February 14, 2008

A Valentine for ya . smooch, smooch pass it on!!

There’s something captivating about two people who are truly dedicated to one another. This Valentine’s Day, one couple I know really stands out for their undying loyalty, long-term commitment, and for the way they are so willing to put the needs of the other first.

This couple is Sen. John McCain and President George Bush.

When you love someone, you don’t need a big bouquet of flowers or a huge box of chocolates to express it. Sometimes a picture says it all.

Take a look at George and John’s Valentine’s Day card, and send it to anyone who would like to see what real devotion looks like.


Unfortunately, John McCain and President Bush’s relationship goes beyond cards and heartfelt embraces. From tax cuts for the rich to the war in Iraq, George and John count on one another in the public arena, too.

Just yesterday Senator McCain went back on his long-held opposition to torture methods like waterboarding. He voted “no” on a bill that would have required all government agencies – including the CIA – to comply with the Army Field Manual’s prohibition on torture.

Why would he do such a thing? For love.

President Bush has threatened to veto this legislation if it crosses his desk. His “partner in crime” John McCain wanted to prevent the bill from ever getting there – at the expense of supporting the torture he has spoken out against in the past.

If John McCain would go back on his opposition to torture, what else would he do at the request of his Valentine, George Bush?

Show your loved ones what real love is – tell them about John McCain’s act of dedication:


This Valentine’s day, let your loved ones know: if we let someone whose heart belongs to Bush into the White House, President Bush’s policies are coming, too.


and a big fat smooch to the person who sent it to me. So nice to know I am understood at last!

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