February 20, 2008

( ) Total Eclipse of the Moon ( )

Total Lunar Eclipse February 20-21, 2008 Animated

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Eclipse of the Moon Among the Constellations

Wednesday evening February 20, 2008

In the constellation of Leo the Lion, the eclipse of the Moon will occur towards the southeast portion of the sky. Off to the left of the Moon, you can see the planet Saturn. Of course the sky would appear to be moving over the course of time during the eclipse. The size of the Moon is exaggerated for this graphic.
Our Full Snow Moon one hour after sunset for February 20.
One hour later the 'show' begins! Notice Saturn nearby to the lower left of the Moon.
reaches opposition on Feb. 24, 2008.
That means Saturn can be seen all night long -- from sunset to sunrise.

The software for this image is free and can be found at http://www.stellarium.org/
What time is sunrise or sunset for you? Check this website out (time and date.com).
Annular Eclipse of the Sun animated for February 7, 2008

Our Sun was eclipsed on February 7, 2008 at the remotest part of our Earth - Antarctica. It is an annular eclipse meaning the moon will be smaller than the sun at that time; thus, it will have a ring of sunlight shining around the moon. This eclipse will be of some interest to the people of Australia and New Zealand for the sun will be partially eclipsed. On this map, you will find three cities showing the partial phase animated: Sydney, Auckland and Invercargill.
The beginning and end of the annular eclipse is interesting because of the close proximity of the Earth's night side. If you look at the Sun marked 'Beginning of Annular Eclipse,' you will see the Sun and Moon fading out soon after the annular eclipse. This is the Sun and Moon setting. Near the end of that animation, you can see the Sun reappear because it is rising - neat

For those interested. Today, Eastern Time, the
Lunar Eclipse will start at 8:43pm
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