February 10, 2008

Get out your checkbooks for Jason Call if you're not in N Mexico

I say that because it would be far better to put in some time helping him out. But if you're not there a nice fat cheque would do quite nicely.

Jason will be working on all our behalf, that is certain.



This message comes to you with a sense of urgency, simply because of the time frame remaining to accomplish the goal of signature collection. I am now officially entering the primary race for Senate Seat #20, currently held by Republican William Payne, who has held the seat for 10 years. Senator Payne ran unopposed in 2004, and to the best of my knowledge from Bernalillo County records and State Democratic Party information, no other Democrat has moved to run for the primary nomination.

I am attaching a .pdf map of Senate District #20, as well as a .pdf of my nominating petition. If you live in Senate #20, or know any Democrats who live in this district, please contact me, or put those Democrats in touch with me. I only need 52 valid Democratic signatures to get on the ballot, but there is a lot of groundwork to do in this traditionally conservative district.

I would like to start a list of people who are willing to help me walk this district and doorbell over the next few weeks, but for now I am still waiting until the State party finishes qualifying and counting the provisional ballots from the caucuses (please volunteer for this effort – democracy in action!) Once I have those lists (hopefully by the end of the coming week) I am going to hit the streets and start talking to people. This window will give me an opportunity to have some literature printed up by FocusInk.

Let’s take this opportunity and take advantage of the amazing progressive momentum in this election cycle – now is the time to present the voters of Senate District #20 with a real alternative to destructive Republican politics, the politics that have just squashed HB 9, the Domestic partner Rights and Responsibilities Act.

My website will be undergoing some changes over the next few days to reflect my bid for this office, but if you haven’t read my positions on some major issues, I encourage you to read the Issues pages at www.Call4Democracy.org

Sincerely, and in Peace

Jason Call


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