April 16, 2008

Would some PLEASE give Boyd Graves a fair debate at a reputable venue!!

The clowns and scientologists are now pouring in to add injury .

Read the following..

Dr. Boyd Graves, Anapolis graduate needs a fair debating platfrom and I think YALE IS THE PLACE.


Dear Charles: Perhaps if you read the 15 progress reports of the U.S. Special Virus program, you would have a inkling of a clue as to what the issue is.

Now that you have denegrated my credentials , please note, Mr. Crowe has none. And Remember, it is easy for a nobody White man to ignore a ton of U.S. documents in which to put down a Black man, even if a graduate of Annapolis.-------------

Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.

There is but one debate: Man or Nature: The Great AIDS ORIGiN Debate

Charles Geshekter <chollygee@earthlink.net> wrote: Dear David:

I just had a chance to listen to the April 1st radio debate you had
with Mr. Boyd Graves on a Toronto radio station regarding HIV and AIDS.

In my forty years in academic life, which has included the
presentation of papers at scholarly conferences from San Francisco to
New York to London to Rome to Dakar to Nairobi to Mogadishu to Dar-es-
Salaam to Johannesburg to Perth to Sydney to Honolulu to San
Francisco, I have never heard a more convoluted, disorganized,
embarrassingly witless and empty-headed stream of mindless blather
than what I heard Mr. Graves deliver on that radio program before he
rudely and spinelessly hung up.

Mr. Graves earned a law degree from what, in my opinion, is an
absolutely 2nd or 3rd rate law school called Ohio Northern. Most
American law schools awarded an Ll.b. degree which means bachelor of
laws, while some law schools simply call the very same degree a Juris
Doctor degree. In my experience, only law school graduates who aim to
preen or impress others would bother to call themselves a "Doctor"
based on that sort of degree. That is exactly what your Mr. Graves is
all about.

Finally, I found Mr. Graves one-note samba on HIV and AIDS to be
embarrassing in its emptiness, scary in its anti-science religious
zealotry, and appalling in its tawdry resort to conspiracy thinking.
His general ignorance of the past 30 years in the history of the
political economies of Africa was positively breathtaking and
cartoonish. You deserve the highest praise for staying calm and
resolute in the face of his tendentious and error-filled tirade.

Best wishes and please keep up your fine scientific work of synthesis
that helps expose the flaws, errors, contradictions and bankruptcy of
the orthodox line on HIV and AIDS.

Best regards,
Charles Geshekter

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