April 18, 2008

Canada's medical report this week

[under construction, but DEFINITELY getting there. Sneak preview for those paying attention. More shall be revealed and the final touches will be attempted!! It must be done at once before the material stales. I have been working for hours to get all the links just so, but the fact that my energy is flagging and I want to go outside, requires that I take a long break and then return.]

Like a lumbering giant with a stupifying level of pnuemonia, sick patient Canada comes lumbering on the world state once again this week. A pocket full of stolen ca$h, and what it elives is a bright future ahead, Canada has become a world class bully - an Abusive Dad - hanging out with bullies in the Imperial Dynasty to the south and laughing at the nice boys and girls in its home and those in their planetary neighborhood. Linda McQuaig has already made famous reference to Canada's dysfunctional character in Holding the Bully's Coat. I think the metaphor is more profound than that, I think Canada is suffering a right bad case of Torture Culture.

The tale gets told not blatantly in the main stream media as the official appointments calendar, but in little notes written by the blogosphere by those who would have our Authoritarian Figure take its medication - and FAST !

Otherwise the illness will go all terminal once we either catch it ourselves and go all XIII th century - or we fall victim to the contagion and find ourselves confined to the hospital beds called jails that The Harper and Co. are building to contain us. The neighorhod thugs running Canada are getting just a bit too uppity by half in their cocky delusional power mongering, and people are looking at his cabinet to see which of the cronies must go - and fast. This obvious change from last week will be noted below.

Current situation explained

The Harper and The Boys are going to have to hide that lunch money they've shaken down pretty fast, if they haven't already. His London friends have been found out and are being exposed, thus the patient is apt to get more beligerant and dangerous as he is living in a danger zone what seems likes ever-worsening danger. Any crazy tactic might be employed. This week's report contains numerous examples of increasing abusive behavior. Thus we ask that the readers of this report not expect miracles, but rely on a strict regimen of self care and self protection. Continual robbery should be expected until a full cure or recovery program can be effected.

As each blow hits, we find ourselves licking our wounds and trying to ride out the sick room atmosphere, all the while hoping that the Staff Psychiatrist will take notice and do some to quarantine and slap the this Neighbohood Gang with Divine Abusive Intention with a section slapped on them for committa. But that day has yet to arrive. Although the Theocratic Neocons crowd seem to have the upperhand after a particularly delusional spell, this week there are some encouraging signs and at least some of the worst symptoms are coming to more fully into light. As should be apparent, one cannot expect too much too soon, as the patient still has paid mouthpieces and apologists. Many spokespersons for the patient are afraid of retalliation and cannot be reasonably relied upon during this week's report. Daily doses of outside information are required to see the true nature of the fatal diseases thus leading to an optimal solution to the difficulties in dealing with sudden reversal from a collective dream of progess to the dismal picture the bloodless coup has produced.

Extenuating Circumstances

With the obvious change of seasons is going on in this month of 2007, it is hoped that fresh air and higher energy levels will result in further progressive steps towards an Ultimate Cure. In short, the author of the report reminds you that the outcome depends on YOU. Although you may have varying degrees of hardship and suffering or alternatively you may have been allowed to escape the torture(s) yourself, you can still benefit from the report below and the footnotes that follow. We wish you well as you build your true Rainbow Tribe and find ways to celebrate in the Sunshine to come. Those in Canada living under the regime of the sick patient although the task seems daunting, may find that there is much inspiration in what can be created out of the circumstances available and thus the Dream may be closer at hand than YOU might anticipate or imagine.

Diagnosis: Terminal Torture Culture psychosis, with Theocratic features with a concurrent power addiction. Delusional charactistics are obvious. Coughing and sputtering also very apparent and the patient's relationships to other countries threatened in a paranoid situation with counries it presumes to help. The full of such activities is yet to be fully established, yet it is safe for diagnostic purposes to say it is quite extensive if elusive to document fully at the writing of the report. The extent of abusive behaviour is still being established in such places as Bagram, Guantanamo Bay, Diego Garcia, Irak and other locations. The extent of its financial activities in particiting in dangerous acts and behaviours will require further investigations so that a full and complete diagnosis can be attempted at a later date. This All attributes of Rogue Nation status are evident and getting worse. Being joined at the hip with other abusers in the Bullying cabals in the world's rich nations has made this diagnosis strident and alarming. It is not, however, to be taken with a grain of salt. It is apparent that association with other Violent Neighborhood Gangs has made the patient more dreaded and apparently mad; while a good assessement of the patient indicates that continual observation is necessary. An OPEN EYED diagnosis has been attempted and it is up to the reader to decide on its applicablity and treatment potential. It has been undertaken in good faith to show the reader what is obvious to world-wide observers.

