May 23, 2006

A life-size model, developed by General Atomics and PEI Electronics, of a mobile 100-kilowatt heat-capacity laser built on a prototype of a hybrid-electric, high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (Humvee) shows the potential compactness of a full-power weapon system. (from 2004)

Below is the video link to the info on laser/direct energy weapons. We know that they have been used in Panama as well.

Things not NOT clear on the video:

who were these weapons "tested" on,
how many,
what conditions were the testors subjected to ...
so very mysterious.

Star Wars In Iraq
Is The U.S. using new experimental
"Tactical High Energy Laser"
weapons in Iraq?
“Star Wars in Iraq” is a new investigative report by Maurizio Torrealta and Sigfrido Ranucci. RAI 24 News - Run Time 25 Minutes

According to official Pentagon sources, military vehicles equipped with this laser device have been used in Afghanistan to explode mines.
According to two reliable military information sites – Defense Tech and Defence Industry Daily - at least three such vehicles are being used in Iraq as well and some people report having seen them.

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Quote from 2003
Would the laser be used to target people, or would it be used only on objects? Since no other country is anywhere near developing a militarized solid-state laser, under what circumstances would the U.S. use it in a war?
Bright future for tactical laser weapons

Army focussing on "easy" laser weapons
Members of the solid-state heat-capacity laser development team are, from left, Balbir Bhachu, William Manning, Scott Fochs, Bruce Roy, James Wintemute, Steve Sutton, Georg Albrecht, Brent Dane, and Mark Rotter. Take a close look at the picture 2nd from left and tell me this picture isn't doctored.

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