April 27, 2008

Don't let shock overpower overpower your intelligence and logic: Mark Yannone

Don't let shock overpower your intelligence and logic

by Mark Yannone

Here is a video that tries to convince the audience that an Act of Congress can alter the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. It cannot. This is how the Constitution is altered. And this is the result of trying to alter the Constitution illegally. If you believe otherwise, you, citizen, are fired.

Watch as this popular documentary tries to convince the nation that we have lost Amendments 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 13 by congressional legislation or executive order. Likewise, this documentary tries to convince the audience that the Military Commissions Act stripped our right of habeas corpus from the Constitution. Nonsense. Congress has no power to change so much as a comma in the Constitution. We have lost nothing but our minds.

Washington, You're Fired!

Note: You do not have to sign any petitions or write any letters to your representatives. Every two years you have the right to remove 100 percent of the members of the House of Representatives and 33 percent of the Senators. The ballot is available to register your demand.


Anonymous said...

LOL MARK WAS THAT YOU?? at approximately 21:40 they put a brain on you and you started twinkling I think. Hahahaha.

Good for you, Mark. Good for you!

Fred Marshall said...

Technically, you are absolutely right. I suppose that is a good argument you can make when you're stopped at any one of the growing number of arbitrary checkpoints across the country, as they snatch you out of the car and taser you as they drag you to a patrol car and haul you downtown. By the time you get before a judge, the charges (bogus all) against you will be so overwhelming that you won't escape scot-free.

Obviously you have not had a run-in with the "law" lately. I have. So have thousands of others. Law enforcement and the courts play by the Patriot Act "rules," not by the Constitutional prohibitions. I heard one judge, in a Larry Becraft trial, clearly say he wouldn't allow the Constitution to be quoted in his courtroom. I was there and personally heard that.

Former Texas attorney Harmon Taylor resigned the bar after losing his case before the court of appeals on the Timothy McVeigh case, when they ruled that the Constitution "is not admissible evidence of law." The public was told the 30-day delay in McVeigh's execution was because they had found some misplaced FBI files they wanted McVeigh's lawyers to see, but that delay was caused by Harmon's jurisdictional challenge based on the Constitution's requirement that wrongful death is a matter over which the State has exclusive jurisdiction, when it occurs anywhere within the state other than federally-owned property. The Murrah "Federal" building was OWNED by Oklahoma City and only portions of it were LEASED to the feds.

If I have $100 but you have it locked in your safety deposit box and won't give me access to it, is it really mine?



Public perception is worth its weight in gold. If the public is led to believe that "Ron Paul can't win," can he win? If the public is led to believe that there are "only three candidates," can Ron Paul win? If the public is led to believe that Congress voted away the Bill of Rights, do you expect the public to demand enforcement of the Bill of Rights?

But we are a nation of laws, not a nation of wishes or illusions painted by TV broadcasters and commentators. So, yes, Fred, in the hypothetical example you gave, the $100 is still yours, and if I won't surrender it then you have a right to take action to get it. My decision cannot change your entitlement.

If a judge or police officer misbehaves, he doesn't have any effect on the law. The law stands until legally changed. Americans should know this well, so that at every turn we will object loudly and boldly to illegal government behavior.

Mark's amazing list of videos!!

Mark Yannone for mayor (click for info)

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