Consider the patient to be armed and dangerous at this time. He has a marked proclivity for incarcerating other healing elements and charging them for his own crimes, which is known as projection. Although other clincians may come up with alternative opinions, it is asked that the reader always consider the source. This opinion and diagnosis is as good - if not better - than many available. Fascistic syndrome sufferers, with belligerent tactics, often produce many around them who cannot face reality. For this reason, this diagnosis must be read in all seriousness. It will help other diagnositians to proceed with caution with dealing with a patient with such advanced insanity features, yet the diagnosis is meant to assist other dysfunction reporters not yet known to the author of this report.

Alhtough those who challenge the brains of the patient's operation are themselves privvy to influence peddling and arms profiteering while tearing the neighborhoods of the world, it is asked that they continue efforts to keep the patient on tenderhooks on a 24/7 basis, so that further symptomology can be revealed and the diagnosis more precise. A successful outcome is totally dependent a full and complete diagnosis. Only constant observation and Optimal Frustration of the patient will result a more useful diagnosis. His relationship with his kith and kin requires that the patient be given constant monitoring and surveillance. This is why the deepest understanding will result in a constructive and useful diagnosis. It may serve as a historical artifact for upcoming generations as far as seven genertions down the road if not further if reliable observations are forthcoming and the diagnosis can fully document the features of the maladies under which the patient currently suffers. One person's diagnostic skills may be deficient in some areas. This problem can, with persistent effort, be remedied. The author asks your cooperation in this valuable task. As the steadily decaying state of health in the patient continues, is readily apparent, that more indepth analysis becomes more than a remote possiblity; it becomes an imperative and in fact, a bedrock of the necessary hope required that a cure will be effected.

Prognosis: Poor to abysmal, as his friends and associates are not doing very well - although the protocol advised below could result in dramatic alteration of the opinion held at this time. Obviously, to continue functioning remedial steps must be taken; however at this time no definitive assessment of recovering behaviour is possible as YET. Subsequent reports may change the prognosis radically depending on the attitude and commitment of those who must participate in the intervention intended. This type of Street Gang that has grabbed power are notoriously hard to eradicate as history teaches, but this is not to proclaim by any means its impossibility; rather this is a mere weekly statement of how things appear this week as Wesak comes into focus for 2007. It is not a statement of future assessments that will come at a later stage, as you are all aware.

Protocol: Some observations as of this week that appear highly recommended.

1. Associates and family members are advised to pursue and unified intervention at the earliest opportunity. It is suggested that a list of CRIMES and FELONIES be drawn up to confront the patient with his dysfunctional, addictive and abusive behaviour. TOUGH LOVE principals may need to have the patient either hospitalized or allowed to suffer the consequences of prolonged incarceration but it is obvious that a protraced approach is warranted, as there is much symptomology and episodic distressing behaviour to sort through as the condition is of long standing.

2. Families members will have to pursue recoveries on their own, and this is advised taking care that they do not confuse well being with continuing their codependent behaviours in new forms. Outside help in the form of therapeutic international tribunals may prove highly necessary. It is advised that true recovery, Participatory democracy, never be lost which may prove particularly tricky.

3. All toxins will need to be removed from all Players in the sick room, which will prove difficult as resources are not forthcoming from the patient, but all opportunities to obtain them must be taken. A full list of the patients victims must be drawn up - from unit trust investors, to those who ride in the patient's transportation system, to those he has thrown out of their homes, to the cousins whose residences he has invaded and has struck terror in their hearts, to those he has accused of aborrent behaviours to avoid his own moral culpability, the list of known torture locations must be drawn up in full so that the patient can be confronted with his crimes, obvious examples of delusional statements notated - any list that will help empower those who must insist on wellness - or else - are encouraged.

4. As the patient has become bellicose and demanding towards all, he must be shown that no one will tolerate his unreasonable behaviour.

Accepting insincere apologies rather than a true change in behaviour is mandatory. Not attempt should be made to accomodate further evasive behaviours, no matter how daunting that task may prove to be. Due to the psychotic nature of this advanced state of decay, it may prove tempting to make compromises, but the author of this report highly recommends against that approach. Toleration of this fatal condition will only make the symptomology worse.

