April 29, 2008

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin is too ashamed to show face in Parliament because of role in North American Union agenda

by Peter Tremblay
Paul Martin

Paul Martin needs to confess to Canadians about his role in a neo-colonial initative of the U.S. Bush administration to take-over Canada.

In the article titled "Martin should resign as MP, Layton says" by Elizabeth Thompson, that was published in the Montreal Gazette on 2 April 2008 "New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton, is calling on former Prime Minister Paul Martin to resign as a member of Parliament, saying residents of LaSalle-Émard deserve an MP who is going to actually show up in the House of Commons." But there is an apparent basic explanation why Paul Martin has not been in Parliament. If you were an Member of Parliament or even more so, a former Prime Minister, who signed an Agreement to sell out your country, without informing that nation, and if you felt guilty about it afterwards, how would you feel, after that, about taking your seat in Parliament? You would probably seek to stay as far away as possible from re-taking your seat in Parliament, and would busy yourself, as much as possible, with other issues that by help soothe your conscience. Indeed, this is exactly, what Mr. Martin seems to be doing.


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