February 09, 2008

items with the word kilometre appearing!! Ah, a meme comes up by chance alone

Interesting reason for the post of these items.

I backtracked a reader's google search to find out why them came on this blog.

Turns out they used the word "kilometres" to find this.

So I've put on a google alert to find out what stories come out with the word Kilometres in them. If someone is looking for the word "kilometres" by computer they are bound to find this blog listed now!! Of course I won't be able to tell which item they are actually looking for, but it may prove to be interesting to see which computers are set up to detect this posting and where they are from when the hit this page.

Eh, what??

The original item posted that made me notice was about Afghanistan, actually. I don't like them rebuilding that road - I don't believe for one moment it has anything to do with "rehabilitation" as not one Canadian polician or cabinet Minister is talking about rehabilitiation at this moment that I can discern.


Lost Boys 2008 Tour d’Enfer - Day 5 Preview
By Will
Once at the top, it is 35 kilometres (22 miles) descent all the way to the hotel! Remember, just below the top on the other side is the big monument to Tour Founder Henri Desgranges (photo below). Top of Galibier Galibier: The Stage ...
Cycling Challenge » Cycling... - http://www.cycling-challenge.com

Strong quake hits off Indonesia`s eastern coast
By admin
The eathquake, which was at a depth of 46 kilometres (28 miles), struck at 03:30 am (1830 GMT) about 195 kilometres south of Manado in northern Sulawesi island. There was no immediate tsunami warning from the Pacific Tsunami Warning ...
Daily News - http://www.dailynews365.com

Road paving in southern Afghanistan helps the living, honours the dead
By Donald Candie(Donald Candie)
The $4.5 million project to pave 6.5 kilometres of road that a local elder called the "Spine of the Panjwaii" is a two-year undertaking that will give jobs to more than 400 Afghans. It also demonstrates the Canadian military's efforts ...
- http://canadianarmedforcesblogger.blogspot.com/

rolling thunder, a cycling tale, part trois
By System6
An eighteen-strong group formed only sixteen kilometres into the stage. Continental sent two riders, including Australian climber Roger Milam and French time-trial specialist Marcel Clerc. Slowly over the remaining hundred and thirty ...
www.bicycle.net | cycling news,... - http://www.bicycle.net

World effort in Afghanistan under strain
By afghandevnews
Six million children are in school; there is an elected president and Parliament; and thousands of kilometres of roads have been built across the country. “I can tell you Afghans will eventually build their country, once they unite, ...
- http://afghandevnews.wordpress.com

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