduction in hydrazine leakage, and a five times increase in...
- 898.882k - Similiar pages

2. 2001 PBR HQ USAF 3600 BA 01 614113
...Active Auroral Research Program's (HAARP) Alaska facility. Focus experimental...conditions. Transfer the operations center at HAARP facility from a temporary to a modern...reduce hardware costs, a 90% reduction in hydrazine leakage, and a 5X increase in service...
- 952.503k - Similiar pages

Of course, the fuel source need not be used in its naturally-occurring state but
could first be converted to another second energy source form such as hydrogen,
hydrazine and the like, and electricity then generated from said second energy
source form. from U.S. Patent No. 4,686,605

~ http://crashrecovery.org/haarp/US-Patent-No-4.686.605.pdf

United States Patent 4,686,605
Eastlund August 11, 1987
Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere,
ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere
A method and apparatus for altering at least one selected region which normally
exists above the earth's surface. The region is excited by electron cyclotron
resonance heating to thereby increase its charged particle density. In one
embodiment, circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation is transmitted upward in
a direction substantially parallel to and along a field line which extends through
the region of plasma to be altered. The radiation is transmitted at a frequency
which excites electron cyclotron resonance to heat and accelerate the charged
particles. This increase in energy can cause ionization of neutral particles which
are then absorbed as part of the region thereby increasing the charged particle
density of the region.
Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J. (Spring, TX)
Assignee: APTI, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
Appl. No.: 690333
Filed: January 10, 1985
Current U.S. Class: 361/231; 89/1.11; 244/158R; 380/59
Intern'l Class: H05B 006/64; H05C 003/00; H05H 001/46
Field of Search: 361/230,231 244/158 R 376/100 89/1.11 380/59
References Cited [Referenced By]
Other References
Liberty Magazine, (2/35) p. 7 N. Tesla.
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Primary Examiner: Cangialosi; Salvatore
Attorney, Agent or Firm: MacDonald; Roderick W

From a 2002 comment: I thought it mighrt be of importance to note that the assignee on this patent is (APTI) ARCO Power Technologies, Inc.(the largest contractor hired by the govern. to construct the facility for HAARP in Alaska. APTI was sold to E-Systems which is owned by Raytheon.

Raytheon also purchased Huges Aircraft Company. So Raytheon owns not only this patent but patent #5,003,186 (Welsbach)as the assignee on that is Hughes Aircraft Company, Raytheon recently received a multi-million dollar contract to manufacture planes for the USAF. Whadddo ya know.....

Here's a bit of interesting information from page 146 of the book Angels Don't Play This Haarp by Jeane Manning and Dr. Nick Begich.

The concept of cyclotron resonance was applied to the research carried out by the U.S. Naval Medical Research Center. They were able to apply external fields in such a way as to affect the brain chemistry of rats. The same effects can be created in humans. The Navy research showed that they were able to affect the lithium ion occurring naturally in the brain, so as to create the same effect as if they had treated the animal with a chemical introduction of lithium. Stated another way, you could say that by harmonizing or resonation with the frequency of naturally-occurring chemicals, you could amplify their potency in the body of the animal, thereby creating the same chemical changes as would have occurred with a massive dose of the chemical being administered.

One military application of this knowledge would be to introduce to adversaries on the battlefield a minute amount of a chemical compound in their water supply, air supply or by other means and then (after they consume the contaminants) transmit the right frequencies toward them to activate the otherwise benign chemicals. It would cause debilitating effects. The chemical introductions would be below generally accepted levels for toxic effects, and yet toxic effects would occur. This is a way a country could slide around international agreements regarding chemical warfare.This technique has not been lost on the military: it is clearly understood and described in Air Force documents. These documents offer a clear example of the "electrical medicine" predicted by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in September, 1962 Unfortunately, the military's applications are being developed for the wrong purposes. The research base controlled by the United States government and others is being withheld from those engaged in human development and healing an unfortunate situation given the current state of the world and human health.

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