April 23, 2008

books of note: the Postmodern Coup

OBAMA: The Postmodern Coup, shocking in its insights on role of Brzezinksi

April 18, 2008

Robert Steele
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New book, OBAMA: The Postmodern Coup, shocking in its insights on role of Brzezinksi

Robert Steele, as an individual the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction (#33 over-all thanks to Dick Cheney driving America back to the books), wishes to advise all Pennsylvanians and others across America of the new book by Webster Griffin Tarpley, OBAMA: The Postmodern Coup.

"The stories in the media yesterday about the Senator’s extremist friends are the tip of the iceberg. What is truly frightening about the Obama candidacy is the degree to which the candidate has been taken over by the shadow government, and the degree to which big money is hiding behind little money to deceive the public with respect to his actual funding sources," says Steele.
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Webster Griffin Tarpley, whom Steele considers a gifted historian and analyst, is the author of the unauthorized biography of George Bush Junior, and of the blockbuster on 9/11 that placed much of the blame for the disaster turning into a catastrophe on Dick Cheney's letting it happen and using the event to justify an invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Speaking last night, Tarpley compared Obama to Bush, the sitting President, and cautioned that we are on the verge of making the same mistake--of electing a personality without regard to the cronies they bring with them. This applies to all three candidates, but Senator Hillary Clinton’s advisors are less inclined to start World War III.

The book, and varied website postings, document the Dr. Strangelove character of Brzezinski, a Polish patriot whom the author's research suggests is eager to wage one last world war on Russia by inciting China to move into Siberia.

Steele says "The book is worth reading as a means of inspiring voter demands for authenticity and openness among candidates. The mental state of each candidate, and the degree to which they have or have not been captured by special interests, must be of grave concern."

"In my personal view, none of the candidates have the best slate of advisors possible, because all three reject the concept of transpartisan excellence in favor of the two-party spoils system that excludes Independents, Libertarians, Greens, and all others from the debates and from the entire process of governance.

"What the candidates should be doing in dismissing all of their advisors from the past era of warmongering; they should be leading a national conversation on the ten high-level threats to humanity and on the twelve policies from Agriculture to Water that must be harmonized if we are to create a prosperous world at peace.

"The candidates need to depart from platitudes and embellished anecdotes, and instead appoint a transpartisan cabinet able to produce a balanced budget in advance of Election Day. Nothing less will do."

In passing, Steele notes that the polls cannot be trusted—Mark Penn betrayed Hillary Clinton with misrepresented information, and the people of Pennsylvania are being misled with manipulated polls.

Steele, himself an author, editor, and publisher, urges all voters to look behind the candidates and demand that they dismiss those advisors that represent the dark past of America, and instead invite the collective intelligence of the public into a deliberative democratic dialog.


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