5. While becoming obsessed with the patient's behaviour may seem a reseasonable tactic, it is further advised that no one involved in forcing a therapeutic situation do so. This has shown to be counterproductive in the case of that patient's cronies to the South. BaZhing the Harper&his gang may be individually responsible may be financially rewarding, but one can reasonably expect this will not achieved the desired result which is legal and moral culpability with the attendant negative consquences for prolonged Bad Behaviour. It is cautionary to point out; let them do what they do and you do what you do while you attempt to affect a cure. There is no point in resulting to the same tactics as the patient and learning from the lessons of those who tolerated and came up with ineffective solutions in America should not be repeated in the Canadian household. Being good to the mothers and children of Canada would be a first priority to reinforce that therapeutic regime and will greatly enhance the process. Intolerant responses to ill, marginalized, disabled family members should be addressed in the very first instance. Particular care must be taken to provide amply for the previous tenants in the neighborhood, and you will find ample examples below of coming developments and the current situation listed below, although no attempt has been made to be exhaustive in such coverage.

6. Relying on natural and cosmic forces is part of the protocol as is staying in touch with other members in the international community who seem to want to help. Such help will become apparent from those who have walked this road before - the path to Higher Recovery.

Without such progessive steps undertaken and the illuminating light of those who have effective change in other communities to guide the healing process, the entire structure of Canada's vast neighborhood will continue to deteriorate at an alarming rate, the patient's allies in crime will continue to puff and gloat and take advantage of those weaker and in ill health as the coughing and sputtering worsen. This would prove fatal. Maintenance of basic life supports to the household would go begging - water, food, medicine and basic provisions would become weapons of war to a degree so staggering that interventionists would have difficulty remembering the Ultimate Goal. Asymetrical warfare via computerwarfare; bank reports on supposed yet projected criminalityl wiretapping; surveillance; discrediting tactics; status degradation rituals; torturous behaviours; historical revisionism; diversion of needed healing protocol energies; theft of other sovereign entities riches,;the exploitaiton of those who can be isolated or easily intimidated; the weakening of legal structures that promote justice, peace and equality; the sack of strategic resources; looting of strategic neighborhoods; bribery; influence peddling; corruption of all kinds; the takeover of strategic resources such as the Government Printing Office and resultant opportunistic use of the Postal Service; harm to the environement on a ongoing basis; the mislabelling of genetically modified foods, the introduction of survelliance via VCHIP and other devices; the continuous of the availabilty of street drugs; the mistreatment of children to produce a hysterical result; the lieing and deceptions - all this and obviously more must be presumed when looking at the full picture of obvious symptomology of said warfare against the people. Genuine alarm when the idea of electronic voting is proposed should precipate a a wide and thundering action alert. All the symptomology is the sign that a healing process is indeed underway and not to be taken as a sign of defeat. In fact, it is that a healing crisis, much to be desired, is actually underway. "Better out than in" is a simplist but affective attitude to be undertaken as stagnated energy is released that begins to let off the apathetic nature of those who must affect a remedy to the current dire situation. Detoxification of patients of this type are known to be arduous and ridiculous in the "best" of circumstances. But due to the toxic nature of the Canadian usurpers and their modus operandi it is probable that such features will become pronounced unless those who have taken sworn oaths suddenly and strategically uphold them much to everyone's surprise.

7. At this mystical number point 7 the author asks heartily that you remember at all times that the patient and his friends are armed and dangerous. You may have to rely on outside law enforcement. But the author of this report is quite concerned for the family members and encourages all those who wish to see recovery to always turn to others for outside support. Alliances of a supportive nature are vital to the recovery process. If you remain honest and detail all the defects, remain open to the challenges ahead that are apparent now as well as those you will encounter -- sanity becomes a possibility. And although now it seems like an impossible task, if those in the interventionist team make a decions after a Dark Night of the Soul and make that impossible leap towards towards becoming Children of the ONEiverse, divine guidance will become available to all concerned. In such an attitude you will find POWER. It has been done by others such as Chile and Estonia before, so try to have trust. You may find it inspiration to continually remember the loving example of Our Global Inspiration, Salvador Allende who did not blink. Breaking bread with "the enemy" may prove to be most useful. Your letters to international tribunals should be undertaken on as swift a basis as is humanly possible. They will gladly catalogue your complaints about the ongoing abusive behaviour. They well know what goes on in The Belly of The Beast already. They will be the least surprised of anyone to hear what you may have to say. You may wish to several different committees or groups, as various complaints may fit better with some bodies gathering of diagnostic evidence than others. Make sure to make your complaints and wide ranging as observation allows. Some day they may be researched deeply after archive or action activities. Nuremberg was not achieved in a day and neither will the lawful accumulation of data on Canada's cabal of torture. Their full cooperation in beastly behaviour is not yet fully known. It is presumed to be worse than commonly thought. One would hope with resolve and time invested such collaboration in international warcrimes culpability could ultimately be established. Your cooperative effort is sought at this time.

