February 10, 2008

Challenge to freedom lovers - give Dennis Kucinich your bucks$ My letter to Mparent's readers re Dennis Kucinich's need for money

It's difficult to make a lot of sense out of what I am posting if you read the other post I just made previously, but here is my appeal to you to go to M Parent's blog
and leave a comment below the post saying WHY you chipped in ..

The comments will echo long and loud throughout the blogosphere.

Dennis is the voice of sane people everywhere. If you don't "get it" get over yourselves, he is a fine ambassador for us all in Congress.


EXCLUSIVE! Pelosi & AIPAC put the Squeeze on KUCINICH!

• EXCLUSIVE! Pelosi & AIPAC put the Squeeze on KUCINICH!

— 3 February 2008 — Exclusive to New Jersey Impeach Groups - ImpeachThem.com — We received a phone call today from a source in the Kucinich for President campaign, telling us there’s more to the story of Rep. Kucinich’s withdrawal than is publicly known. The source gave us permission to publish this, but without attribution. We can say the source is high up in the campaign. Most progressives are aware there’s been a large flood of money feeding a campaign by a democrat who seeks to win the primary for Dennis Kucinich’s seat in Ohio’s 10th congressional district, where Dennis has served the interests of working people for 6 consecutive terms — since 1996. Here’s the rest of the story, untold ‘til now. — Click the KUCINICH BANNER to read the rest —

Before the Nevada primary, Dennis was visited by representatives of Nancy Pelosi and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — AIPAC. They told Dennis that if he would drop his campaigns to impeach Cheney and Bush, they would guarantee his re-election to the House of Representatives.

Kucinich threw them out of his office.

Dennis now faces the toughest election campaign of his entire tenure in congress, with huge amounts of money being spent to turn his constituents against him due to “his neglect of his district while he ran for president.”

So yes, Virginia, it is exactly as you suspected. This man the mainstream media say is not relevant, poses such a threat to the powers that be that they are hellbent to destroy him, and remove that troublemaker from congress.

It’s up to us, all who understand the crucial voice of Dennis Kucinich speaking up for justice and working to stop our country’s fall into fascist barbarity, to come forward to help him continue the peoples’ work. There’s no better time than right now, so go to CONTRIBUTE TO DENNIS KUCINICH. Help Dennis now. Help him TODAY.

My letter to mparent7777-2's readers:


I do wish that the headline was much better, though. IT should read that we are all in a fight with AIPAC and here's where to send your money today to help the cause for human rights, for justice and for sustainability.

Many many forces doubted my read of this situation as it exists with Dennis - but FINALLY they are now convinced that I am right, at long long last.

It disappoints me greatly to see Dennis doing without enough funds and I post long lenghthy editorials on my site and on OpEd News suggesting it is time to LINE UP BEHIND DENNIS, not just with words on threads on the blogosphere but actually digging some money outta yer pockets. The time is NOW and it has been all along.

ATTORNEYS!! are you listening? Put your money on the honest man. The real threat to the defense industry, the polluters, the law breakers who want a two-tiered justice system is Dennis Kucinich. I know some in the "legal community" have already seen the devastation that is caused in AIPAC's wake - many attorneys have been to Guantanamo, represent the POWs (hate the eupemization detainees), seen the hardships on their tortured men's families and know that without real representation in CONgress our human rights agenda will go nowhere.

Nanay Pelosi MUST GO! We must work very very hard and get her and her "defense" contractor husband and her AIPAC and lobbyist friends held accountable to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. They must continue to be exposed.

Personally i have a real sense of URGENCY as I watch the daily destruction of this planet from my blogosphere seat and have a pretty good grasp of the damage - damage that is escalating in the concentration camp known as Gaza, in Kurdistan where self determination is being undermined and people are dieing daily, unbeknowst to most of you, I know about the famines in China and its effects on crops to come and how these NEOCONS do not want you to know about any of that. I know about the nuclear proliferation going on and how Hillary and Bill Clinton have given nuclear power and uranium mining to Khazakstan, a totally rogue nation. Do a google check on Frank Guistra and just see what this Imperial Queen and Her Court have been up to.

I believe BOLD STEPS are necessary if anyone of us to survive as the CONgressional leaders are absolutely deluded. Dennis knows, many who read this blog know, but if we are to "stay in the loop" we cannot allow Dennis to be a "martyr" to our cause. He and Elizabeth both have unique and articulate voices that demand attention be paid to their words. Let them continue to speak for us.

And don't forget!!


The power, the real power in this world comes from US, we cannot allow AIPAC to shut up one of our best advocates, particularly in the halls of Congress.

So - send him your buck$ .. do it today!! This election is NOT a one issue election. This is an election about preserving values, values that are life enhancing. Values that Dennis Kucinich clearly represents. The one trick pony show of a vanity campaign has left me cold and I want our movement to succeed. It's a real rough road in 2008 - so let's let Cleveland lead our way.

And I challenge anyone else coming by Marc's site to PUT YOUR REASONS DOWN HERE for sending him some BUCK$. Help us show why people should contribute.

No, Dennis is not pretending to let you keep all your tax money. No, Dennis is not going to take your lobbyists money and from extreme fringe people with hidden agendas. No, Dennis is not going to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank which has been set up to be The Big Boogie Man. But if you look to the YES! Yes! for planning seven generations down the road then Dennis is your man.

Dennis is one of America's very finest organizers and please put down here in the comments why YOU will send him your buck$. Let people see why they should open up their wallets as widely as possible today.

Put your money where your mouths is and then call up another person you know who cares about this planet and get them to do the very same thing - and do it right away.



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