February 20, 2008

Hilary Clinton and Shades of 1968 DNC: firedoglake

The Fix Is In: Superdelegate loyalists will choose Clinton for nomination that may culminate in DNC riot a la 1968

Presidential candidate Mike Gravel rebukes Hillary Clinton for her evil chortle

CNN: What does it mean Hillary's ready to rely on SuperDelegates? (4:11)

Keith Olbermann: Hillary Clinton pushing for superdelegate strategy (6:23)

1968 Chicago police riot at Democratic National Convention (YouTube, 4 min)

Let's be clear that if Hillary Clinton is crowned with the nomination by the overwhelming majority vote of the superdelegates at Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado the last week of August, it will swing the moderates, hostile towards Hillary's "socialist agenda" (mandatory health care, economy micromanagement, etc) to cast the ballot for McCain (if chosen by RNC hacks), ensuring the win for McCain in fulfilling his quest to become the next "war president" eager to order the attack on Iran/Syria should Bush back out.

Obama, if nominated, will triumph over McCain in a landslide election. Because Obama spoke to the audience with the "heartfelt" appeal to reason, as far as Obama's campaign run is interpreted, which Hillary criticize with the air of elitist arrogance in her steadfast refusal to believe she could lose - "It's about picking a president who relies not just on words, but on work, hard work, to get America back to work...someone who's not just in the speeches business."
I checked out 2008 Democratic Convention Watch on the number of delegates compared to superdelegates collected by Clinton and Obama. Here's what I found as of 2/19:
Obama - 1112
Clinton - 979
"Pledged" superdelegates
Obama - 162.5
Clinton - 240
Total: Obama - 1274.5; Clinton - 1219.0
(Delegates needed: 2024.5)
Naturally, Clinton, serving two terms as a junior senator for the express promotion of her White House bid, owns New York state in sheer number of pledged superdelegates numbering over 30 while Obama had a measly one.

And one of the NY superdelegates has declared her choice of Hillary is final, as New York Sun article reports.

While unpledged superdelegates will make their choice for either candidate depending on the result of the candidates which gain the most votes, Clinton campaign refuse to take the loss at face value and insist on staying in the race with fierce determination, counting on the loyalist superdelegate people (the most gain she has over Obama in number) to extinguish Obama's chance of winning the nomination at DNC.

The fact that Clinton campaign have decided they can count on superdelegates to erase Clinton's continuous loss of the subsequent states to Obama post-Super Tuesday in order to secure the presidential nomination isn't surprising, because it's about ambition for the wrong purpose -- consolidating more power in upholding status quo as the left-wing Zionist Neocon hawk backed by the military-industrial complex compared to McCain.

Should the "loyalist" and "free agent relenting to pressure & corrupted favor by Clinton camp for vote" superdelegates crown Hillary with the nomination at DNC that contradict Obama's lead in the number of delegates, there is a possibility that Democratic National Convention will see the powder keg of a riot like in 1968 for a similar reason over the question of party control of delegates that contradict the voting majority's preferred choice.

Hillary Clinton must be stopped by denying her the nomination as superdelegates go with the wind of the Democratic base that chose Obama as the leading contender. Obama's popularity cannot be underestimated, and if the loyal Clinton supporters who cast the ballot for Clinton only to win the coronation, then they can expect the overwhelmingly negative response from the shocked and dejected Democratic supporters who want Obama as the viable opponent to defeat John "Third Bush Term" McCain.

By the way, why was superdelegate created in the first place? Because Democrat Party's overwhelming loss in 1972 presidential election combined with the political calamity at Chicago DNC in 1968 led to the creation of the conception, which is fundamentally undemocratic presuming the intent of superdelegation is to "party loyalty" and "sycophancy of the Elite-preferred candidate". Superdelegates are comprised of senators, representatives, DNC members and even former presidents (Bill Clinton, veep Al Gore & Jimmy Carter).

It is highly ironic the Democrat Party isn't really democratic when it comes to the dictation of the oligarchy as the decider. It's about as populist as Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.

(p.s. - cross-posted on Community Blog section of Obama's campaign web site, until they censure/kick me out. Cross-posted the diary entry at DailyKos as well. Cool web site Obama is Winning with facts and figures on delegates & superdelegates)

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