February 21, 2008

Respect My Authoritah


The above "Obey Spray" illustration is one of a series of Madvertisements (also featuring products such as "Empowermints" and conditions such as "Excessive Patriotism Disorder") by media tigress Carly Stasko, originally published in the January/February 2002 issue of This Magazine. Look familiar? Says Stasko of the "Obay" campaign for Ontario colleges, they're "so similar that I'm wondering if we just had the same idea or if they have riffed off of my original." (We think it's probably the former, but it wouldn't at all surprise us if someone at Smith Roberts had a subscription to This and has been storing the Madvertisements in his or her unconscious for years.) The photo, by the way, is a young Dave Meslin.

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