April 16, 2008

Bye, bye Rick Hillier and take NATO with you

Canada's Chief of Defence Staff General Rick Hillier looks at his watch as he arrives at a press conference at DND headquarters in Ottawa on Tuesday afternoon.

Hillier looks forward to being with family, playing golf

‘Whatever I do next is going to have to be pretty exciting to lure me back,' says General Rick Hillier, who announces retirement as of July

Yeeee Ha!

Rick is gone.

Rick thought he should tell everyone in Canada HE IS IN CHARGE,

and I mean even The Boss Man, our redoubtable The Harper

Rick really couldn't stay after he got just a bit too pushy with The Top Dogs, eh?

Nicely done, boyz, the way you've handled this.

You can now go out and play golf with Rick without having his head hang in SHAME.

I shall not miss Rick, myself. Rick was another too clever by half kinda guy.

They must get ready for CHANGES in Afghanistan, you know.

Maxime Bernier got a bit too pushy and started telling them Afghanis which warlords would be allowed to work with CAN ah duh,

when those who know are aware it's time time to turn Afghan into one gigantic heroin factory.

Rick will be able to take his medicinal heroin in his old age, just like the rest of The Group.

And it big whoop!! Aren't we all happy now?

One suggestion, Rick - Get a DOG - You'll obviously need something to push around who won't talk back nor give you any grief.


NATO - Give me a break

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