February 14, 2008

Stop the SPP! Demo tomorrow in Toronto and nationwide

Toronto Protests
for SPP Referendum!

Stop the North American Union Now!! Its up to you!

Anyone who thinks sovereign democratic nations matter!

Time and Place

Saturday, February 16, 2008

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Ontario Court s (361 University)
March to Queen's Park
for Speakers & Music

University Avenue

Toronto, ON

Contact Info

This event is part of a NATIONWIDE CALL TO ACTION.

What does Toronto have in common with Windsor, Cornwall, Ottawa, Fredericton, Moncton, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vernon, Victoria, Chilliwack, Kelowna and Vancouver?

On February 16th, concerned Canadians from all these places will be gathering in central locations with banners, signs & speakers to share information and to send a resounding "NO!" to Stephen Harper and his Conservatives with regard to the Security and Prosperity Partnership. The event has come to be known as the "Jelly Bean Protest for a Referendum on the SPP." We'll get to that later, but first...

What is the SPP? Don't be surprised if you don't know! The SPP is a so-called "understanding" or agreement between the USA, Canada and Mexico. First discussed and negotiated by Paul Martin, George Bush and Vincente Fox in March 2005, and then endorsed by Stephen Harper upon his election in 2006. The SPP came out of the tragic events of September 11th, and its stated aims are to improve information sharing, reduce trade costs, and facilitate agricultural commerce. But there has been no debate or discussion about it by our elected representatives nor do we hear enough about it in the mainstream media. What's up with that?

The SPP is wholeheartedly endorsed by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE). It is a secret process that is actually being driven by 30 corporations known as the North American Competitiveness Council - 10 corporations in each of the US, Canada and Mexico. Of the 10 Canadian corporate participants, however, 3 are of American origin and (Home Depot, Manulife Financial & Suncor) and 2 are Canadian corporations that are no longer Canadian (CN Rail & Canfor). There has been no consultation with Main Street or government. 300 regulatory initiatives are taking place - all spearheaded by the NACC.

Since 2005 Canada's auto industry, pesticide and health safety standards (among others) have been lowered to match that of the US. In the latter instance, the HPV vaccine known as Gardasil - manufactured by Merck & Co. (an American participant in the NACC) was approved by Health Canada within 4 months of approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. Further, our federal government has spent $300 million on the vaccination of 9-13 year old school girls who are not sexually active even though Gardasil only prevents 4 out of 100 strains of HPV, which means infections and the risk of cancer will continue regardless. There are already reports of 3700 severe adverse reactions and 11 deaths reported by countries administering Gardasil. Merck & Co. had suffered billions of dollars in losses when its arthritis drug Vioxx was pulled because of thousands of cardiac-related patient deaths.

The SPP has been referred to as NAFTA on steroids, with guns. Canadians who are informed are concerned that we're not been told the real deal and that the sovereignty of 3 nations is actually at stake - that we're being led into a North American Union by stealth. They believe that the SPP must be halted, that it must be put through a microscope and debate in Parliament, and/or put to a referendum of the people. Millions of Americans are also concerned about their sovereignty so we are not alone.

Through a grassroots initiative on Facebook, the idea of a nationwide protest to show the powers that be that Canadians aren't completely dumbed down was proposed. The Facebook group promoting it now has over 3,200 members. Inside that group regional sub-groups were started. Its an idea that took off like wildfire with demonstrations, protests and information sharing planned for all the above cities. It is indicative of the level of unease out there. Whether people show up in tens or in hundreds, it will make a bold statement. The Toronto rally now has over 650 confirming attendance as of February 13 - many coming in from as far as Oshawa, Peterborough, London, Hamilton, Brantford and more. It it believed that the Toronto rally will be the gauge for the rest of Canada. There will also be a number of young filmmakers on hand to interview and record the events of the day. There will be music and speakers have been arranged from Libertarian Party, Green Party, Marixst-Leninist Party and Canadian Action Party (all parties were invited including the NDP but only these responded), the National Director of Freedom in Canadian Health and a freelance investigative journalist and former UN reporter who is extremely knoweldgeable on economic and political issues.

Why Jelly Beans?

On August 20 and 21 Stephen Harper, George Bush and Mexican president, Felipe Calderón met with NACC representatives at the highly secured Château Montebello in Québec. At the closing press conference, Stephen Harper used the idea of standardizing the manufacture, marketing and sale of jelly beans on both sides of the border in order to minimize and ridicule the valid concerns of Canadians about the SPP. There were minimum 2,000 peaceful protesters there as well, though Mr. Harper also minimized that number. At that same press conference both Harper and Bush reduced concerns of a NAFTA superhighway or mid-continent corridor to a "conspiracy theory." Meanwhile, three months later in the Manitoba Legislature, just such a highway, which has been planned for more than 10 years was announced by the Speaker of the House. Who's zoomin' who here?

The fourth SPP leaders' summit is scheduled for this coming April in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Stephen Harper will be in Toronto the evening of February 16 celebrating Chinese New Year on Dundas Street W in Chinatown.

Now is your chance to speak up, if you feel like these Canadians do, that something is very wrong here. Join us on February 16th at the Ontario Courts, 361 University Avenue and bring a friend or ten! Following will be a march to Queen's Park at University & College. Bring your cameras, signs, and banners. Don't forget your plastic water bottles half-filled with jelly beans so we can show Mr. Harper that he's not fooling these informed Canadians. They'll also make for effective noisemakers where clapping might not be heard with people wearing gloves for warmth! Bundle up and please don't litter!

For more information on the Toronto protest, please send an e-mail to:

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