Concluding recommendation

With such an approach, the prognosis will improve steadily over time. This is no time to play the insidious "game" of SocialISM for the rich, whereby these rascals and their cohorts share the profit$ and you take the losses. Make your demands clear and reasonable, but accept nothing less than compliance with radical changes in the patient's modus operandi. After prolonged study of the patient's methods, it is more than well established that subtrefuge was used and all instances must be noted as indicated above.

Should it be required, a full statement can be produced on the condition of the patient's long-suffering family can be produced. The only prerequisite is a desire to know.

The documents relating to this week's report are footnoted and explained below. Take care to read the appendix fully before deciding on your course(s) of action in the upcoming months.

Cavaet and disclaimers: The author apologizes for any mistakes or misread opinions. She is only human and this is the best she can do this week. She asks for your tolerance and also requests that you consider this merely a personal opinion, and it is not suggested that it be taken as as Ultimately authoritative. The matter has yet to be heard in a court of opinion and thus can not be taken as legally binding or subject to legal jeopardy. It is merely an opinion. Strategic, but merely an opinion. Her qualifications can be submitted to the reader with a written request, but suffice it to say it is based on experience and hard-earned acquaintance with such situations. Her authority rests merely in the minds of the reader, yet it Considered Opinion that the author is of sound mind and body, although suffering traumatic effects at living in the home of the abuser and his cronies for too long a period of time to be "objective". George Orwell wished to live to endorse this report, but sadly his days were tragically shortened and he could not perform the task. We ask that you circulate this and subsequent reports to get the widest amount of authoritive backup; thus the reports will vastly improve over time. The author wishes to thank those who have contributed to the research and the inspiration. She is certain that some of you know who you are. For those who expressed reservations at the validity of the information supplied or questioned the ability of the author to write such a report or the tools used to produce it, she wishes you to know that you are challenged to do better and contribute to the task at hand rather than showing your codependent symptoms for all to see. In this way, a more integrated approach to recovery is possible and rapid improvement in The Patient, who is the real problem, will result. In order for for further reports to be filed, it is important that you do not allow Official Attacks on the author who is, afterall, only doing her job.

Appendix I

GLORIA GALLOWAY From Thursday's Globe and Mail

OTTAWA — A group led by evangelist Charles McVety says a contentious proposal to withhold tax credits from TV shows and films deemed pornographic may not go far enough because the majority of Canadians do not want to fund those types of productions.

Yes, like Chalres McVety speaks for ME - and all other intelligent Canadians. Those theocon neocons are a bit much!!

City braces for TTC strike

Commuters crowd the Yonge and Bloor St. subway station on April 17, 2008. Subways, streetcars and buses will be idled at 4 a.m. Monday unless the TTC reaches a settlement by Sunday at 4 p.m.
Yes, Canadian politicians have really provided economic leadership to help out the workers in Canada. (and even better on issues regarding the poor and disabled.) You see short term looks on how to save Canada's cities has been on the back burner for too long - and man! these strikes cost Big Business Plenty. Maybe they should think a bit more intelligently before donating to campaigns, do ya THINK?

Activists push poverty plan

Hundreds of activists will gather today to present the McGuinty government with a plan to cut poverty in Ontario by 25 per cent over five years.

The action plan is the work of an ever-increasing coalition – with members as varied as the City of Toronto, teachers' federations, nurses, Ryerson University and health-care and immigrant groups. It calls itself the 25-in-5 Network for Poverty Reduction. The government had a lot of good rhetoric and below is the response following the action this week.

Time is running out for the poor

RCMP, elections officials inside Tory headquarters for second day

PM says Tories confident in legal position against Elections Canada

RCMP officers and Elections Canada officials spent a second day searching for documents inside Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa on Wednesday, a day after raiding the party's offices.

