February 07, 2008

Activism: Tell US Senate to Vote Against TORTURE

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Tell Senate to Vote Against Torture

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In December, the House voted for an amendment to the Intelligence Authorization conference report that would restrict every agency and US agent, even the CIA, to the interrogation techniques permitted by the Army Field Manual. The manual specifically prohibits several of the techniques alleged to have been used by the CIA in secret prisons, including waterboarding, sexual humiliation and the use of dogs. With the use of waterboarding by the CIA being publicly confirmed, and the refusal of the Attorney General to state that simulated drowning is torture, a favorable Senate vote for this amendment is critical to stopping the use of torture by any US agent, anywhere in the world. Write your Senator and ask that he or she vote to end the use of interrogation techniques that amount to torture or ill-treatment. »More Information

Please visit and take action at: http://freedetainees.org

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