February 05, 2008

update on Kerviel story, the hahaha lone trader

I am Miss Cannot Mind My Own Business.

I am very curious, and when the Russians come on this blog, I get very curious as to WHY.

The Kerviel is not my "spikiest" story - that is it doesn't provide the most hits in one day on any day. Yet I do get a few hits.

Since I know that somehow some wealthy people have come to look at this site from time to time (and why not? I am a good free source of information that is MORE reliable than any other blog I csn think of; I am a great researcher and a good analyst and I cost not a penny.)

So one would suspect that yes, someone powerful might drop by and look at my take on Our Man Kerviel.

I don't fall for the "single bullet" theory for one nanosecond. What a load that is?

So then .. what is it?

There is plenty of cointel pro at work on the blogosphere. Of special interest is what gets planted in Godlike Productions in the United Kingdom.

By backtracking what someone googled to find there way here, to Lady Broadoak's running commentary on the state of the world, I found someone in Russia googled my item and then posted this on Godlike Prodcutions and the referring IP actually came from .. RUSSIA .. the orginal google search said: Kreviel worked for Russian bank, they came here using a Russian IP - and after that they posted this on Godlike:

[quote:Anonymous Coward 283256]
He will most likely become 'despondent' and commit suicide by shooting himself in the head not once but twice as is the preferred method of execution by TPTB. Just like Hunter Thompson and others shot themselves twice in the head and the 'official' stance is suicide.
The story that one 'average' trader did this is about as believable as the 'official' 9/11 story. I know Norm Mineta and believe him over Cheney any day about who was in the bunker when. Cheney could not tell the truth if the fate of his entire family hung in the balance and the way things are going the 'elite' should rightly be shaking in their shoes. They are once again 'gaming' the US electoral system by rushing from state to state as fast as possible before the illegal 'fixes' are uncovered as is the case in New Hampshire. It is obvious they are so SO DESPERATE to maintain control via the elections they will stop at nothing even murder. Just keep track of famous 'deaths' in the next three months.
I would guess that this person is allied with the very same people who post the (outrageous) Leo Wanta stories.

The search appears on google in Russian.

Who is planting what on Steve Quayle ...??? ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

The blogosphere is highly unreliable and it appears to me that people will fall for any amount of rot these days.



Jerome Kerviel was charged with the largest fraud in history concerning his involvement in a trading scheme. Societe Generale alleged that Kerviel hacked computers and "combined several fraudulent methods" to build up positions worth £37billion - more than the market worth of the bank.

The bank has maintained that Mr. Kerviel acted alone. This is an incredible tale in which the bank alleges the 31 year old trader was able to hack computers exposing the bank to financial ruin. The story has been the subject of great skepticism since it broke last week.

Setting aside the £37billion question of the effectivness of the banks internal auditing, security and checks and balances, one cannot help but notice this scandal breaking about the time the European Central Bank refused to cut rates lock step with the FED. Was this a shot across the bow by TPTB to other central banks as an example of what can happen if they refuse to dance to the FED’s music? Do TPTB have ways of destabilizing companies, banks or indeed entire countries that refuse to dance to TPTB’s music? You better believe it.

Despite the banks contentions that Mr. Kerviel acted alone, that contention is belied by the recent threat Kerviel to name names. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnews.html?in_article_id =510610&in_page_id=1811 and

Other possibilities exist including the theory that Mr. Kerviel did not act on his own but was in league with a foreign government or agency. Another possible theory is that Kerviel acted with full knowledge and consent of higher ups n the bank to give cover potential or actual losses by Societe Generale in the derivatives market. http://www.equityderivatives.com/

While one is tempted to say that “time will tell”, we may never know the truth. If the truth was worth hiding till last week, you can bet that it is worth hiding forever. Hopefully Mr. Kerviel has his affairs in order and his life insurance paid up.

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