February 06, 2008

TransAsia Europe optical fibe network

This is only PART I of 4 .. the rest can be accessed at the link.

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TAE Network Map

TAE System Route, Subsegments
Country Sub-segment
from to Current status
China A 1 Shanghai Urumqi in service
A 2 Urumqi Border Kazakhstan in service

Kazakhstan B 1 Border China Almaty in service
B 2 Almaty Sogety in service
B 3 Sogety Merke in service
B 41 Merke Simhent in service
B 42 B 5 Simhent Sarybulak Border Uzbekistan Border Kyrgyzstan in service in service
B 6 Merke Border Kyrgyzstan in service
B 7 Simhent Aktau TBD
Kyrgyzstan C 1 Border Kazakhstan
(to Sarybulak) Bishkek in service
C 2 Border Kazakhstan
(to Merke) Bishkek in service

Uzbekistan D 1 Border Kazakhstan Tashkent in service
D 2 Tashkent Kokdola in service
D 3 Kokdola Border Turkmenistan in service
D 4 Kokdola Denau TBD*
D 5 Denau Border Tajikistan TBD*

Tajikistan E 1 Border Uzbekistan Dushanbe TBD*

Turkmenistan F 1 Border Uzbekistan Ashkhabad in service
F 2 Ashkhabad Border Iran in service
F 3 Ashkhabad Landing point TCL (Turkmenbashy) TBD

Iran G 1 Border Turkmenistan Mashad in service
G 2 Tehran Tabriz in service
G 3 Tabriz Marand in service
G 4 Tabriz Border Azerbaijan in service
G 5 Mashad Teheran in service
G 6 Mashad Border Pakistan TBD
G 7 Marand Border Turkey in service
G 8 Marand Border Armenia in service

Turkey H 1 Border Iran Ankara in service
H 2 Ankara Landing point ITUR and KAFOS ( Istanbul ) in service
Ukraine K 1 Landing point ITUR
and BSFOCS (Odesa) Kiev in service
K 2 Kiev Lvov in service
K 5 Lvov Border Hungary in service

Germany M 2 Border Austria Frankfurt/Main in service

Azerbaijan N 1 Baku
(Landing point TCL, TCL-2) Border Georgia in service
N 2 Baku
(Landing point TCL, TCL-2) Border Iran in service

Georgia O 1 Border Azerbaijan Tbilisi in service
O 2 Tbilisi Border Armenia in service
O 3 Tbilisi LP Georgia-Russia (Poti) in service

Armenia P 1 Border Georgia Yerevan in service
P 2 Border Iran Yerevan in service

Hungary T 1 Border Romania Budapest in service
T 2 Budapest Border Austria in service
T 3 Budapest Border Ukraine in service

Austria U 1 Border Hungary Vienna in service
U 2 Border Germany Vienna in service

Pakistan V 1 Islamabad Border Afghanistan TBD
V 2 Islamabad Border Iran TBD


TBD To be determined
* temporary via mixed media or PDH
BSFOCS in service
GEO-RUS in service
ITUR in service These Submarine Cable Systems
KAFOS in service are not part of TAE

TCL planned RFPA – Date: TBD
TCL-2 planned RFPA – Date: TB

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