February 08, 2008

Life in Occupied Hebron

What the hell. There is absolutely no reason that anyone should lived confined to their homes, confined to their fears. No one should ever be afraid to ask for help, for bullies to stop attacking their children. There is absolutely no reason, children should miss out on their childhoods, only to be taught to be filled with hate, either from their parents, or from their reactions after what has been done to them.Why do these people suffer so greatly? Why must these people, these human beings, be locked into their homes, harassed and threatened, whenever they venture out the door? And why in the hell, is this not only condoned, but people try to justify this?This is absolutely beyond me. People should not be antagonized in such a way, and children should not be antagonized in such a way. This is absolutely inexcusable. Regardless of "which side" of this humanitarian issue you are on, this is an outrage.

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