April 25, 2008

Sibelgate: Is Marc Grossman 'Mega'?


We have no evidence whatsoever, but Grossman was a senior American diplomatic official spanning both Democrat and Republican administrations. Sibel Edmonds may be proven right in the long run. By the way, the Philip Giraldi story, that the latest Israeli spy case was discovered as a result of a leak from the Israeli government (!), is quite obvious bullshit - professional courtesy from the CIA to the Mossad? - proven by the fact that the supposed reason for the leak, derailing the disinfo campaign against Syria regarding a Syrian nuke program, can't be true, as the disinfo campaign continues at full speed. Giraldi (my emphasis in red):
"Israeli sources are reporting that the FBI investigation of the Ben-Ami Kadish spy case resulted from a leak coming from inside the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The information on Kadish and on a number of other Americans who have spied for Israel was provided to the FBI anonymously, leading to the Bureau’s opening of a full investigation. One source reports that the National Security Agency was provided with Yosef Yagur’s current phone number and address and was able to obtain corroborating information on the case by tapping the phone. Yagur, who is now retired and living in Israel, was Kadish’s case officer, handling the cases of both him and Jonathan Pollard. Before the anonymous leak of information, the FBI had no idea that Kadish had been a spy for Israel. Now it is investigating a number of US citizens, including an individual who held very senior security positions in the Clinton and Bush White Houses."

This is questionable. The grand jury investigation, the source of the story, started in 2005. Olmert didn't start leading the Israeli government until 2006! How could Olmert's leak have lead to the opening of the investigation, which arose out of the grand jury investigation? Why would the Olmert government, with full access to the Jew-controlled American media, be trying to get the information out by leaking it to a secret grand jury investigation, the most convoluted way possible, and one not guaranteed of success? Another aside: there appears to be disinfo floating around that the FBI tapped Yagur's phone. How is that possible? Yagur has been living in Israel for years. Isn't it far more likely that the FBI overheard the conversation when they tapped Kadish's American phone? Watch out for a huge campaign of Zionist spin around this story, which really is deeply frightening to World Jewry.

There are a lot of shenanigans going on from the Zionists:
  1. The aforementioned propaganda attack through the Jew-controlled American Congress and the Jew-controlled American media concerning the mythical Syrian nuclear installation, 'proven' by some lousy pictures of a . . . building;
  2. Israeli air attacks on Lebanon;
  3. A wild story that Olmert wants to trade the Golan for 'peace', as if the Israelis ever really wanted 'peace', or as if Syria actually constituted a threat to Israel (it is actually Israel that is a threat to Syrian peace). This is probably a distraction from the threat that peace might break out with Hamas, an utter disaster for Zionism.


"Watch out for a huge campaign of Zionist spin around this story, which really is deeply frightening to World Jewry."

— Xymphora

Perhaps someone would care to speculate what the consequences for American Jewry would be if Marc Grossman WERE outed as 'Mega'. Would they wiggle out of it somehow?

An equally interesting question would be this. What would be the fate of World Jewry if, one morning, Americans were to wake up to see this headline in the New York Times:


Tarpley discusses 'Mega' in his SYNTHETIC TERROR book, and ponders therein if it was, at one point, Richard Clarke.

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