February 20, 2008

A satellite update from this morning


I started a thread about two weeks ago giving updates on the falling satellite. For some unknown reason people didn't pay attention, so I am asking you to please read what I have to say here. I am going to discuss a couple of different concerns along with updates on usa-193'S 'strike-zone'. I have an extremely reliable & trustworthy source for inside information. This info is coming from a family member (1st cousin) who is a very high-ranking official with the New York JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force). USA-193 is currently the greatest known threat/risk to our country!

[link to www.fbi.gov]

The only reason my cousin is willing to share this information is because of the extremely high threat risk associated with USA-193. I don't have any 'shocking' news, but I have news that confirms a lot of speculations.

First I will give an update on who's 'at-risk' as of my last briefing given to me at 0900, 2.17.08. The following info doesn't account for a missile strike, this is strictly where US-193 is due to land with no intereference. The area of concern still remains the Pacific Northwest. The current warning ranges from Eugene Oregon to Kamloops BC (Canada). That's just the north-south range. Current models show less than .005% chance of a harmless water strike (currently a land strike is imminent). The models show that there is a warning for Western Idaho and parts of NW Nevada. These warnings only show the current crash zone for USA-193, not the anticipated debris field! Obviously debris can come down hundreds if-not 'thousands' of miles away. Currently there are no parts of Northern California in the 'red-zone'.

This is info that the govt follows and believes. I am told by my cousin that if something goes wrong with the missile strike or there remains a 'high-risk' after the missile strike that the govt will ONLY give us a 26-28 minute warning! Obviously this is unacceptable.

I do have some info that I cannot share, but it is the most important info and you must pay attention closely! We are going to play a very simple 'read-between-the-lines' game here as I'm sure it will reveal the info I can't share. Please take notice that this info was confirmed to me this morning and isn't speculation. I swear to everyone out there, that this is quite possibly the most important thread on GLP!!!

Here it goes...

We all know that the Pentagon has listed 'Hydrazine' (rocket fuel) as being onboard the satellite and a major concern. They have also listed a second substance/material as being a major concern and that's 'Beryllium'. Now this is extremely odd as beryllium isn't a harmful material and is used in making shuttles & satellites, so why list it as a major concern?

Here's why!.. (from Wiki - complete link @ bottom of blurb)


Beryllium is used in nuclear weapon designsas the outer layer of the pit of the primary stage, surrounding the fissile material. It is a good pusher for implosion, and the best possible neutron reflector, reducing the critical mass needed for a fission chain reaction and increasing the proportion of fuel that fissions, while itself adding little mass to the weapon. It is a poor tamper because of its low mass, but this is unimportant in fusion-boosted fission weapons. As a light element with few electrons, the fission explosion completely ionizes it quickly, making it transparent to X-rays and letting the energy from a primary fission explosion escape for radiation implosion of a secondary fusion stage.

To learn more about 'Beryllium' (and how it, normally, isn't harmful) click here, [link to en.wikipedia.org]

I have noticed that some news articles pertaining to the 'Beryllium' factor have been removed from the web. In particular one that was directly from an AirForce General who stated on 1/29/08 that the satellite could hit the USA. There are still articles and videos that show the Pentagon stating that the beryllium is a grave concern. It ONLY makes sense with the above pasted Wikipedia article.

Obviously the US Govt would NEVER admit to the beryllium being on-board for the above mentioned reason, as we have already gotten heat from Russia and China.

It also explains why they are taking a shot at the satellite WAY earlier than previously stated. The originally wanted to take a shot 'MOMENTS' before it hit the atmosphere so the debris would cause troubles in space. They are now planning on taking their first shot 10-14 days sooner than planned. I do believe it is however going to hit sooner than March (as they stated), but this is just a feeling from tracking it live online. There are a couple of great sites for tracking it. My favorite site was working beautifully, but now only works about 40% of the time (geez wonder why that is!). Make sure you sign up for both these sites and really explore them, as you can track and map 'visible passes' for your exact location. I have posted the links at the bottom of this thread.

Thousands of satellites have fallen from the sky, hell thousands have fallen from the sky in the past 5-years. NEVER has a single satellite gotten this type of attention, especially from the President of the United States (and other countries). The government is doing 'just enough' to make us aware that there 'may' be danger, but once again are keeping huge secrets from us. The bottom line is that there is a great chance for substantial loss of life and people need to know the truth. I beg of you to keep a close eye on this! I will post updates as soon as I get them.

- By far the best site I have found, as it tracks USA-193 LIVE! Please send them e-mails as I have in hopes they fix whatever problems they are having with the site. In the description of USA-193 they mention the 'beryllium'.

www.heavens-above.com - Another great site, but not nearly as good as n2yo.com.

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