Elections Canada is pursuing an investigation into alleged spending irregularities by the Tories in the last federal election.

and also see this story:

OTTAWA -- Opposition leaders demanded yesterday that the government make public a copy of the warrant presented by the RCMP.

Will the Cadman Affair -- whereby for a LOUSY one million dollars this delusional government took over ALL Canadian resources and the morale of Canadians citizens - suddenly be exposed to daylight. Remember this year's meme: ALL secrets revealed - not just a few. And here we have Canada claiming the right of The Harper to all of the Afghanistan riches .. Wow!! Ain't life grand (not unlike Frank Guistra, Billy Clinton taking over Khazakhstan, only WAY cheaper, eh?)

Interesting, all the red herrings about advertising budgests and how trickily the Conservative Real Assh*les Party while people lose their jobs, their homes, can't afford their cars, wondering what the future holds for their kids? After the CENTOM/ Central Canada Command deal has been inked already !! After Canada signed (illegally!) to protect ...Isrealis now they have access to your bank details ??

Seems to me since it seems to be a good political tactic to look at some of the distinguished MP's spouses "jobs" and "perks" - as that can often bring a government down. Just sayin'

SPEAK UP o mighty Canadians !! Are up aware that all banks who are required to file Checkpoint reports on "illegal" money transfers lose 20% profitability each year. The heads of Checkpoint (now) are a former South African and Lebanonese Christian. The Apartheid agenda is fast occurring in CANADA !!

Think any of this will be found in the CPC files? One can only hope.

Anti-uranium mining activists stage inquiry in Peterborough into province's plan to expand nuclear reactors

Posted By NICOLE RIVA/Examiner Staff Writer

The dangers of radiation, health problems and

environmental sustainability took centre stage at a meeting staged by anti-uranium mining activists at Sadleir House Tuesday.

Ah, would anyone say that things are so deluded that they'd rather irradiation their kids than to come to grips with REALITY. The whole of Ottawa would be irradiated if Chalk River were to reopened or a new nuclear plant gets built - and even if uranium mining is allowed on sovereign natives lands in Ontario. Do the McGiunty Liberals, those big fat CONtrollers themselves work for Stephen Harper? Only the hairdressers know for sure ..

and a good look about Hillier and the armaments traders is here ..

Raise of hands - how many think that John McInsane pays a visit to Canada REAL soon? All the other war criminals come here and visit with total impunity ..

Don't You Know that Happiness is a Warm Gun

By Jeff Davis

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), which

is charged with providing Canada's custom services, has become the most significant impediment for progress and growth at the Fredericton International Airport.

In fact, the government of Canada, through this agency, presents a significant challenge to the eventual survival of Fredericton's airport. But we

are not alone.

CBSA has demonstrated the same disinterest to all but a handful of the major Canadian cities where they have decided to increase their services. In the east, Halifax is the only winner.

[...] CBSA will be that it's too expensive to provide these services to our smaller communities. We should be reminded that the government of the d ay has seen fit to provide our customs officers with handguns at a cost of $1 billion. As you can't get on an airplane with weapons, the logic of customs officers needing handguns to meet passengers disembarking at an airport represents a level of disconnect in terms of logic. [...]

TTC study to look into arming transit police with Tasers

Toronto - The TTC will reportedly spend $100,000 dollars on a study to help them decide if transit police should be armed with Tasers.

Do tasers come to the entire Canadian landscape, and particularly in the major cities? These implements of torture are supplying Michael Mukasey's son, Marc with a pile o money!!

Bribery is bad for business

By Dan Roberts
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 13/04/2008

Corruption comes in many colours. At one end of the spectrum there are the murky brown envelopes, ladies of the night and shady Swiss bank accounts. At the other extreme, there are more humdrum euphemisms: facility payments, client entertainment and political favours - all carried out in broad daylight in many industries and countries.

  • Three Line Whip: A coincidence? Yes, M inister
  • Christopher Hope: Labour legalises PM's right to call off Serious Fraud Office probes
  • Read more from Dan Roberts
  • What unites these shades of bribery is the excuse re

    lied upon by those who get caught at it. "Get real," they invariably insist. "Smell the coffee"; "Don't be naive."

