May 20, 2006

Dreams Are Too Expensive Not To Survive
LauraLee K. Harris
Acrylic on Fir
24 x 24 Inches
Code No:
$1,600.00 Framed

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Anonymous said...

here is the poem for this painting:
Dreams Are Too Expensive Not To Survive
Thinking on a day.
Borrowing for the snow.
A moment before
the air froze the breeze,
and the day stemmed the tide.

Undercurrents await the sky
with a look pretending
their dream would survive
But then the moon took the tide.

Clouds can't stay the same
They're almost there
they mutate then disappear
and a breath
is always on its way out.

When the waves flowed,
their laugh was gone
before their look could stay.

Why pretend that life stands still
when a day comes
then slips away into the night.

LauraLee K. Harris