April 23, 2008

Activism: More on the symmetry of resistance: MNN newsflash

Symmetry Of Resistance: Stop the G8 and the SPP

Symmetry of Resistance: G8 in Germany 2007 is now online at
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg66Ssmp0k4. In 2007, the G8 met in Germany.
Symmetry of Resistance connects the campaign to stop the G8 in Germany with
organizing to stop the G8 and the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership)
when they return to Canada in 2010. The video also accompanies the ACTivist
Magazine article below.


Seven years ago today, protests against the FTAA ("Free" Trade Area of the
Americas) erupted in Quebec City. Today the SPP (the so-called "Security"
and "Prosperity" "Partnership") is meeting in New Orleans to advance the
same agenda by other means. The SPP is being pushed forward, in combination
with a wave of bilateral trade agreements, without debate or approval of
parliaments, congresses, or the general public in Canada, the US, and
Mexico. One need only look at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's visit
to Colombia last year to see the connections of the SPP to the original
agenda put forward through the FTAA.

For the full story >> http://www.ACTivistMagazine.com

playing with fire, for $

from Mohawk Territory, Deseronto,Ont., a microcosm of the elements at play globally as corporations use new powers under public-private rule to extort public money.

MNN. April 21, 2008. Attacks on Indigenous people continue. Canada isn't
satisfied to waste billions of dollars a year on war missions overseas.
It's using the same armored fist at home. Today the town of Deseronto on
Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory was surrounded by the armed forces of the
Ontario Provincial Police. Deseronto is an illegal non-native enclave.

With eyes wide open, Emile and his father Theodore Nibourg of Napanee
Ontario, who own the "Smiling Wilderness Restaurant" on the Trans-Canada
Highway, decided they wanted to build a $35 million condominium on Mohawk
land in Deseronto overlooking the Bay of Quinte. Never mind that they
don't own the land, Canada refuses to acknowledge Indigenous property
rights. The Nibourgs are real estate developers of commercial and
residential properties out of Kingston Ontario . They are fully aware of
the Culbertson Land dispute which has been the focus of negotiations
between the federal government and the Mohawks since 1995. [Nibourgs at
cell 613-561-0984 fax 613-544-7868 enibourg@sutton.com.

Last year the Thurlow Aggregates Quarry Site run by Tim Letch of
Intergrorup Finance of Kingston was shut down by the Rotiskenekete. There
was evidence of extensive illegal dumping including large amounts of
asphalt. Not only was the dumping illegal it also violated environmental
protection laws by contaminating ground water with toxic waste. Tim Letch
was involved in some way in the condo development. The Nibourgs appeared
to have pushed Tim Letch out of the picture.

In a press release from the Sadie's Lane Longhouse at Tyendinaga
supporting the occupation, according to the Two Row Wampum agreement, they
said that, "It's our land and we are prepared to help defend it". [Contact
Jan Hill 613-396-6742 janh@fnti.net].

A Rotiskenekete said, "We are prepared to stay as long as necessary to
defend our land. Mr. Nibourg or anyone else trying to develop our land in
Deseronto better think again". The peaceful encampment is on a large
grassy knoll, overlooking the Bay, surrounding a large tipi. The full moon
was glistening off the water. There was drumming, singing and good humor.
Flashing Rotiskenekete patrol cars ringed the encampment. According to the
OPP budget plan, they need to find some Mohawk fall guys to arrest to
illegally enforce their foreign laws. Everybody except us cashes in –
police doing overtime, justice system, Indian Affairs, bureaucrats, media,
the town, and maybe the developer. All because they know we will do what
we are supposed to do, defend our land!

This morning at 5:00 am an overwhelming force of armed OPP are "just
monitoring" the situation. The Mohawks of Tyendinaga camped on the
property last night. This morning they set up blockades on highway 2 just
east of Deseronto. "They've got East and West bound roads blocked", said
Constable Jackie Perry of Napanee provincial police. He said vehicles can
go north on Deseronto Road at the T-intersection.

On April 11th the Nibourgs had started cutting trees on the property. The
Rotiskenekete appeared on the scene, stopped them and told them to leave.
Nibourgs seem to think that the OPP is their private army. Ignoring the
legal rights of the Mohawks at Tyendinaga, they declared, "If you Mohawks
don't leave, we are going to call the OPP and have you kicked out". He
appeared to be setting up a confrontation.

A few days later Nibourg decided to apologize and asked for a meeting with
the Rotiskenekete. Obviously, he had his eye on the lucrative pay out
received by Henco Inc. for their illegal development at Six Nations
Caledonia. He was quite blunt about it. He offered to use them as pawns to
extort money from the Ontario Government. He asked the Rotiskenekete to
occupy the said land and block the roads in order to escalate the
situation. Then he would ask the government to pay him for the land, his
expenses and his forecasted profits. Then he would agree to stop the
construction. We understand he doesn't even need the money to build this
because he's planning to be bought off.

Regarding Deseronto, the government violated our lands rights by
fraudulently giving out permits for non-native people to build on our land
also referred to as the Culbertson Tract of 1873. The Rotiskenekete told
Nibourg, "No. There will never be a development on our land". We want our
land that Deseronto sits on returned to us. We demand that the government
deal with the non-native residents of Deseronto by compensating them and
paying for their relocation. They told Nibourg, "You will be the last to
be dealt with". The Rotiskenekete added, "We don't want to be used as a
tool for extorting money from any foreign governments, including the
governments of Canada and Ontario".

Then Nibourg said that he would be back with a construction crew on
Monday, April 21st, to start building. The Mohawks have stopped
construction, are occupying our land and have blocked the roads to keep
him and any of his co-conspirators away from creating another " Caledonia
" so they can cash in big! Supporters of the Mohawks are welcome.
Residents may pass through the occupation without hindrance. We are
anxious that everybody understand this issue from the Mohawk perspective.

The Rotiskenekete will carry out the peace and the tenets of the
Kaianereh'ko:wa [Great Law of Peace].

Contact: Rotiskenekete: 613-849-1314; 613-827-4991; email -

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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