May 12, 2006



Under the roots of the grandmother tree is the source of the Universe. This is the image of "Beginnings".

Petrified wood is a mineral, usually agate, that has replaced the wood of fossilized trees, retaining their shape, texture, and event their growth ring patters. Trees are the chieftains of the Plant kingdom, towering above the Earth with their roots sunk deeply into the ground. Trees sing to the wind and the sun, and learn much of other beings by offering them shelter, food, and safety.

Trees symbolize the deep and ancient beginnings of all things. On their Earth walk they learn much of the beginnings and endings within their spiral of life. They grow faster from the seeds of their forefathers, and fertilize their children with their bodies when they depart. When trees become fossilized and have "turned" to stone, the knowledge and understanding of these beings is preserved in the energy patterning of the stone that has taken their form.

All of us have our roots or beginnings. When we become incarnate and enter the physical world we choose our parents, our culture, and the ancient memories of our ancestors that will be stored in the DNA of our bodies. It is with these choices that we form the basis for our physical experience. The energy of Petrified wood enables us to access those beginnings, which are stored on a cellular level and draw strength and knowledge from our ancestors and our lineage.
By exploring the roots and beginnings of our bodies and cultures we can empower ourselves through the ancient codings of instinct and intuition. We can "speak" to those who went before and gain wisdom from them.

Delving into these ancient cellular memories allows us to move forward as well.

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