April 16, 2008

Rick Hillier, Hamid Karzai, Stephen Harper, Dick Cheney, the CIA and NATO

I have more "dots" for those who truly have any interested educating themselves.

The news seems to suggest Hillier did not retire, but was squeezed out
by Harper who did not like Hillier stealing the limelight. No one is going to steal The Harper's great thunder!! No way!! and he's got the powers that be totally behind his corrupt little agenda - for now.

I've posted comment often on Linda McQuaig's book Holding the Bully's Coat.

Rick Hillier is a deeply evil man with extraordinarily advanced skills at selling an illegal war whose main purpose was to raised a trillion a
year for corrupt officials and military people and the armaments industry. He's more "compromised" than even General Patreaus.

This (fill in the blank yourself) Hillier must take a huge share of the blame for building Afghanistan up from non-existent to #1 world's heroin exporter -- a trillion dollars a year. 90% of the Karzai economy is based on heroin.

Hillier could easily have put a stop to it.

Many hope that Revenue Canada follows this drug lord like a hawk for the rest of his life. We hope that if he ever spends a penny of that heroin money I want him locked up for life.

Why? Because he acted as hit man for the planet's biggest heroin
dealer, Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.

Well if you still want to think that the Afghan war is about fighting for freedom and democracy, go ahead. By looking the other way you help the abuse exist - abuse that mainly falls on the heads of innocent women and children - orphans, wives of the maimed, the girls who are sold to make marriages to old men, young children being held in detention, children now forced into cities to beg, women who cry day and night ..

If you think places like Bagram should exist and Rendition take place - well, I reproach you.

If you think Canada is a bastion of freedom and democracy, I implore you to take a deeper look.

If you think there aren't gigantic offshore accounts for all these corrupt officials and the official drug dealers, then I point out you are in denial and it is SO.

Maxime-um damage
TheChronicleHerald.ca, Canada - 12 hours ago
If the Canadian foreign minister wanted to persuade President Hamid Karzai to replace the governor of Kandahar province, he certainly blew the sensitive ...
Afghan tribal leaders welcome Harper's pledge not to meddle Toronto Star
Karzai should replace Kandahar governor: BernieICTV.ca

I ran across these ever so enlightening urls while looking for a pic of Hamid Karzai



This is my most favorite line of all!! --

American policy may sometimes be unsubtle and overly militarized, but large portions of the European political spectrum remain maddeningly passive. It's a failing that reverberates well beyond Afghanistan. On Darfur, today's most serious humanitarian crisis, Europe has been even more disengaged and timid than the United States. Afghanistan is as good a place as any for Europe to start backing its sensibilities with some mettle.
David Bosco is a senior editor at Foreign Policy.

See those human rights activists in socialist EU countries are to blame for ALL the genocide.

Get it?

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