February 06, 2008

Big FISA update!! Rockefeller lets Room 641A to be retained

What can I say?

I've said it again and again and AGAIN.

"Jay" Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller III, is the greatest threat to American civil liberties alive.

These rich "dems" who are really neocons have trashed the Constitution - a RADICAL document, written in blood - more than any cabal possibly could.

I half expected him to trot out to become PreZ, but I was wrong about that. I can see him running with HiLIARy if, IF, she doesn't get called on her criminality and influence peddling, though. His lust for power over others knows no bounds.

Trying to keep to the bounds of SOLUTIONS - what I would truly like to see is this man committed to a mental institution where daily chores are part of the "therapy". Cleaning bedpans is actually too good for this guy. Perhaps it would be best if he were made to tear apart his homes brick by brick, all by himself, no help, with someone listening on on his every thought until the day he dies. Or maybe he should just do bookkeeping entry for the CIA wiretap programs .. just so he could see how awfully expensive these little nutjob ideas of his are.

The phone line is now open for YOUR suggestions .. We could take a poll as to which job would be good for our "esteemed" voyeur Senator.


Sen. Rockefeller Lets Slip the Spying Truth: Drift Nets To Be Legalized

By Ryan Singel EmailFebruary 05, 2008 | 3:27:32 PMCategories: NSA

In a Senate floor speech, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-West Virginia) inadvertently made plain that the proposed changes to the nation's spying laws radically expand how the government wiretaps inside the United States. Rockefeller was decrying an amendment that would require the government to discard non-emergency evidence if a court later finds that the spying methods violate the law.

Rockefeller makes clear that the impending changes to the law aren't about making it easier for the National Security Agency to listen in on a particular terrorism suspect's phone calls. Instead, the changes are about letting the nation's spooks secretly and unilaterally install filters inside America's phone and internet infrastructure.

Rockefeller, the chief Democratic architect of the changes, explains:

Unlike traditional [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] application orders which involve collection on one individual target, the new FISA provisions create a system of collection. The courts role in this system of collection is not to consider probable cause on individual targets but to ensure that procedures used to collect intelligence are adequate. The courts' determination of the adequacy of procedures therefore impacts all electronic communications gathered under the new mechanisms, even if it involves thousands of targets.

In short, the changes legalize Room 641A, the secret spying room inside AT&T's San Francisco internet switching center that was outed by former AT&T employee Mark Klein. That room sits at the center of a lawsuit against AT&T for its alleged illegal participation in the government's secret, warrantless spying program.

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