February 04, 2008

Pubished Works re the Health of Veterans of the Persian Gulf War

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Topical Bibliography of Published Works Regarding

the Health of Veterans of the Persian Gulf War

January 2001

Lesley M. Henry

CAPT Gregory C. Gray, MC, USN

DoD Center for Deployment Health Research

Naval Health Research Center

P.O. Box 85122

San Diego, CA 92186-5122

Telephone (619) 553-7027

Technical Document No. 99-3C (revised 01/01) was supported by the Department of Defense/ Health Affairs and funded under the Naval Medical Research and Development Command work unit number 63706N P4464.001-6423. The views presented are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy of the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.


Problem. Persian Gulf War veteran research has captured national attention. Numerous federal and nonfederal researchers are currently conducting a wide array of investigations into reports of increased morbidity among Persian Gulf War veterans and their families. Due to increasing interest and the need to continue to compile relevant references for Gulf War veteran research investigators, we decided to maintain a master bibliography for Persian Gulf War veteran epidemiological research.

Objective. To compile a master bibliography of the Persian Gulf War and related topics for researchers.

Approach. This document is our fourth such Gulf War veteran research bibliography from our institution. Using the National Library of Medicine’s PUBMED search engine, other Medline searches, news events, documents distributed by the Military and Veterans Coordinating Board, and email list services, we have added to the collection of previous such bibliographies.

Our first bibliography was published in late 1995 as Topical Bibliography of Published Works Regarding the Health of Veterans of the Persian Gulf War by Colleen McDonough. The second bibliography, again by Colleen McDonough, was published in November 1997 and had 2,997 references. The third bibliography, authored by Lesley Henry contained 4,462 references and was published in August 1999.

Results. This document currently lists 5,520 references, divided into 29 categories.

Conclusions. In addition to publication as a Navy Technical Document, copies of this work may be obtained from the DoD Center’s Naval Health Research Center’s WWW at the Naval Health Research Center and http://www.nhrc.navy.mil/rsch/code25

Suggestions for further additions, corrections, or improvements may be sent by email to Code25@nhrc.navy.mil.

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