February 05, 2008

OL Search Bot Discovered - Are they creating their own Search Algorithm crawler database?

Aol Search CrawlerI wonder if AOL search is tired of using good old long time buddy Google search for their results and possibly creating their own database of websites and creating a beta crawler to scour the web. It would only make sense I think. There are quite a few aol users out there that are out of range of broadband Internet access, and it might be a untapped market that AOL plans to test in the near future.

Maybe you have seen their beta crawler out their indexing your websites 205.188.117.* and 205.188.116.* net block seems to be the block that their experimenting with at AOL. I wonder if Google feels threatened by a possible break in the relationship between the two Internet giants.

I mean its no surprise AOL parents company Time Warner has been on shaky ground with google and had plans to even Sue Youtube for Intellectual Copyright infringement.

Time Warner Inc., the world's biggest media company, said it is in talks with YouTube about placing material on the site.

The Viacom's suit is "highly unlikely'' to go to trial, said Tom Selz, a copyright lawyer with Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein & Selz in New York. This is a more of a "Hey, take us seriously."

With all this chaos going on with Viacom maybe time Warner has plans of its own since it is indeed the largest of the media conglomerates. I think that this might be the right move by AOL to at least create a database for its own aol users to test the results for.

Who knows maybe in the future we will be the first in lines for the AOL ADSPOTS ads publisher accounts and the start of a new Internet search giant. Maybe AOL SEARCH can do a better job than MSN and Yahoo at curbing this Internet giant Google.


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