February 04, 2008

rice shortages

in a recent email exchange we discussed the wisdom of stocking up on bulk foods now, what with SPIRALING inflation (see the Mocambo Guru) and the high cost of delivery that will come with the raising cost of oil.

But there appeared to be another factor: an actually shortage of rice to come. This is what the google search picked up.

A word to the wise among us with no dough (we're not friends of the RNC for example) - buy NOW and stock up.

Chavez warns he could nationalize food companies
Reuters - 40 minutes ago
CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned on Monday he could nationalize large food distributors caught hoarding amid widespread shortages ...
Harsh winter raises spectre of ‘Chinese stagflation’
Daily Times, Pakistan - 1 hour ago
Power shortages in its industrial heartland because of the unusually harsh winter weather over the past week are likely to add further drag. ...

Canada.com China weather crisis to continue
BBC News, UK - 20 hours ago
Officials have warned of future food shortages because of damaged winter crops. Have you been affected by the cold weather in southern China? ...
Severe Winter Storms Persist in China; Fuel and Food Are Short New York Times
China warns weather crisis 'remains grim' USA Today
Fog worsens travel nightmare in China CNN International
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China suffers food shortages as snowfall continues
Guardian Unlimited, UK - Jan 31, 2008
China is facing food shortages and price rises as raging blizzards continue to destroy crops and hamper the transport network. If the bad weather persists, ...
North Korea Today No. 109 Feb 2008
ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland - 17 hours ago
The Chinese food traders are expecting that there will be a huge food shortage if the food trading with North Korea stops. The price of flour has hiked up ...

BBC News Thais hold key to rice shortages
BBC News, UK - Feb 3, 2008
It is very worried about the impact of prices on North Korea and East Timor - both vulnerable to food shortages. Yet because of rising prices, ...
Taiwan Inflation Probably Accelerated on Lunar New Year Demand
Bloomberg - 4 hours ago
A shortage of pork in China will also push food prices higher, Worthington said. Taiwan's Central Bank of China is expected to raise its benchmark interest ...

Conde Nast Portfolio World Bank sees slower China growth, higher inflation
Times of India, India - 18 hours ago
... and financial markets suspect the rate will top 7 per cent in January and February because of food shortages caused by the worst winter weather in 50 ...
World Bank sees a China slowdown BBC News
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AFP China tax hike worsens NKorea food shortage: aid group
AFP - Jan 29, 2008
SEOUL (AFP) — New taxes imposed by China on grain exports are worsening North Korea's already severe food shortage, an aid group said Wednesday. ...
Devastating snow evokes China's stormy history
Los Angeles Times, CA - 17 hours ago
... railway passengers, visiting relatives of workers killed in the storm and inspecting markets to reassure consumers that food shortages were temporary. ...

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