February 21, 2008

Activism in ACTION!! Sibel Edmonds hit the front page at digg!! Sibelgate

Many, many thanks to wecanchangetheworld for posting this.

Now if we can just Waxman to ACT!!

Take the time to sign the petitions at

and at


Call your representatives and write the media!! I do. I have posted and posted on Sibel Edmonds on digg, and it went NO WHERE. maybe a few will find my articles now, not because I wrote or posted them, but because they WANT TO KNOW.


Dallas Morning News on Sibel Edmonds- front page on Digg now

Currently front page for the week as well as front page on most recent on digg. Here’s hoping that that will give the story some more needed exposure and that the Digg submission of the Sibel Edmonds coverage by the Dallas Morning News will continue to ride on page one at digg for awhile. Oh, and not just because I was the submitter of it…

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