    To which I also refer people to THIS
    http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2007/342 6bae_cheney.html
    and THIS
    and This
    and THIS

    Calls to reopen UK inquiry into BAE-Saudi arms deal

    Try to find just one little mention of this in the Canadian Press .. just one. The names of Otto Jelinek and Brian Mulroney are going to show up very soon!! Dirty Dick is going to have problems in both his countries!!

    Canada wanted detainee kept out of Gitmo

    Canada asked the United States not to send for mer child soldier Omar Khadr to Guantanamo after he was captured in Afghanistan in 2002, according to a letter released on Thursday.

    And when pray tell, does Omar walk forth into the sunshine?? And who is responsblte for the outrage that has gone all these years? WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE !!

    And now an Afghanistan round up .. the first two are old to give some needed background:

    Government can't be trusted on Afghanistan, lawyer

    US reader comment first: More on the story from yesterday... . lovely isn't it? Canada won't turn prisoners over to us because WE ARE TORTURERS! We need to indict the monsters in this administration.

    I remind everyone to read this another time,

    A Dangerous Backslide

    Age-old problems-and a new Taliban surge-are dragging the Afghans down

    KABUL, AFGHANISTAN-If Iraq has been the self-destructive problem child of American intervention, Afghanistan seemed to be the model sibling. Ostensibly less demanding, it was, as far as most could tell, on its way to one day assuming a solid position in the world community.

    and this is part of this week's events -

    Goals achieved, Hillier to step down as Canada's top soldier

    Gen. Rick Hillier, the outspoken chief of Canada's defence staff and strong advocate of Canada's military intervention in Afghanistan, will step down in July.

    "I have chosen to retire from the Canadian Forces and end my tenure as your Chief of the Defence Staff in July of this year," said Hillier, 52, in a letter to the military released Tuesday.

    My own comments on the Hillier retirement can be found HERE
    and I pay a bit of attention to Maxime Bernier's shocking GAFE.

    Who owns Afghanistan, anyway ?? What is the plan ?? Just another endless war like the BuZhistas want in Irak ?

    Talking about toturuous geoplitical strategy, hers on this week on torture in prisons in Afghanistan;

    from the Canadian Press:

    Ottawa tries to halt military police commission probe of Afghan prisoners, Murray Brewster

    - Federal lawyers are attempting to shut down an investigation by the military police complaints commission into the handling of Taliban prisoners captured by Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

    Government counsel have asked the Federal Court for a judicial review, claiming the independent commission doesn’t have the jurisdiction to “either investigate or hold a hearing into the complaint ” filed by Amnesty International Canada and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association.

    See also here.

    Timely Reminders !!

    Canada's top native chief says the Vancouver Olympics are a potential target for First Nations protest much like Beijing has been a flash point for Tibet supporters. Phil Fontaine says native leaders will use whatever chance they can, including the 2010 Winter Games, to focus governments on aboriginal poverty. Thousands of Canadians who've marched in support of a free Tibet should be "outraged" by abysmal native conditions in their own country, he said Thursday.

    "We find the Tibetan situation compelling," Fontaine said when asked if the 2010 Olympics could be disrupted by the sort of protest that has dogged Chinese planners.

    Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl said he has heard such talk but finds it "a little odd."

    From job prospects to sports arenas, special effort has been made to ensure that the four First Nations located on Olympic grounds in British Columbia share related wealth, he said.

    Fontaine: 'Growing frustration'

    As the same moon shines over us all ..

    Seven Steps to Revolution
    By Vancouver's Sarah Robinson

    An interesting read. I greatly doubt that a people's revolution will/can come about in the U.S. of A. It seems to me that the PTB have laid their groundwork pretty well. And when push comes to shove, those PTB have clearly shown that they don't give a rat's ass for any but their own kind = fundamentally psychopathic. And then there's all those "patriots" out there with their guns & siege mentality - BIG problem I think.
    There is a vigorous discussion in the comments too. Go to webpage.

    See this becomes a huge problem when you have IDIOTS running the government.

    If there ever gets to be a Democracy Now! type radio show in
    Canada, I want a BIG JOB!! and some real input into
    what gets put on it.

    Seriously, folks.

    I'd like to take over where the Latvian women
    were when the Soviet Union collapsed
    just banging out TRUTH 24 hours a day
    doing it right here in resourceland Canada.

    Real truth, nothing but the truth
    24 hours a day!!

    Mainstream. Loud. Riotous.

    But free of cointelpro and scientologists!!

    Hell, even disabled people can do that.

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