April 17, 2008

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Playing Fast and Loose With Megadeath

Nuclear Attack on D.C. "Inveitable"

Hundreds Checked for Radiation in Spain

Iran Would 'Eliminate Israel' If Attacked

Gaza on Verge of Eruption: Hamas Faces Unprecedented Crisis, As Israel, Egypt Prepare for Flare-Up

Olmert Offers Abbas 64% of W. Bank

California Has More Than 99% Chance of a Big Earthquake WIthin 30 Years, Report

North American Quakes, Last 72 Hours

3 Dead, 1,100 Evacuated in Colo. Wildfire

Fire Kills 20 Pets in Family-Owned Shelter

NASA Revises Chance of Massive Asteroid Strike

Mt. Kilauea Offers Rare View of Glowing Vent

Colombia Volcano Forces Mass Evacuations

Israel Ponders How to Tackle Water Crisis

Five Killed in New Zealand River Flood

First Winter of Cloud Seeding Flights

Heavy Snow Breaking Plows in Yellowstone

Earth Full of Holes, Scientists Say

Fuel Choices, Food Crises and Finger-Pointing

Food Costs Rising Fastest in 17 Years

3-Year Agriculture Report Release Coincides With Food Riots

As Other Staples Soar, Potatoes Break New Ground

Food Shortage Rises With Prices

The Food Irradiation Plot: Why the USDA Wants to Sterilize Fresh Produce and Turn Live Foods into Dead Foods

"War Over Water" in Drought-Stricken Spain

Prevent and Heal Disease With Chilies

McCain Supports North American Integration, League of Democracies

Six US Cities Tamper With Traffic Cameras for Profit

Illegal Immigrant Births - At Your Expense

The First Oil Shortages: Russian Oil Production is Slipping

Hamas Cleric Predicts 'Rome Will Be Conquered by Islam'

Europe’s Road Becoming Ever More Difficult

A New World Order as US Sinks

The New World Order Always Knew We Would Resist – flashback

Oil Hits New Record As Investors Flee Falling Dollar

Diesel Cost Has Drivers Fuming

Retailing Chains Caught in a Wave of Bankruptcies

Aboriginal Children 'Injected With Leprosy'

Jesus' Image In Hospital Brings Some to Tears, Prompts E-Mails

Telecom Whistleblower Discovers Circuit that Allows Access to All Systems on Wireless Carrier—Phone Calls, Text Messages, Emails and More

Multitasking Worse on IQ Than Pot

Mysterious Lights Above Penza Interpreted as Omen for Apocalyse

APRIL 13-14

Quakes Off Oregon Coast Shake Up a Mystery

Pacific Northwest Tectonic Plates Are Moving

Food Shortages Threaten to Become the Biggest Crisis of the 21st Century

Hunger. Strikes. Riots. The Food Crisis Bites

Food Crisis: US Supply Is Not Secure

Growing Catastrophe

Climate Change Could Lead to Global Food Crisis

Pain for a Staple of Mexico

U.N. Soldier Killed in Haiti's Food Riots

The World Food Crisis is Here Now

Haiti's Government Falls After Food Riots

How Hunger Could Topple Regimes

FDA: Cereal Tied to at Least 23 Salmonella Cases

IMF Warns of 'Terrible' Impact From Inflation, Food Prices

A Food Riot is Looming' in Trinidad and Tobago

Egypt Releases ‘Food Riot Journalists’

Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear

Downer Cow Ban Could Cost Area's Dairies

Banks Called to Crisis Summit

UK Economy Faces Tough Times As Credit Crunch Hits Big City Spenders

G7 Currency Shift Signals Growth Fears

China Drought Leaves 670000 Without Drinking Water

National Guard's Defense Role Gets Bigger

Soggy Central U.S. Eyes Rivers, Levees

US Water Pipelines are Breaking

FEMA Under Pressure to Develop Disaster Housing

U.S. Presidential Election Can Be Hacked

Mexico Cracks Down on Illegal Central American Immigrants

Anti-Terror Laws Used to Spy on Family

Swedes Joins Nuclear Race

Gaza Power Plant: Fuel to Run Out in 2-3 Days

For Sale in India: 13-Year-Old Virgins

Israel Concerned Iran Arming Hezbollah By Sea

Zimbabwe - Hunting Us Down

Climate Change-Related Diseases Kill 150000 Yearly in Indonesia

U.S.-Made Chips in Passports Sought

Former Fort Lauderdale Man Dies After Attack By Bees

Scientists Discover 8,000 Year Old Trees

"Extinct" Plants Found in Remote Australia

Warnings from the Lion of Zion Visions

Indigenous Native American Prophecy - Elders Speak part 1 - video

Indigenous Native American Prophecy - Elders Speak part 2 - video

Indigenous Native American Prophecy - Elders Speak part 3 - video

Indigenous Native American Prophecy - Elders Speak part 4 - video

Indigenous Native American Prophecy - Elders Speak part 5 - video

APRIL 10-12

Swarm of Earthquakes Detected Off Oregon

1 Dead as Tornadoes Rake Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan: More Storms Coming

Today's Ugly Weather Forecast - map

Longer-Term Weather Threats (graphic)

Significant River Flood Outlook - map

Atlantic Hurricane Season Shapes Up As Very Active

Brazil Flood Toll Rises to 33 Dead

Reservoir Flooding Starts at Largest Lao Dam

Global Warming Censored: How the Major Networks Silence the Debate on Climate Change

Global Food Riots Turn Deadly

Chaos in the Skies: American Scraps 900 More Flights

While Reservists Serve, Their Jobs Don't Always Wait

Homeland Security Invokes Nuclear Bomb, as Bush Quietly Links Cybersecurity Program to NSA

U.S. Has Launched a Cyber Security 'Manhattan Project,' Homeland Security Chief Claims

Florida Lawmakers Pass Take-Your-Guns-to-Work Law

67 Bodies Secretly Exhumed From New Mexico Grave

U.S. Owes Hundreds of Millions in Dues

GAO: Feds Live Lavishly on Credit Cards

O Jerusalem! America Drafts Plan to Cut in 2

US Christians 'Morally' Support Israel

Hamas: Israel Digging Tunnels to Kidnap Hamas Leaders

Indonesia Finds Flammable Gas Near Mud Volcano: Official

Olympics in 'Crisis,' IOC Chief Says

China: Plot on Olympic Athletes Foiled

Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Milwaukee Area

Mumps Resurges in United States

Mad Cow Variant May Have Claimed Life of Woman, 22

Climate Change Will Have 'Significant impact' on Health

Credit Crisis Fallout Continues

Bible is America's Favorite Book: Poll

Boy, 11, Steered Bus to Avoid Semi

Lungless Frog Discovered in Borneo

How to Identify the Look of Love -- or Lust

New Rocky Planet Found In Constellation Leo

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