February 05, 2008

Cable cuts now total five!!

Urgent: Cable Cuts Now Total Five!

From our "eyes open" and be ready for the ME to go hot, not only are sources in Israel reporting that unofficially folks are being told to ready their safe rooms, but we now see that telecommunications cable breaks servicing that part of the world are now up to 5!

"A total of five cables being operated by two submarine cable operators have been damaged with a fault in each. These are SeaMeWe-4 (South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe-4) near Penang, Malaysia, the FLAG Europe-Asia near Alexandria, FLAG near the Dubai coast, FALCON near Bandar Abbas in Iran and SeaMeWe-4, also near Alexandria. " Source Link

About the drop in the price of gold today: Could this be a 'beat down' to let big players in on the cheap before something goes hot?? We're scanning for more 'telecom breaks' which might be a precursor to things getting ugly. That could be very bad for the equities markets as well...

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