February 22, 2008

Two cops, two paramedics and two provincial workers came to my house to assist me to bo into the hospital.

I went - they wouldn't admit me - saying I need to go to a nursing home, but nothing wrong with me.

I spent two months in that hospital last year.

I asked to speak to my doctor but they would not let me use a phone.

so i went in the hallway. While I was waing to for her to answer the line, a man and woman jumped me and beat me up.

They brought in 12 cops aned hospital poeple said take the subway home, but they took my coat. They got a cab and put me in with my bag.

The guy wouldn't bring my bag in (including my orthopedic shoes) and now I have no shoes and no coat and am beaten up.

I have called my doctor's office, which referred me to the hospital and I am supposed to call another ambulance, - this time on my own.

I got made and tried to move them back with my cane, so they took it away from me, just leaving me very upset on the sidewalk before the cab came

I have never felt so bad in my life. I .. will, you know.

I am all beat up and more upset than ever.

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